Friday, October 31, 2014

The New in Seminyak, Hotel Neo Petitenget

Part of the hotel chain Archipelago International

The Resto in Seminyak

The area has been known to be very interesting in the northern part of the bustling Legian, Seminyak is one of the famous tourist area in Bali. You can feel the atmosphere is different from the quiet beach, enjoy a classy restaurant on each side left and right.

The presence of various facilities needed by the tourists, ranging from bars and classy restaurants on each side until various lifestyle needs such as luxury spas, boutiques and trinkets other lifestyle for young people age who choose a holiday in the region.

New hotels who understand the needs of its customers as an alternative to hotel 4 or 5 larger and luxurious, Hotel Neo Petitenget. Budget hotel with the concept of smoke-free throughout the hotel, a hotel designed interesting but not expensive.

There are 101 rooms and suites equipped with air conditioning, mini bar, and safe deposit box. The internet connection is wireless internet and 32-inch LED television with cable programming. During the promotion period until December 2014, room rates offered USD 25,00 (++) per night for room only.

Tourists visiting Seminyak can enjoy the latest of Hotel Neo is in accordance with the scent of modernity, trendy yet affordable and fun.

(Source Hotel Neo, Travel Kompas /Images D Bintang, Hotel Neo)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Old Town of Jakarta comes with WiFi facilities

In anticipation of the young age tourists who love the social media

Old Town of Jakarta continues to fix the region, various methods of promotion have been conducted with diverse areas of culture-based events and festivals.
This area is known as the area is thick with the atmosphere of the past, the Dutch East Indies colonial government with typical ancient buildings and all the office buildings of the past.

So far, most of the tourists come from the Netherlands and some other European countries, are slowly beginning to see an increase in visits from tourists who are younger.

The enthusiasm of tourists who visit is diverse, thus requiring more appeal specifically to the needs of tourists. The internet facility is deemed capable of attracting visitor arrivals and make visitors linger there somewhere.

Free WiFi facilities is able to build a more conducive atmosphere for young travelers, the tendency to use social media and then upload the photos to social media likes, such as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

Old Town of Jakarta may support the best solution to increase tourist visits, mobile phones and internet facilities has become a necessity for most people.

In the near future free WiFi facility at some point in the old town area, the main attraction attractive for tourists to relax and they would like to linger there.

(Source S Noviyanti - Travel Kompas /Images P Widi Hatmi, V Puspitasari)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tradition of Tea Ritual in Country Destination

Several assumptions be misunderstood in tea drinking tradition

Maiko Mamehana preparing teacups

Some tourist destinations in the world have a tradition of drinking tea, for instance when you travel to the UK or Japan. On the other hand you like the activity and involves in local ceremony traditions while enjoying a cup of tea.

Of course some things we need to know, because there is always a misunderstanding, misconceptions about drinking tea.

1. Not all teas should be brewed with boiling water. Only black tea needs. When are brewing tea, tea leaves should not be allowed to continually mix with boiling water in the glass. The leaves of green tea is brewed for 2-3 minutes, whereas black tea leaves for 4-5 minutes.

2. Teabags do not need to shake when brewed. Tea does take time to pull out the aroma and taste. Leave it alone for a minute tea bag in water, then discard. Each one tea bag is designed for one-time infusion.

3. Drink tea preferably unsweetened. If you really want to enjoy tea, do not add a sweetener such as honey or sugar. Good tea and brewed correctly it will not taste bitter. Tea taste good even when no added sweeteners.

Tourists in Himeji Castle

Recognizing one of the customs of a country, making us as tourists can get to know about the cultural traditions in the country of destination, for example, when the tea ritual.

Tourist experience that might be interesting and unforgettable.

(Source Birgitta Ajeng - Intisari Online, Travel Kompas /Images P Widi Hatmi, Wikipedia)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

5 Most Comfortable Cities in the World

Reader's Choice Awards 2014 from Conde Nast Traveler

There is always a special impression when you are in one location of the cities where you traveled. This time the travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler held an award, "2014 Reader's Choice Awards", with one of the category is 10 Friendliest Cities.

A fun survey of course for the tourists from around the world - to 77 thousand a traveler from various countries.

Here's nicest cities in the world that are in the top 5 ranking position.

1. Dublin, Ireland. Its people are very friendly with a low crime rate, you will enjoy the hospitality of the city's population. In fact they are happy to lend an item or help tourists who are confused.

Dublin is different, you will not find high-rise buildings as many other cities in Europe.

2. Siem Reap, Cambodia. A small town in Cambodia, where most of the city dwellers who embrace Buddhism, adopt a lifestyle of peace. Far from the dark history of Cambodia has been hit by war and chaos.

Siem Reap is a city that is very quiet, uninterrupted pollution and noise typical of major cities in the world.

3. Auckland, New Zealand. Town with friendly people and gorgeous scenery. Townspeople looked friendly and happy.

North Shore tourist area overlooking the ocean, West Auckland is suitable for those who love nature and wildlife, the flirty trekking paths. Grey Lynn area is a favorite place for culinary, bar and a pleasant restaurant.

4. Charleston, USA. Charleston became a city in the United States are the most friendly to tourists. Townspeople look more relaxed and socializing, including the tourists who come.

The town is easy to smile, very different from any other city in America.

5. Victoria, Canada. Residents are very friendly, you will soon feel the comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

Metropolitan city life but the lives of the people like in a small town. Trust me you will be comfortable to linger there.

