Enjoying Nature Rural in the Village of Brayut

Vast stretches of rice fields like a carpet in the distance the eye could see, enjoy the Brayut Village, rice paddies like an game arena, unwind and learn to appreciate the hard work. Look at how farmers plow their fields with plows pulled by water buffalo, or planting rice while bathed in the mud.

Farmers have got there when the sun had not risen, the sweat was dripping with singing songs of forest birds welcome the warm rising sun. The wind seemed to be disturbed, soft make-rice paddy dance gently meandering gently farmers love them.

As the day wore on, the plow fields began turning rice land that would become the place to grow rice grain yield as a source of life. Ethos of hard work of farmers is reflected in their faces with smiles and laughter.

Countryside is also very familiar with the life of the fish farm, raise cattle, cooking traditional foods, playing or practicing gamelan dance with traditional dance in this village. Making crafts, as well as the atmosphere before sunset when the evening dance between rice fileds growing slowly over the departure of winds in the afternoon.

Travelers are pampered with a homestay various forms of Joglo traditional houses of ethnic Javanese countryside around it adds warmth, or Limasan with modern touches in some parts, like the walls of the house. The cost of homestay accommodation in the village's population classified as very cheap, only 5-7 USD per day.

Around the village looking for craft items villagers, unique souvenirs. Wall hangings to the old-fashioned furniture and toys of the past like congklak.

If you are bored with the city's hustle and bustle, do not hesitate, the warm of Brayut in a region, Pandowoharjo, Sleman Yogyakarta is a tempting destination.

(Various sources /Images Yogyakarta Board of Tourism)


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