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Profession That Almost Never Holidaying

Professional workers are certainly in their subconscious longing for a great holiday

Tourists in Shanghai Airport - Image credit L Lie

Holiday for workers including professional you are some kind of way out of the fun of saturation in the workplace. The holidays are a perfect time to release the office workload.

You know when it is in their subconscious, they have always dreamed about. As reviewed by the sites CNN Indonesia, January 21, that there are some professions that are not free to take time off work.

1. Security officers

They are members of the military, police to the security guard of office buildings. Because the task request that is always on alert to maintain security and public order.

2. Health care workers

An arduous task to maintain the health of patients is the most important thing, especially to maintain the image of the hospital where they are assigned.

3. Journalists

There are always new news or events that need to be covered, the good news to the poor. At any time, so that journalists become a profession that rarely gets time off. Even when given the task to another country, they would never get time to relax.

4. Employees of hotels and restaurants

The major hotels are very strict in maintaining a reputation, employees barely had a day off. Holiday for the most people being the busiest time for them, a General Manager to settle permanently in the hotel to check the conditions of service of employees and the convenience of guests.

5. The pilots and flight attendants

Synonymous with employees of hotels and restaurants, for service businesses that rely on reputation. Pilots and flight attendants who have the task in the long flight is selected employees, so it will always be reliable.

6. Celebrities

Especially for those who have big names, must always be ready to perform in a stage or film. No word tired, had to smile, for being not to lose their fans.

7. Personal Driver

They never even holidays, after being at home, sometimes they have to go back to work, because the boss has suddenly had a purpose. Tedious tasks are waiting, minimal sitting quietly in the waiting room for two hours. Similarly, in the face of congestion.

8. Employees of Information Technology

Indeed, their work in front of a computer screen, the monitoring to maintain the stability of computer networks. You can see them in the electronic and online media companies.

Perhaps no other profession that barely gets the freedom of time for the holidays. All employees must have a holiday and management need to think about the best time to forget their workload.

Source: H Darmayana - CNN Indonesia
Image: L Lie

Leave Time, In addition to Vacation

Simple everyday activities for professional and office workers

Barbecue with family members - Image credit Marco Verch

Leave always been synonymous with vacation, but it turns out there are other things you can do when you're planning a leave time than a terrific holiday. There are many things you can do, because it does not always leave and automatically go on vacation somewhere where you want.

Some friends agreed when the time off, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, January 21, the day off work not only to be used for a holiday out of town or overseas.

1. Me-Time

Do not even forget yourself, and you need to take leave in order to provide a moment to indulge.

For example for women, perform facial and body treatments, either at home or in the salon. And, face re-sparkling after stress in the office.

You can select a movie collection (and watching movies) or buying some goods which have long wanted, also could be the right choice for me-time when on the leave.

2. Exercising

Your body needs to get the activity and fitness to keep fit. Let's take time for a short workout.

There are other things you can do, such as walking or cycling around the neighborhood home complex. After exercising the mind becomes fresh, and can help you eliminate saturated at work.

3. Playing with Pets

You need to remember them, they also need to play and receive affection.

Pastime play with pets can be said to be able to eliminate annoying stress from work.

4. Clean the house

Although tiring, but it will give you a pleasing result.

The real benefit is to burn calories, refreshing the mind as viewed in a more organized home. The house was clean and fresh can bring positive energy to the resumption of activity after the leave.

5. Gather Together with Family

The activities were very positive, but busy in the office during this time, so you often forget them.

You can also visit your parents, they will be welcomed. Another positive is to invite other family members to stay at home while barbeque partying with them.

There is always a great way to fill the time off is beneficial, though you might also want to carry out a holiday. It can be thought of another time.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia
Image: Marco Verch via Wikipedia

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Countries with Most Leave Day

Leave always synonymous with holiday needs and travel destinations

Travelers take their vacation time - Image credit M Kretyawan

Needs of leave or time off from many people is the requirement that the rights, especially for workers and professionals in various companies, it is stipulated in the provisions of the labor force in each country.

Countries in the world has a different length of time for the implementation of leave, there are countries that have a long time off and leave no country with the shortest.

Brazil - 30 Days

This country has a total of 41 days off a year, is an accumulation of 30 days of leave and 11 public holidays. Countries also have time off work for a month is Finland and France.

United Kingdom - 28 Days

The amount of leave time does not include the 15 national holiday in 2017, although a national holiday is different in every state.

The British government, including the country generous in giving leave to pregnant mothers and new parents got one year to take time off alternately.

Sweden - 25 Day

This country is almost equal to its neighbors, Finland, as it gives off quite a long time, which is 25 days. Swedish citizens who are not working, they can still enjoy 13 public holidays in the year.

