Saturday, November 28, 2015

Travel to the Safest Countries in the World 2015

The safest countries in the world according to the Global Peace Index

Dyrholaely Peninsula, Iceland - Photo Credit V Saver

Who does not like travel, somewhere else in the world, always brings curiosity to make it happen soon. Various tourist destination able to tempt a traveler, have no fear, because basically a tourist trip is also an adventure trip without end.

However, the safety requirements also have a place for most tourists in the world, certainly a lot of considerations for choosing a tourist destination. Say you bring the family along with those nearby, so the trip into consideration many factors that should be considered in advance.

Somehow, what happens in Paris recently, the events of armed terror on Friday, November 13th, 2015 ago, which took the victims as many as 129 people and more than 300 were wounded, became a sort of anxiety specific to-many tourists in this world.

Choosing a tourist spot to be one important reason, of course. Even the United States has issued a global travel warning to its citizens due to 'an increase in the terrorist threat', valid until February 24th, 2016.

Sunset at 12 Apostles, Australia - Photo Credit FAM Pandi

Geneva Lake, Switzerland - Photo Credit P Harunnurrasyid

A study conducted by the Global Peace Index, released data that take into account the security considerations at home, militarization and involvement in domestic and international conflicts, as written in the article on a website, Independent, provide data on the countries in the world that are considered safe.

Iceland topped the list of the safest countries in 2015, above Denmark and Australia, is a result which is not too surprising since the index is done in 2007.

Here are 15 of the safest countries in the world to travel.

1. Iceland
2. Denmark
3. Australia
4. New Zealand
5. Switzerland

6. Finland
7. Canada
8. Japan
9. Austria
10. Czech Republic

11. Portugal
12. Ireland
13. Sweden
14. Belgium
15. Slovenia

In the end it all back to the consideration of the tourists and traveler, choose a place and travel has many factors. Every consideration can deliver results in accordance with a careful choice of each individual, wherever the destination, travel does have its own charm, a great experience that is highly personalized, wherever it is.

(Source Windratie - CNN Indonesia, The Independent /Images Veronica Saver, Fransisca AM Pandi, Prima Harunnurrasyid)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Britain and Greece, Most Honest Countries in the World

Which countries are more honest, but also connects with its economic growth

Big Ben of London

How do you imagine a visit to a destination of your journey to various places in the world, then realized that a reliable population honesty, certainly very pleasant for tourists or a traveler.

Research from the University of East Anglia to determine the level of honesty in a country compared to other countries, a survey of more than 1,500 people from 15 countries to see the trend of honesty in a state when viewed from the pattern of their life.

It might be expected is that honesty can also affect economic development in the country, the research conducted by the percentage of people involved in the study of more than half in each country.

Some steps eg music quiz, participants who successfully answer all questions correctly will receive an award. They were asked not to use the Internet to find answers. They were also asked to check a box and promised not cheat before they move on to the next question.

Santorini, Greece

Of course arranged in such a way, the question is no impossible question answered correctly, this is done in order to detect those who have indicated cheat answers. Through research then obtained results, that the United Kingdom and Greece are the countries with the lowest level of dishonesty.

Of course you want to know the countries involved in the study, namely Brazil, China, Greece, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, United States, Argentina, Denmark, England, India, Portugal, South Africa, and South Korea.

Such as an excerpt from the article a tourist site, "Beliefs about honesty supported by physical properties, such as how to project yourself," said the researcher from the UEA's School of Economics, David Hugh-Jones.

From the research can be found, that most people are more pessimistic about the honesty of his own people as compared with those in other countries, of course, they more often look at the facts in his own country.

Another fact is quite astonishing, when the poorer countries turned out to have a level of honesty that is lower than the prosperous country.

In the end, a traveler will experience for themselves the facts on the ground, to communicate, to interact with the local people, and all will be traveled an incredible experience, whatever that may occur.

