Monday, December 5, 2016

War Threatens Destroys the World Heritage Site

According to UNESCO there are 50 sites from 1052 a world heritage site

One of the World Heritage Sites, Ephesus in Turkey

World Heritage Site in the world can provide us human beings the great lesson material in a familiar journey of mankind, so that the world body UNESCO to perform maintenance on the historic sites that exist in various countries around the world.

The issue now comes if you see a situation that is getting terrible, war conflicts between the various interests in several parts of the world, and according to this world institutions, apart from the war, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, December 3rd, other factors also accelerate damage to this historic sites.

Natural disasters, pollution, conflict, vandalism, urbanization, until the development of modern travel trip, until the regional conflicts that occurred in the last three years, accelerating the destruction of war, as happened in Aleppo and Palmyra in Syria.

This World Culture institution had issued a list in order to invite the international community undertake protective measures, as was done in the meeting of the 40th, which was held in Istanbul last July, recorded an increase in damage elsewhere, Mali and Uzbekistan into the list as well as other damage at five world heritage sites in Libya, damaged by the conflict in the North African region.

Notes from the news sites AFP, according to the UNESCO’s list, that the sites were damaged in two categories, namely 'Confirmed' damaged and endangered, as well as 'Potential' damaged by a condition that occurs in the vicinity.

A serious issue, because it requires a lot of attention, funding and management, UNESCO declared that the list could facilitate the World Heritage Fund to allocate funds for the site has an emergency condition.

The list continue, while the world increasingly preoccupied with himself. Certainly a lot of effort needs to be done in stages each time to the world heritage sites in the endangered list version of UNESCO.

1. Hours ruins and the Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan
2. Archaeological City Ashur, Hatra, and Samarra, Iraq
3. The Old City and the Western Wall (Wailing Wal), Jerusalem
4. Temple of Askia, Timbuktu and the Old Town Djenne, Mali
5. Water Nature Reserve and Tenera, Sahara Desert, Africa

6. Old City of Aleppo, Bosra, Damascus, Crac des Chevaliers, Qal'at Salah El-Din, and Palmyra, Syria
7. Historic Town of Zabid, the Old City of Sanaa, and the Old City of Shibam, Yemen

Still continues to grow, according to a note from UNESCO, such as the National Parks in Congo, the Central African Republic and Senegal.

Even that seemed often in the media, including to the site that needs attention is the Everglades National Park in Florida, USA and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Source: L Kertopati – CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: W Sjahran - Germany

2027 Prepare for Trip to the Moon

Naveen Jain open travel to the moon by spaceship

Moon setting over Mountains, High Desert, California - Image credit Jessie Eastland

World billionaires may be quite a lot in this world, but who have unique ideas may be numbered, and this time the Moon Express company was founded by Jain in 2010 will embody the ideas to the Moon.

This is the best time for many of mankind are so far only able to see the moon from a distance, perhaps even you ever dreamed? Believe me, according to excerpts articles on sites TravelKompas, today, it may someday be realized by someone who has excess funds, someone who is willing to share.

Another article in the sites Telegraph, Sunday, December 4, wrote about the departure of humans to the Moon, Moon Express is the only private company that granted a travel permit in the Earth's orbit and the moon.

Jain has been seeking work and intentions long ago, even the next year, 2017, the company will begin to send a spaceship into orbit in order to prepare an anti-mainstream travel. It seems that they are really serious, and invite others to participate study the solar system.

"(This tour is to learn) outside our planetary system and learn how to live elsewhere. Previously this was only possible by having extraordinary powers."

If he's serious, then do not be surprised if required huge funds, he prepares a hefty aircraft to be used in space spent approximately US$ 5 million. The fund continues to grow in the next five years, Naveen also spent US$ 2 million for various equipment required.

Well, the time required by tourists heading to 2017 shortly, according to Naveen Jain, ticket traveled from Earth to the Moon will be priced US$ 10,000.

As noted in the article, that you and other travelers can compare the sensation of excitement of a journey on planet Earth, for example, from San Francisco to Sydney to spend time traveling for 14 hours.

Space traveling will be very busy in the future, such as the plan of Sir Richard Branson with the Virgin Galactic flights, Bloon, World View Enterprises, then Elon Musk with SpaceX, it is natural that tourists consider the plan a trip there.

"The Truth is Out There", said a film series on television, one day.

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, Telegraph
Image: Jessie Eastland via Wikipedia

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Smartphone Battery Saving When Traveling Out Of Town

7 ways that can be done by the tourists when traveling away

Smartphone-Audience Mueller - Image credit Marc Müller

Smartphone batteries are quickly discharged is one of the obstacles that often occurs, while enjoying the atmosphere at tourist spots, and you want to photograph, record or examine the notification message, and at that time the battery runs out.

You will be disappointed, and this time the holiday draws near, especially year-end holidays. The need to prepare everything, completeness travel, budgets, and even equipment for travel including your smartphones.

Your gadgets now taken away from home, but the signal is increasingly unstable, sometimes lost the signal, and the battery starts getting low. Then you need to prepare your gadget well while on vacation out of town or country.

