Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Australian Tourists Knows How To Downsize Expenses in Aircraft

Various tempting deals with additional facilities at the time of flight

Bids extra legroom, extra baggage fees, buy a variety of food offered stewardess, and various other offers at the time of your flight by flight attendants in the air, there is always the desire and curiosity about the products offered, and ultimately want to buy.

Is such that you often experienced during the flight? It could happen, because of the long flight in particular, frequent boredom makes us want to find a way to kill time, to do something or whatever it is.

Well, apparently things like this to be one of the objects of research by Lonely Planet, and they found that travelers from Australia are the type of travelers who are able to resist the temptation, they are very economical and are not interested in buying anything that is offered, on long moreover in the near distance flight.

In fact, a recent survey from Expedia Australia against 11 thousand passengers, found that 43 percent of Australian travelers refuse to buy something in flight if the journey is less than three hours.

It is always a lot of things going on in the various types of flights, for example, long-haul flights passengers may be tempted to accept the offer in attendance. Various types of bids for instance get a wider leg space in the travel distance (20 percent), one of five passengers prefer to buy food (16 percent), and only four percent were willing to pay more to be able to enjoy a wider seat.

The World Tourism in Australia is on the rise, Australian travelers have a tendency to spend money at the destination, maximizing money shopping in the sights and not on the plane, adding space and baggage fees, and others, so the opinion of Kelly Cull, travel expert from Expedia.

Symptoms attract apparently found on some travelers from other countries, for example, from Canada, and you may have the same tendency or may otherwise like tourists from the United States who like the comfort in the air with all the trimmings.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet, Expedia Australia /Images Singapore Airlines, Germanwings)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Is Paris Still Be The Most Romantic City in the World?

Through a series of recent studies of travel sites, Travel Supermarket

Various ways and stories of friends always talked about romantic city in the world, and Paris has always ranked as the best in the world. Paris romantic! The word is often pronounced by tourists who traveled to the capital of France's, and your friend will also agree with this.

Even many honeymoon story always use Paris as a first choice, so with a couple who are in love, then the men would like to apply for a beloved spouse. Perhaps you know a famous film star, Tom Cruise just chose the Eiffel Tower to propose to his girlfriend, Katie Holmes at a time.

Not going to run a story involving Paris, several world stars such as Scarlett Johansson, buy flat in Paris 6, as she admitted in love with the fashion city. And aligning the story continues, with more interesting stories.

However, a recent survey from a travel site, recently, it is known that the achievement of Paris as the most romantic city, slipped away. This city has always been the best ratings, for example, five large and so not much around there.

Indisputable, perhaps the story of terror of Paris in November 2015, can be a major factor, citing the Daily Mail, the ranking dropped considerably.

The scenery in general, usually restaurants in Paris flood of visitors ahead of Valentine, the couple will make Valentine and Paris as an important moment in life, such as dating, applying for a lover or a honeymoon. Likewise reservations at restaurants fell by 21.5 percent and hotel bookings fall by 15.5 percent, it's no wonder occurs also in cafes and bars decreased by 15 percent.

Through surveys TravelSupermarket 2016, present a new town in the romantic city rankings, such as Reykjavik, Iceland's capital, while Morocco bounced out of the top ten rankings, after terror events there.

Ranked top 10 most romantic city in the world according to the latest survey results.

1. Amsterdam
2. Roma
3. New York
4. Barcelona
5. Prague

6. Reykjavik
7. Venice
8. Paris
9. Budapest
10. Dublin

Despite the above list that shows the ranking of various major cities in the world as the most romantic city, such as Paris which slid to number 8, but in the end the choice of the rating and the reason for that is important. Selection of a romantic city has always been a personal reason for most of the perpetrators of the travel, and Paris has always been one of their dreams.

(Source L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Kompas Travel, Daily Mail /Images A Soekirno)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Chinese New Year Celebrations Coloring All Activities of Chinese Citizens

Bright red color is present in different places and headed in different directions

Celebrating the Chinese New Year or Sincia, making us surrounded by various Imlek trinkets, various kinds of dishes, pastry baskets, handicrafts hunted many Chinese citizens to enliven the celebration with family or as souvenirs.