(Source T Wahyuni - CNN Indonesia /Images Pingkan Djayasupena, F Cardician)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Parisians Still Going for 'Hanging-out' at the Cafés in Downtown

No matter with terrorists and has become their lifestyle

That happened later, they may be shocked by the events that occurred on November 13, 2015 last week, near the Stadium St. Denis, "Bataclan" concert hall, as well as several cafés in the city.

The tragedy that occurred as a result of a terrorist invasion with Kalashnikov assault rifles, AK-47, resulting in many casualties as 129 killed and more than 300 wounded. Horrible and we express sorrow!

They, Parisians grieving, but life must go on, staring with a better tomorrow in the spirit of mutual understanding. Life returned to normal, continue, and they repopulated the city, making the dynamics of life like a city that is still alive and well.

Residents of the city of Paris does have a lifestyle attractive, eating and drinking in restaurants and cafes, visible aura spirit to rise, as expressed in social media, the slogan 'Je suis en terrase' which means 'I am on the terrace cafe', a reflection of how the massacre on Friday last week was very hit young people and other citizens of Paris.

Citing articles in a tourist site, as seen in the restaurant Monsieur Bleu said, "What they are targeting is our way of life, identity and culture of our city, happy life together."

The restaurant was called for Parisians out for a meal and a moment of silence at 09.00 at night. Even the guide of restaurants, called on the French people to go to a restaurant, bar, café, brasserie (small restaurants), not only to pay tribute to the victims, but also help the owner of the cafe who fear the collapse of their businesses after the attacks.

True, they show life does not stop, lives will continue to run, crowded places, cafés, resto, art institutions, opera, concert venues, and others, had been reopened on Tuesday night.

"We can not stop living," presented by Marie-Therese Vasseur, 65, which at Café Zephyr in the theater district of Grand Boulevard, according to excerpts from Reuters.

(Source Windratie - Indonesia CNN, Reuters /Images M Paath Djojonegoro)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Traveled to Countries that Generous in the World

Results of the research in 145 countries the most generous

Melbourne streets, Australia

It would be fun if one day without you expecting it, arrive in a country surroundings so generous, people are smiling friendly and so wants to help others who are in trouble and need help, great is not it?

Maybe these countries can be found on this earth, such as the results of a study of the World Giving Index, can show these places in the world, including which countries have a social life, in other words the most generous? These results generally show that the number of people who are generous increasing in all economic classes of society, an increase of 3.2 percent since 2013 ago.

Of course you will be curious, surveys are interesting by using samples among the various communities in each country are in rural areas, an assessment of about 1000 people about how many people set aside money for charity, or set aside time to help others in the last month.

New York in the morning

Such a result, we wanted to get there, as the results collected by this poll conducted by Gallup World View, and the Charities Aid Foundation, revealed the annual report of the sixth.

Following these countries, and maybe one day you will plan to arrive there.

1. Myanmar, 92 percent of the population of charity.
2. United States, 63 percent (last year about 68 percent of the population of charity)
3. New Zealand.
4. Canada, 69 percent of the population willing to help strangers, while 67 percent donated money, and 44 people donated their time.
5. Australia, 72 percent of the population of charity.

6. Britain, 75 percent of people donating money to charity.
7. Netherlands.
8. Sri Lanka, 59 percent of people donating money to charity.
9. Ireland, 67 percent of the population and 59 percent of other charitable help strangers.
10. Malaysia, 62 percent of the population has been helping others, 58 percent donated money for charity.

Of course beyond this list there are many other countries in the world by population is very generous, as a tourist you get a lot of experience when interacting with local residents. Always a lot of experience both experienced, anywhere in the world tourist destination, and be part of it.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia /Images N Rosdiana, N Jalil)

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Christmas tree was banned in Honolulu

Christmas was getting close, but it never happened in Hawaii

Christmas tree in Frankston, Australia

Just waiting for the Christmas day, less than a month will arrive festive day for Christians all over the world, one that will draw attention is the towering Christmas tree in the big cities of the world, a festive day. Do not be surprised even some European countries have prepared various Christmas trinkets, decorate the city and the residents enthusiastically welcomed.