1. Turn off 4G Signal Feature

4G signal provides a faster connection but more battery consumption. The farther into remote areas, 4G signal search will lead to a drained battery. You should wear a setting signal with 3G, EDGE or GPRS only.

2. Do not forget to bring Power Bank

Prepare a portable charger, Power Bank, to charge the battery at the moment there are no resources near you.

3. Lower the Screen Brightness

The screen brightness is very high battery drain. Should lower the lamp brightness of the screen, though will be little difficulty viewing the display, but the battery will be much more efficient.

4. Not Playing Games

Smartphone of yours will work with the weight while playing games. Another way better repel bored with listening to music (wear your headset), for playing music on smartphones more easily and does not drain the battery of your phones.

5. Enable Sleep Mode

Keep in mind that on some smartphone series, provides a feature "Sleep Mode" for internet access. When the feature is enabled, it can disable internet access automatically, when it was no longer used in some long period of time.

6. Turn on Battery Saver feature

You know when some smartphone equipped with a battery-saving features, often referred to with the "Power Saver". When the feature is enabled, the gadget can automatically turn off some features, such as GPS, WiFi, NFC, mobile data, and more.

When the condition of the battery is started minimal, it is intended that the existing remaining capacity capable of giving power to live longer. In other words, the battery can last longer.

7. Turn off Your Gadget When Not Needed

It's a conservative way, but pretty good enough. In the course of your long and roughly way you will fall asleep, and it’s better turn off your gadgets.

It brings smartphone make you need to prepare more carefully, and protect the vitality of gadget equipment will make your travel more enjoyable.

Source: TravelKompas, Intisari Online
Image: Mueller/MSC via Wikipedia

Who’s Trump Chéf Candidate at the White House?

Some of the famous chéf names who have great expertise

Joe Isidori at "Black Tap" Resto, New York

Favorite chéf of the 45th president-elect to the United States, Donald Trump apparently received widespread attention among lovers of culinary world, perhaps you can guess who was elected later.

Indeed, this time the media was more interested to see who occupy important positions in the cabinet in the presidency later, when other matters worthy of concern, namely the culinary.

Perhaps the public missed the culinary tastes of Trump, as long as it does not have a special diet, he can consume whatever he liked, fast food, well done steak, even milkshakes.

But it would be very interesting to speculate who will be elected as a chéf at the presidential palace in the White House, as reviewed by a site CNN Indonesia, but according to information obtained, the journalists have received the names of top chéfs who might fill the position ,

Say some famous names, according to the sites Food Beast, as the chéf on duty today, Cristeta Comerford, then David Burke, head chéf at Trump Hotel International in Washington DC, another name is the Trump’s former personal chéf, Joe Isidori, and today chéfs that placed in Trump Tower, Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

They are believed to be reliable with the expertise that will be favored by the president, and guaranteed to be in the top list. Let us see one by one, who they are.

Cristeta Pasia Comerford

Famous for processed cuisine potatoes, and always favored by the president from one generation to another. Currently serves as the head chéf at the White House during the last decade.

Joe Isidori

Known by its flagship food burger topped with mozzarella cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano and tomato sauce and rich flavor milkshakes. Isidori also widely known through his restaurant in New York, Black Tap.

David Burke

He was a good cook steak at his restaurant, BLT Prime, for example, wet steaks, dry, until the salty steaks, can all be treated with favor by Burke. He is also an expert in processing the meat fat flavor that enrich the flavor as the luxury dinner menu.

Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Michelin star-winning chéf is famous for cooking ribs, usually served with potatoes and felt marinade spices. Once a chéf on duty at the Trump’s wedding with Melania at 2005.

Society at large will soon know who is chosen, and it would be nice for the occupants of the White House.

Source: R Sekar Afrisia - CNN Indonesia, Food Beast
Image: Joe Isidori Page

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Soda mixed with Mustard for the Police Officer, Employees Resto in Kansas Fired

’Strange day’ for the members of the police who received a mixture of soda with mustard

Cola with ice - Image credit Simon Cousins

Order a soda at a fast food restaurant in the United States, seems to be one of the favorite by the citizens of one state, call the name of Kansas, and one day a police officer become a “news” at FoxNews a day ago.

He, the police officer seemed less fortunate when ordering his favorite beverage, soda water or something, who knows what was thinking by a fast-food restaurant employee.

The employees make anti-social behaviors, for inserting mustard mixture into a glass of soda were ordered by a police officer.

A McDonald's fast food restaurant in Topeka, Kansas, got the news coverage, as written in the article of a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, caused by overuse of one of the employees.

A sunny day in fact, last Friday, when a police officer in Topeka, do not want to be named, towards one of the outlets of the restaurant to order food through the drive-thru.

Then, without feeling the slightest suspicion, he uncapped his soda drinks, of course thirsty after walking around the city since morning, but he felt ‘strange’. Open drink cups, glasses contents that should be solid cola soda instead 'tainted' by merging and yellow mustard to 'contaminate' the soda.

