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'Disneyland for food lovers' in Italy

A culinary theme park called "FICO Eataly World" in Bologna

Eatalygram - Image Credit FICO Eataly World

Disneyland theme parks has indeed been embedded in the minds of every present-day people in the world as a playground paradise that brings joy to all ages, young and old, family members from all over the world. No one has denied it, and now an interesting idea is present in Italy with a culinary theme park.

You will ask what kind of playground is like this, and it is expected to be present as 6 million tourists will come there every year. A playground with a development cost of approximately US $ 106 million will open on November 15, 2017 with admission tickets of US $ 17.5 per person.

That's how they give the nickname to the playground, quoting CNN Indonesia, November 14th, 'Disneyland for food lovers' named FICO Eataly World is located in Bologna with 40 places to eat with Italian menus ready to pamper visitors.

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