However, something that is a question for the tourists who've been to a place, Honolulu, they forbade it at some time, of course there is always a reason for it.

Christmas market in London

The city government Honolulu prohibits residents to display a live Christmas tree that has been decorated in a public space, solely at the request of the Honolulu Fire Department, as submitted by Lonely Planet, present a regulation that prohibits live Christmas tree decorated with lights and others.

It seems to be so serious, for security reasons, there may be previous experience is a cause fires caused by Christmas trees that overlook aspects of electrical safety standards. Apparently, the City Council and the Fire Department realized, the atmosphere will be reduced aroma of Christmas festivities, and the ban is adjustable, and residents can return happy.

Townspeople improve itself, enhanced regulation so that the installation can be present Christmas tree in the middle of the city, in public spaces, for example, you can find it in the hotel lobby and lobby other buildings must be equipped with a sprinkler system.

Welcome Christmas in a few weeks ahead, the Christmas tree will give a festive. Certainly.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet /Images Nani Mariani, P Djayasupena)

Monday, November 9, 2015

Fast walking paths in Liverpool

Not just happen on the highway traversed by car

Crowd in London

If you currently are in the hustle of the city of Liverpool, immediately noticed something different when you're walking in a crowd walking paths in between the shops of the city. Because at the heart of Liverpool, England, there is a fast track designated specifically for pedestrians who are in a rush.

Such an article cited by CNN Indonesia, of course you would think going through which, chose the fast lane or lanes are more relaxed and slow.

Why are things like this can happen?

It is interesting find in a city fast lane, according to the article, the presence of these lines caused by a poll of Argos, who said as many as 47 percent of the public thinks the slow walkers is annoying and distracting.

Of course it would be nice for pedestrians who are in a hurry, while let's say for the tourists, it would be different, because they tend to want to walk more slowly, enjoy the unique architecture, or anything that the main attraction of the city.

You may soon find it, try through the street of St.John, the path is marked with red and blue markings it will be the main access for those who hurried shopping in Liverpool One shopping center.

Many things can happen when someone is in a big city, a shopping enthusiast who pushed through the crowd, people chatting on the edge of the road or standing still while playing cell phone on the sidewalk.

It's interesting that the idea is applied, because it can anticipate the needs of people who are walking, diverse needs, or those who really want to relax while checking their gadgets, which mungkion can be adopted in various countries other tourist destinations in the world.

(Source L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Independent /Images P Djayasupena, W Sjahran - Liverpool)

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Restaurant without Tip, New Culture in Uncle Sam

A tradition that has lasted a long time in various restaurants in the world

Rockefeller Center, New York

The experience of eating in the restaurant as it always happens, a common sight is tipping, even we assume is common. Although there are no rules that forbid if we are reluctant to give, just the feeling of always wanted to give, regardless of the reason. Well, as it happens at a restaurant owned by a businessman in New York, Danny Meyer, had a revolution that can change the culture, habits, at least it was done in 13 of his restaurant in the city which was nicknamed the "Big Apple".

He really did it, eliminating the tradition of tipping.

Of course behind all hope that guests no longer tip, Meyer will also increase the basic wage for the chefs and waiters to raise the price of basic food and drinks at the restaurant.

Maybe we need to know that whatever it is, tipping it produces an exceptional value, generating tens of billions of dollars per year to the waiters. Here there is injustice, because the other restaurant employees, including chéfs and kitchen workers, no portion of the tip.

Times Square, New York

Habits are hard to break, isn't it? Such as an article in Reuters, wrote how this practice takes place, for example, several restaurants in New York has discontinued the practice of tipping. Others give wisdom tipping to include basic tip on the check.

However, to give a tip for services received by consumers is still widely practiced in the United States. Always plenty of opinions evolve, Danny Meyer to change, something that takes time and the process, because of the dynamics of restaurant workers will be a lengthy process of attraction, of course.

In the end, customers enjoy a menu in a restaurant, then satisfied, sometimes making this new culture pending.

(Source Windratie - CNN Indonesia, Reuter /Images L Priyanti, A Schramm)