(Source Conde Nast Traveler, BBC Travel, Travel Detik /Images D Veryano - NZ)

Monday, October 27, 2014

London in Early Autumn

The city of design and fashion that blend the architecture of the past with the modern fashion life style

London is a vibrant city, regardless of autumn will soon arrive, the city welcomes every season with passion and excitement.

Autumn is characterized by strong winds, look at the leaves of the maple trees in the park were flying at dusk in Hyde Park, London, England, in mid-September.

A vast park in the city of London, to witness the crowds of visitors, citizens and tourists will arrive in the fall, leaving the memories of summer. Season immediately changed, with an average temperature of 10-20 degrees Celsius, and cool enough for anyone who was there.

London is an exotic city with buildings architecture of the past, combined with modern boutique outlets, a city of fashion and fashion that characterizes the futuristic spirit.

Such an interesting article written by a journalist in the mainstream media in Jakarta, with a very interesting expose the atmosphere in autumn will arrive. September is the beginning of autumn in Europe, the sunlight more reluctant to give light.

Elsewhere, Oxford Street shopping center or also at Harrods, or in Trafalgar Square fro pedestrians and cyclists enliven the preparation of the title of the city of London, a variety of festivals ahead of the autumn.

Travelers walk in an evening that is still quite warm, a few cafes and bars in the downtown area started crowded, comfortable place to quench your thirst and forget about feeling tired after a full day doing a variety of activities.

(Source I Setiyawan - Kompas /Images W Sjahran)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Preparation when undergoing Long Haul Flight

From Emirates airline to say "Hello Tomorrow" at tourist spots

Year-end holiday greet tourists, Emirates airlines has a compelling offer and invite tourists to say "Hello Tomorrow" at tourist places, discover new experiences.

Right prescription for tourists, especially when experiencing long-haul flights and not feel bored while in the air.

Here are tips from the Emirates.

Emirates Executives

Feel Comfortable

1. Change the position of your seat between lying down and upright to avoid a pile of fluid under your eyes that causes eye bags look thick.
2. Take a walk in the cabin circulation to your feet. It is recommended for a short walk every 45 minutes.
3. In your seat, legs wiggle corresponding letter of the alphabet which is that blood flow and prevent swelling in the ankle.
4. Wear loose clothing and not complicated and avoid elastic material.

Stay Healthy

1. Stay hydrated to combat the dry air in the plane.
2. Keep a positive attitude by thinking of a beautiful memory that you will get or have got. This can help you avoid stress.

ICE Emirates

Stay Fresh

1. To prevent your hair tousled or form undesirable, especially when you sleep, use a neck pillow. If you forget, ask for a blanket and roll it into a shape that fits comfortably on your neck.
Make braids in your hair, buns or ponytails to maintain the shape of your hair.
2. To prevent hair look stiff, rub a drop of water on your hands and smooth over hair. You can also use a little handcream or lip gloss to keep hair neat and rigid control.
3. Sprinkle water on your face at least once throughout the flight will help scrape the fat and oil as well as re-hydrate the skin and make it look more refreshed upon landing.

Juices Menu

4. Remove eye bags with ice compresses or wet napkin under your eyes.
5. For a healthy appearance during the flight, passengers should use CC Cream or BB Cream, not makeup.
6. Avoid waterproof mascara as this will cause the lashes to dry for the trip.
7. To avoid dry lips, use a lip balm throughout the flight.

Pleasant year-end holidays, despite undergoing long-distance travel, but all will run smoothly when it has a good recipe and preparation of the tourists.

(Source Emirates, Travel Kompas /Images Emirates)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gili Trawangan the Cheapest Tourist Island in Southeast Asia

A survey of TripIndexIsland Sun to the island a popular tourist destination

The tourist area in an exotic place that is able to indulge yourself, Gili Trawangan, curious, is not it? Perhaps you already know that Gili Trawangan and Bali also occupies 10 best islands in Asia by the Travelers' Choice 2014 Awards.

A recent survey of TripIndexIsland Sun shows interesting things, which compares the costs of travel and stay for 1 day at 16 popular tourist destination islands in Southeast Asia.

Maybe a lot of questions arise, where the location of this tourist area? Certainly not a coincidence that the survey carefully produce something that invites the curiosity of the tourists.

The survey calculates the total cost for a 2 night stay in 4 star hotel, two-course meal with coconut water, beer, massages, as well as bike and kayak rentals.

Here are 16 cheapest tourist islands in Southeast Asia.

1. Gili Trawangan, Indonesia (USD 221.82)
2. Bali, Indonesia (USD 255.73)
3. Koh Samui, Thailand (USD 272.59)
4. Lombok, Indonesia (USD 274.54)
5. Cebu, Philippines (USD 309.28)

6. Phuket, Thailand (USD 318.33)
7. Phu Quoc, Vietnam (USD 334.19)
8. Boracay, Philippines (USD 334.54)
9. Penang, Malaysia (USD 361.63)
10. Koh Phi Phi, Thailand (USD 399.17)

11. Redang, Malaysia (USD 436.07)
12. Tioman, Malaysia (USD 459.54)
13. Langkawi, Malaysia (USD 484.95)
14. Palawan, Philippines (USD 509.91)
15. Bintan, Indonesia (USD 543.67)
16. Sentosa, Singapore (USD 787.08)

When we are in Southeast Asia, it is always a lot of options available for travel, Indonesia and Thailand remain the most affordable entertainment places in Southeast Asia, making it easier for tourists to reach the exotic tourist destinations there.

(Source TripIndexIsland, TravelDetik /Images F Benjamin)