Saturday, May 30, 2015

Nagoro, one of the Smallest City's Most Bizarre and Unique

A small town in Japan with predominantly the dolls

Heihan Shrine, Kyoto

One day arrives in a city in Japan, in the valleys of Shikoku, and lost to a small town, lonely, almost no noise and bustle typical of a city, but it seems to present the activities of its inhabitants.

Well, do not be surprised if it turns out all the people who are doing the activity seen in the city, in the shop, coffee shop, restaurant and others are the puppets.

Classrooms - Photo Credit

Fisherman - Photo Credit

Is there a normal human presence like us? Of course there is, they only numbered about 35 people of the total population, 385 people populated the dolls. The dolls were the work of a woman aged 64 years, Ayano Tsukimi.

She saw her home town the less, when she came home from distant places, so decided to make the doll, the size of a man who had lived there. The dolls pose like doing activities in the city, as if those who passed ever live there.

Could it be that, one day in the city, absolutely no human anymore?

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Karen Tsu - Tokyo /Image P Widi Hatmi)

Friday, May 29, 2015

Anonymous Give Tip much as $ 2,000 in a Restaurant

Blue 44 Restaurant got guests who enjoy one of their menus

Generosity Gumbo - Chicken and Andouille sausage gumbo

Guests who want to still be considered as a visitor without a name, anonymous, and is always present as the privilege of a menu, a plate of gumbo, a kind of soupy food and a few bottles of beer which he ate with his friends, Wednesday, May 27, 2015.

It can not be a doubt if a restaurant able to serve their special menus, and there is always a unique fan for specials menu.

A restaurant in Washington, Blue 44, of course, be surprised when a visit someone with his friends, they were only ordered food for $93, and the owner of restaurant, Chris Nardelli, regarded as a regular visit every day, with their menu is prevalent provided, typical Louisiana Creole gumbo.

The Blue 44

Interesting news, as quoted by Reuters, but still bring a surprise for anyone, even for the chef, James Turner, and the waitress, Laura Dally, which serve guests without the name.

And, the anonymous guests say, "Thank you for the gumbo!"

Maybe you will try the menu, one day. Sure.

(Source U Widowati - CNN Indonesia, Reuters /Images Blue 44)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Emirates flew directly from Dubai to Bali

Flights will be opened on June 3, 2015

Emirates Boeing B 777-200LR

Bali as a tourist destination is probably not something new for tourists, especially for tourists from Europe, as well as the tendency of tourists from the Middle East begin to look to the eastern region.

Emirates airline have been considering their new routes, Bali is a global destination to 145 and became the latest of the airline routes to the Asia-Pacific region.

The airlines has flown more than 800,000 tourists from Europe and the Middle East flew to Bali last year, so that airlines be more fun for tourists, because the exciting entertainment facilities during the flight.

Morning in Sanur

Uluwatu, Bali

Flights to Bali from Dubai became an attraction for some, even for the businesses, who have specific preferences, such as the need to play golf or even the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions).

Tourists from Europe and the Middle East region will more easily perform their choice for a trip to Asia, particularly Southeast Asia with a range of interesting attractions which have been known before, as well as a new tourist resort in Indonesia, such as Gili Trawangan, Komodo Island, and Raja Ampat in West Papua.

(Source WA Prodjo - Kompas Travel, Emirates /Images Emirates, M Paath Djojonegoro)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

5 Hotels with Highest Number of Rooms

Based on the results of the hotel industry research firm, STR Inc.

Venetian, Las Vegas - Photo Credit R Barnard

As noted in a previous article on this blog site, that the designation of a hotel with the largest number of rooms will soon move on to Mecca, which is able to accommodate the number of guests with rooms to 10,000 rooms.

Hotels in Mecca is planned to be completed in 2017, with 12 towers, 10,000 rooms, a helipad, a meeting place, and 70 restaurants, is located at a distance of 2.2 km from the southern region of the Masjid al-Haram.

A great work of institutions Dar Al-Handasah architecture, building worth 3.5 billion US dollars is currently under construction and will spans 1.4 million square meters.

Despite the development plans of the hotel, until now the largest hotel in the number of rooms remained at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Here are five hotels with the highest number of rooms.

1. The MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas - Room 6198
2. The First World Hotel, Malaysia - Room 6118
3. Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas - Room 4400
4. Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas - Room 4332
5. The Venetian, Las Vegas - Room 4049

No doubt if we will admire the man's work, where the tourists will be heading, especially in the hospitality industry in the world, especially in the capacity of the number of rooms in a very large number.