Germany - 24 Days

The country also give their workers 19 days extra time, and it is a national holiday that can be enjoyed by residents of Germany.

Spain - 22 Days

The workers get time to carry out during the 22 days of leave. In addition to vacation time is fairly long, this year Spain also has a total of 36 national holidays and regional holidays.

In addition to the countries with the most days off, then in the opposite condition also there are countries with which not a lot of time off, or in other words the least vacation time.

Countries that at least the time to leave is China (5 days plus public holidays total 24 days) and Thailand (5 days), Malaysia (7 days with the national holiday of 14 days), the United States and Vietnam (10 days not including the national holiday ), Indonesia (12 days), Singapore (14 public holidays) and the Philippines (18 days plus 18 public holidays).

Day of the leave is always synonymous with holidays, and at moments like that, no wonder when you see a lot of leisure activities in the various tourist attractions in various countries.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia
Image: M Kretyawan

Don’t Mix Wasabi and Soy Sauce While Eating Sushi

Habits of people are put wasabi in a container filled with shoyu

Traditional soy sauce - Image credit 570cjk

Eating sushi and sashimi is indeed a moment of the most delicious moments with friends in a Japanese restaurant, but there are habits that should be avoided, wasabi stirred up mixed with soy sauce.

When enjoying the Japan culinary, citing the sites KompasTravel, January 15, Japanese seasonings patent generally has a sense of more or less equal, with a slight touch will make a big difference in taste.

The sensation of each spice will be lost, when you mix it up, and you're not getting the best taste. Article on the sites RocketNews24, wrote that this practice should not continue.

They have reasons like this.

1. Make a damaged sense of soy sauce

When you've decided to enjoy sushi and sashimi at the Japanese upscale restaurant, the typical Japanese soy sauce is usually of high quality. The chéf will choose a good quality soy sauce and ensuring a mix of all the ingredients are correct.

At moments like this, you want to add wasabi to the soy sauce, its flavor quality could be damaged. Moreover, it is like not appreciate their professional chéf who already ensure the best overall experience while enjoying sushi.

2. Remove and spoils the taste of wasabi

You know the real difference of an upscale sushi restaurant in Japan that provides fresh wasabi. Guests were served not bottled wasabi paste, but grated fresh wasabi.

Wasabi in paste form - Image credit Yuji Miura

If you mix the fresh wasabi into the soy sauce, can make a fresh sweet taste of wasabi can be lost. They appreciate their chéf, since they do not respect the professional sushi chéf who ensure their guests get a real taste of wasabi.

The chéfs who hard to make the creation of wasabi paste into an art form of its own, such as wasabi shaped like a leaf. At this point you should appreciate the work of art of the chéfs.

3. Reduce its beauty

Appreciate the culture of other nations far more interesting, Japanese culture really appreciate the beauty. They make the food look beautiful when served to the guests. The sushi and sashimi is formed in such a way to make it look attractive.

When mixing green wasabi to blackish brown sauce, the result is a mix of colors that are not clear. You know this seems not pretty.

So you'd better let the soy sauce and wasabi are in a separate place.

Every nation has its own customs, including in culinary matters. And you can enjoy it on the level of the best flavor.

Source: KompasTravel, Rocketnews24
Image: Yuji Miura, and 570cjk via Wikipedia

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Recognizing Types of Sushi

Important, before eating at sushi restaurants

Chirashizushi with raw ingredients - Image credit Marshall Astor

Sushi and sashimi are a Japanese food that has been known since the 1300s, and has flavors of delicious and nutritious, I would not be surprised if a lot of people liked it. However it is important to understand these foods well.

But no need to worry if you're already familiar with it, citing the site KompasTravel, January 15, that the sushi made from refined rice and rolled along the stuffing, which consists of marine and vegetable materials.

You can find different types of sushi rolls and types that are not rolled. And served with vinegar and a little sugar poured over rice, while the fish in a state of raw or undercooked.

Let's say on a weekend you came to the sushi restaurant, the grain is present on the table along with the soy sauce, pickled ginger, finely sliced radish and wasabi.

Well, it's time you recognize some types of sushi are often circulated in the restaurant.


Looks like most other sushi, rice be placed in a bowl and then coupled with a variety of toppings. Usually in the form of fish and raw vegetables or other ingredients.

Sushi is also still divided the various types again, depending on how the arrangement or topping.


Sushi is hidden in the bag of fried tofu skin.

The contents can also vary.


Sushi kind is quite popular in some Asian countries, made from rice rolled in nori, you also find sushi that uses a thin omelette to replace the nori.

You can find these kinds of sushi, such as Futomaki very thick with a diameter of up to 6 cm.

