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Countries that Banned Electronic Cigarettes

Vape or electronic cigarette does provide certain benefits for its users

A high-tech look of the E-cigarettes - Image Credit Chris F

The use of electronic cigarettes has been known since a few years ago, the wearer covers certain age groups, even for travelers, and specifically those who intend to gradually quit smoking. But. There are some countries that deny users of these types of cigarettes entering their country.

You really can not guess, because the prohibition of carrying this type of electronic cigarette can get you into the prison room.

Of course every country has its own reasons, very strict rules about vape alias electronic cigarette has been limited in such a way its usage. There are even countries that openly forbid their use at risk for offenders going to jail.

It's a fairly extensive report on how these electronic cigarettes, as written in detikTravel, today, vape have been considered as illicit goods whose use is prohibited, you can see examples in Thailand.


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