This is the age of social media, and on Sunday, November 27th, you know when news of soda mixed with mustard has spread across social media and receive a response from many netizens.

Of course this created difficulties for the owners of the restaurant, Tom Dobski, he and the company were surprised by the actions carried out secretly by one of their employees.

"To all customers, including law enforcement officers who protect and serve the people, always warmly welcomed in our restaurant."

He and the management of the company to act quickly, especially vehement protests from the police, they immediately conduct an internal investigation.

But. Police are still doing to the next step and opened a criminal investigation publicly. The day is not that good, and Dobski appear cooperative with investigators to answer all questions.

Bad luck for the employees, because he has no place else in the company and the restaurant.

Source: E Priherdityo – CNN Indonesia, FoxNews
Image: Simon Cousins via Wikipedia

Unique Job, Reviewer of 10 Fried Chicken Restaurants

New unique profession a fried chicken restaurant reviewers in Australia

Belles Chicken and Waffle - Belles Hot Chicken, Sydney

Reviewers of a fried chicken restaurant is the kind of work that unexpected by anyone, a type of work that can be present because of a situation, but something distinctive are served to eat fried chicken.

Times is constantly changing and increasingly diverse human needs, including as a special order, eat chicken in restaurants that sell fried chicken.

But. You need to know, such reviews in a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, today, if someone likes eating and wants to always eat in every job, then it becomes a fried chicken restaurant reviewers can be a solution.

Specifically another review obtained from the sites Mashable, the founder and CEO Airtasker, Tim Fung, opening vacancy on the internet to be a restaurant reviewers.

He gave reservation to anyone who is interested, that they must be willing to taste and review fried chicken restaurant other than fast food restaurants in Australia.

"I will pay A $ 500 and all the costs that are used to review 10 fried chicken restaurant in 10 days."

Well, say you received as per the requirements requested by the CEO Airtasker, then they will soon give the task to the nine places recommended by Fung, namely Mary's, Thirsty Bird, Belles Hot Chicken, Thievery, Butter, and Seoul Orizin. In addition there is a restaurant Juicy Lucy, Chicken Institute, and an Indonesian’s resto “Ayam Goreng 99”.

This is the fun work for the lucky reviewers, their gets the freedom to choose one of the other restaurants of his/her own choice.

You have to believe that if a job is worth hunted by job seekers, in addition to an attractive salary and not cut to the cost of the meal, the reviewers are tasted at a cost of Tim "CEO" Fung.

One reviewer wrote about his impressions, "I do not need 10 days, give me five days I'll finish, or even just three days."

Then, the task of the applicants is to convince Tim "CEO" Fung to accept them in work teams "fried chicken" in Airstaker company. Certainly!

Source: E Priherdityo – CNN Indonesia, Mashable
Image: Belles Hot Chicken, Sydney, Australia

Delligatti in Memories, Fans Eat the “Big Mac”

A total of 28,984 Big Mac burgers eaten by his fans, Don Gorske

Big Mac - Image credit McDonald's

Big Mac is already sized apparently still does not yet enough for Don Gorske, a huge fan of Michael 'Jim' Delligatti, the creator known layered burger in fast food restaurants McDonald's.

That's how the various fans in making memories, I guarantee that will work hard stomach when the crush and grind every part of the burger.

Acids and enzymes in the stomach will continue the digestive process food into paste form, then moves into the small intestine, before the process of protein digestion begins.

Burger much do queues regularly enters the oral cavity, he was eating Big Mac as much as 28.984 burgers, on Wednesday, last November 30th.

Citing the sites of CNN Indonesia, Jim passed away on Monday, November 28th at his home in suburban of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, at the age of 98 years.

Of course this is a sad news for Don Gorske, because for four decades, he became a McD customer and the Big Macs, and has been doing routine every Wednesday, he took a 63-year Big Mac in the refrigerator, then warmed in the microwave.

A fan of always doing the unexpected, he takes the burger since since 1972 for 44 years, and according to his confession, that until now his diet as a whole, or about 90 percent is consumed Big Mac.

As said by Don, an 1.87 m tall man on the site Patch, "It's the best food I've ever eaten a lifetime."

Don was dreaming of a record in the Guinness World Records, but until the time of the “Jim”’s death, the achievement record is not final, despite he was not too concerned about the record.

He is not worried for the achievement of another person by the Guinness World when eating a Big Mac for the achievement of a record, "They will experience obsessive compulsive when it does not take another 44 years."

As a fan, he does not advise others to follow his diet, because of health concerns, such as heart attacks.

He was never spared from a heart attack, because the diligent exercise. "I burned a lot of energy every day, so no matter how much calories I eat," he said.

The story of the Don, a Big Mac fan who later was feeling lost with the death of the "Jim", even he loves Big Macs than Mary, his wife.

Although he had never met his idol, except via telephone in a radio show in Chicago 2007, but he said "Jim" was a nice guy. Extraordinary!

Source: V Probo - CNN Indonesia, Patch
Image: McDonald's Burger