(Source WA Prodjo - Kompas Travel, DesignMena, CNN Travel /Image wikipedia)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New Tourist Area that Began to Open for Tourists

5 Asian destinations which begin visited in the last ten years

Bagan, Myanmar

Of course, many considerations rating when they are choosing a travel destination, among others, is security, as well as infrastructure problems.

Well, in the last ten years several new tourist attractions began to get the attention of tourists, tourist places have started to improve various facilities required by the travelers.

Myanmar. Originally rating considers this region so isolated, they turned out to be one of the friendly tourist destination, saving tremendous potential. You can witness the incredible variety of attractions, the Buddhist tradition, a thousand temples of Bagan, friendly local community life, and their culinary.

Temple of Shwedagon, Yangon

Sri Lanka. They began to clean up and be aware of the tourism life which gets the visit as much as 1.27 million foreign tourists have visited Sri Lanka in 2013 (PATA) and continues to increase, you can enjoy a variety of exceptional attractions, such as beaches, wildlife, heritage and cultural sites incredible history but unspoiled owned this country.

North Korea. Many questions about the country, but they are very exotic. Tourist visits to North Korea continues to increase, most of them originating from China that reached 237,000 people in 2012, and tourists from the United States is gradually increasing.

Vietnam. Who would have thought this country become so famous lately, especially in the last ten years. Among other attractions in the area of ​​the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park became one of the attractions for tourists. Cultural traditions, culinary and exotic nature become part of the planned elections this region for tourists.

Iran. According to a travel site Gogobot, this area becomes a new tourist destination on the rise, even ranked first in the list of "10 Best Countries" to visit in 2015 by Rough Guide, with attractions ranging from ancient ruins to the slopes to ski on Tehran. Tourists from Europe like this region, not unexpected when visits increased by 200 percent.

The new tourist area always inviting curiosity, then tourists will establish a list of visits, and one of the country worth visiting.

(Source M Chairunisa - Kompas Travel, The Huffington Post /Images DA Abadhy - Yangon)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Discounts at various hotels in Singapore

Hotel booking sites, Agoda provides a discount of 50 Singapore dollars

Paragon, Singapore

Interesting opportunities in Singapore in order to celebrate the "Great Singapore Sale", held from May 29 to July 26. Activities that provide opportunities for a wide range of markets and shopping centers in Singapore to participate in the largest annual shopping festival event there.

One attraction for visitors and tourists in the event was an assortment of closeout, special offers and discounts for various goods, sellers of various parties, both individuals to various foreign brands in various industries will participate.

Various places of interest in Singapore other than shopping, visiting museums or art galleries, visited the region at the center of attention of the tourists, the Marina Bay Sands, or traveling to the Sentosa Island.

Marina Bay

In such an attractive atmosphere traveled, the hotel booking website saw an opportunity to attract the attention of tourists, namely hotel discounts in various hotels in Singapore.

Some hotels are frequented by tourists from Southeast Asia, among others, from Indonesia, such as Grand Park Orchard, Parc Sovereign Hotel - Tyrwhitt, Marina Mandarin Singapore Hotel, Orchid Hotel, Hotel Royal, Riverview Hotel Singapore, Grand Park City Hall Hotel, and Amara Singapore.

Interesting month, as tourist visits to Singapore, in the months of May, June and July, when the shopping festival spoil the tourists from various places in the world, and they immediately plan their trip to the country.

(Source Kompas Travel,, STB - Singapore Sale /Images M Kretyawan)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Selecting Schedules Flight To Not Affected Delay

According to a survey conducted by Air Help

Delayed holiday plans, anyone would be upset, because one way or another makes trapped air travel delay, make you confused to do anything, all blurred.

There is always a reason why flights disrupted by reason of the delay in accordance airline, for this kind of thing we need to anticipate, for example, an election day of departure.

Quoting from the Huffington Post, if you do not want to experience a delay, then order a departure of your flight for Saturday.

An interesting survey, since Saturday the smallest possibility of delay compared to all days of the week. The possibility of only about 18.11 percent on Saturday, other days, such as Friday, the possibility of delay reaching 29.47 percent.

While other days, on Monday at 25.69 percent, Tuesday 26.60 percent, Wednesday 23.59 percent, Thursday 21.69 percent, and Sunday 24.13 percent. It turned out that Friday be the day with the greatest possibility of delay, some things cause a lot of flights, air traffic was also more dense, the pickup is also increased, passing people at the airport and so on.

What about the departure time? Is most likely during the day, fell briefly in the afternoon and peak occurred at 18:00. What's your plan? Are you already planning your vacation as well as the departure time?

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Huffington Post /Image L Tambajong)