Like a great day other religious adherents, this time Chinese citizens in a variety of places to look busy, with ties and spanned thousands of years ago, they wanted to return to their homes, up to do with the family and relatives and friends. Look at the activities of Chinese citizens, for example in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, they miss home, back to a time that is always remembered, a long way, from different countries and back home.

So it goes, the era of overseas Chinese nation, a first period 300-400 BC during the Chou dynasty, after a long time, keep the tradition, and celebrate the new year by holding a party festive meals in the new year, people with each other congratulates the expression Sin Chun Kiong Hie, which means Happy Spring New Year, although the term spring occurs only in mainland China.

Has become a tradition, Chinese citizens despite having many offspring, perhaps even switching the trust, and no longer the faiths of Confucianism, but the tradition of celebrating the new year is always a bond of culture, a great nation that has done so centuries ago. They will go to shrines, temples or kelenteng, zodiac lit, incense, then celebrated with the expulsion of evil beings, through Barongsay dance and lighting firecrackers.

A tradition that has lasted since the centuries, prayers to the Creator of Nature, God Almighty, right on the 1st day of the 1st month of the Chinese calendar, the Chinese people back to pray at the altar.

After that just say, Happy New Year to the family. Happy Chinese New Year 2567 - the Monkey Year. Gong Xi Fat Choy!

(Source CNN Indonesia, Daily Mail /Images H Yohana, F AM Pandi, M Kretyawan)

Friday, February 5, 2016

Celebrate the Super Bowl with Pizza 24-karat Gold

Through an event titled 'Golden Garlic Knots Pizza' this weekend

The Pizza

Wow... Who does not want to participate in this great event, especially pizza especially for fans from around the world, the typical food of Italian origin who later became a culinary favorite in the United States.

Pizza was known in many countries, it is undeniable is one of the preferred food, because it seemed practical but has a power glut, effective and efficient. Certainly!

The celebration event the Super Bowl's 50th anniversary at the end of this week in San Francisco, as the quote from a culinary website, The Daily Meal, Pizza Hut will present 50 pizza with a topping made of 24-karat gold.

Sure to be able to enjoy the pizza, the buyer asked to participate in the contest, "Golden Garlic Knots Pizza", as support from Pizza Hut to the football sporting event.

The Menu - Illustration

"Not every day you celebrate the anniversary of the 50th Super Bowl, so we thought why not bring anything special," said Pizza Hut’s Vice President of Marketing, Jared Drinkwater.

Who could have imagined when the pizza gets a sprinkling of gold, limited edition menu is sprinkled with 24-karat gold worth US $100, and they serve it feasible and safe to eat.

If so, who wants pizza?

They were eager to share it with those interested, according to event organizers contest of the Pizza Hut, Jared Drinkwater, pizza enthusiasts can send e-mail to, and the Pizza Hut will select the email.

Of course this need luck, and may the shipment to your home to make a surprise, 24-karat gold (with a certificate of authenticity), in a luxury design box, and colored gold. Great!

(Source L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Happy Meal /Images Pizza Hut)

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Generous Boss Treat All Employees for Caribbean Holidays

Helen Bilton, owner of the Group Company as the 'Most Generous Boss'

Bahamas at Sunrise

Management of the company we always face is often a serious person, committed, hardworking and love discipline as the basis for the operation of the company. It is prevalent in various companies in the world, or the various places we may face everyday.

Well, what if one day we are working in a privileged place, it turns out the leadership of the company, the boss, so generous to a specific case, there must be a specific reason for that, isn’t it?

Who does not want to be part of a company with a generous leader?

And so it was in the group companies, the Group Company to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the company belongs to the boss, she asked all her employees on vacation.

The boat of Bahamas

Exceptional and not playing games, as many as 32 employees participated in holiday travel, a luxury trip for three nights and stayed in five star hotels in Barbados, Caribbean.