Hosomaki in the form of a small roll with nori located on the outside, its diameter is only 2.5 cm with stuffing in the form of tuna, cucumber and carrot slices.

Temaki, is a cone-shaped sushi with a length of about 10 cm and eaten with the hands, not chopsticks.

Nigiri-sushi and temaki at the upper right - Image credit Nesnad

Nigiri Sushi

Sushi type is not wrapped, but covered with fish or egg on top.


Sushi is also divided based forms, for example the ball shape called Temarizushi, likewise rectangular type called Sasazushi.

Of all the types of sushi presented above, you may also never see the other types. But this type is often offered to customers of restaurants.

Source: KompasTravel, Sajian Sedap
Image: Marshall Astor, and Nesnad via Wikipedia

'Fake Fish' at Sushi Restaurants in Los Angeles

Types of fish in sushi is not in accordance with label fish listed by the restaurant

Fish time at sushi resto, Tokyo - Image credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Restaurant with a variety of sushi is the one that will be sought after by those who love Japanese cuisine at the weekend, especially for anyone who likes the variety of culinary preparations made from fish.

But the indulgence you would kind of Japanese food, citing article on the sites CNN Indonesia, January 20, should be tempered a little bit, maybe you need to be more careful.

Based on a study that label different types of meat fish in sushi spread in Los Angeles, the United States does not comply with the meat gene. You're certainly going to have a little doubt, because it was found in almost half of the 26 sushi restaurant in Los Angeles.

The study, citing the sites Daily Meal, conducted by UCLA and Loyola Marymount University are testing the DNA of fish meat used in dozens of sushi for four years since 2012 to 2016.

They, researchers have found 42 percent of DNA from the sample of fish meat in sushi is not in accordance with fish label species listed by the restaurant.

Their findings have enough reason, such as fish that are included in 'mistaken identity', red snapper, yellowfin tuna, halibut and yellowtail. Except for the Bluefin tuna that are almost always correspond between DNA with label fish species.

Types of nigiri-sushi and temaki at the upper right - Image credit Nesnad

As for salmon, as it is often used in sushi labeling errors found by ten percent.

Paul Barber, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at UCLA who is also principal investigator of the study said, "I suspect we'll find a mistake in the inclusion of the identity of the fish, but not as high as we find in some of these species."

Sushi has become one of the citizens favorite foods, and according to the journal Conservation Biology, the United States imports about 90 percent of the sea food needs of other countries.

Not complete a weekend without enjoying sushi, even if tomorrow you need to be more scrupulous about the flavor of the fish they offer. Unless you have to have confidence in the restaurant that you prefer.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Daily Meal
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro, and Nesnad via Wikipedia

First Lunch After The Inauguration Day

Today the president-elect will be sworn in, and then went on his first lunch

Lobster meal - Image credit Hartmut Inerle

Inaugural luncheon of the president-elect will take place right after the inauguration ceremony today, the locations is known, Capitol Building, Washington DC. And, Donald Trump has officially become the 45th president of the United States.

Luncheon after the inauguration has become a tradition, and you'll want to know the menu presented at a luncheon as the first food eaten by the president.

Trump’s liking to certain foods make a lot of rumors, because it is crowded allegations presented meal is steak, taco bowl, and miscellaneous junk food favorite of the president.

But. You must believe that the Trump lunch menu inauguration was not much different with Obama, according to his campaign theme, "Make America Great Again", a three course meal (appetizer, main, dessert) and paired with wines from California.

Okay, maybe you're more curious, a list of the dishes on the lunch inauguration of Donald Trump in the Capitol Building, citing the site Mic Network, Friday, January 20th.

1. Maine Lobster, and the Gulf Shrimp with Saffron Sauce and Peanut Crumble. The first menu is served along with wine J.Lohr 2013 Arroyo Vista Chardonnay.

2. Seven Hills Grilled Angus Beef in Dark Chocolate, and Juniper Juice with Potato Gratin. The menu is served along with Delicato Black Stallion 2012 Limited Release Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley.

3. Chocolate Souffle, and Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream. And the menu is served with Korbel Natural "Special Inaugural Cuvee" California Champagne.

Citing the sites, Trump does not drink alcoholic beverages, do not worry, because the guests could sip Californian wine and the lunch closed with champagne from California.

A statement from the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies has delivered, "Wine used is made by the leading wine makers from California and matched to the taste of each dish."

You'll be impressed with the menu which has been selected and is ready to be presented to the elected president, because the material is highlighted is the ingredients are produced locally. Trump seems to correspond with the slogan, "Make America Great Again".

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Mic Network
Image: Hartmut Inerle via Wikipedia