Citing an article from and quoting from CNN Indonesia, formerly the boss wanted to celebrate it in to Flamingo Land, but the amusement park is closed and they changed course into a vacation to the Caribbean.

"I thought about doing a great thing to celebrate ten years of this company with partners and customers." Bilton said.

The boss then contemplate all of her plans, and arrived at a conclusion that her employees are the one who really deserves the award, those who work hard day after day to this business.

Employees of her company certainly surprised, they do not believe it, but that's what happened. Great, and it really happened!

(Source E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, /Images R Worang)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Stewardess Boxing, the Plane Made an Emergency Landing

Flights from Delta Lines on the flight 2598 from Los Angeles to Minneapolis

Emergency landing performed according to plan and flight schedules, and all may occur in any travel experience, or passengers anywhere in the world, something unexpected and many surprises.

Many things can happen why the pilot decided to return to the airport of departure, and once this happens the airline Delta Lines who is traveling in the air the state of Utah, a flight attendant who was on duty clashing boxing, is really a surprise to anyone who was in the flight.

The pilot then decided to make an emergency landing at the airport in Salt Lake City. Citing news of Aviation Herald, the flight on January 22, 2016 ago, stewardess at loggerheads on business, did not know what they were thinking, when a friend of another flight attendant others came to intervene, even exposed to blows as well.

Seeing the situation is not favorable for anyone at that time, the captain made the decision to land a Boeing 757 aircraft, which was flying in the area south Salt Lake City when a fight occurs.

Naturally airline disturbed by this incident, as the quote of the Aviation Herald, the aircraft decided to apologize to passengers, among other things, "Most of our team members did not show good behavior. We expect our air crews are always courteous and professional, while you experience away from it. We were sorry not fulfill our promise today."

It's shocking, isn't it?

It was always flying experience in a variety of sightseeing trips can discover unexpected things, and for the genuine travelers, all that happens is to be part together in a sightseeing trip. Prepare for the unexpected things, adjust yourself, adaptation, always surprising, even in part may be convenient.

(Source S Galikano - CNN Indonesia, Aviation Herald /Images U Safitri, Ni Kdk R Riyanti)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Niagara Falls will Drained

Niagara will be turned off temporarily for essential repair process

Waterfalls provide an extra ordinary charm and become one of the important icons in the world of tourism in the United States, the waterfalls are located in the state of New York, is simply amazing American-owned stunning waterfalls shared with Canadian region. And when you are present in this region, around the waterfall will be prepared to get wet. Interesting right?

Niagara Falls in the Indian language means the water that rumbles, located in the city center, Niagara Falls, a small town that provide exciting entertainment and relaxing in the middle of the beauty of the waterfall to visitors of this city.

However, a recent significant news cites a tourist site, because the US government intends to shut down this waterfall to dry. Only for a short while only.

From an article in Lonely Planet, said that the affected part of 'dewatering' or drying is the American Falls, one of three large waterfalls at Niagara, while the area of ​​Horseshoe Falls and Bridal Veil Falls will not be affected.

Of course you will ask, why is this done? There is a bridge that had been used as a medium of trolleys, cars, pedestrians to pass through the town near Niagara Falls that also often used by tourists to see the Goat Island. The bridge is 115 years old and has reached its maximum age, so the experts associated with recreation, history and preservation will use the period of dewatering to examine the structure and fix it.

Likewise excerpt from CNN can explain it, "Drying is needed as well for two reasons. There is an old bridge aged 115 years that need to be demolished, and construction of a new bridge requires dry conditions so that a new foundation stuck firmly in the bedrock," as the report of the New York State Parks and Transportation Agency.

Hard choice of the United States government, to destroy, or to extend the drying time up to nine months, and according to Angela Berti, a spokesman for the New York State Parks and Transportation Agency this process all does not happen in the near future, it needs time to prepare for the process, so that its implementation , will take place 3-7 years.

A sigh of relief, isn't it?

All government measures will not disappoint the tourists, they can understand this condition, but not a few were disappointed. There is still time to see it in the near future, do not hesitate.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet, CNN /Images Elizabeth I Sitorus - New York)