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Café in California Creating Mermaid Trends in the Summer

Culinary trends are dominated by green and turquoise, edible pearls, and glitter

The Mermaid style culinary - Image Credit Cafe Crème & Sugar IG@cremeandsugaroc

Culinary favorites in California area are pioneering new foods that are the concern of today's food enthusiasts, having previously been dominated by other trends, such as the unicorn-style trend.

You may have heard it, according to an article on the CNN Indonesia website, Tuesday, May 23rd, the culinary trend of unicorns, as you know the unicorn is a unique horned horse, and it's time to retreat for a moment with a new trend.

Mermaid trends are present for the summer, a cafe that has creative chefs in the culinary world, a cafe called Cafe Crème & Sugar.

They culinary creators cultivate in such a way, began to create a variety of mermaid-style menus dominated by green and turquoise, edible pearls, and glitter.

Mermaid is a sea creature, so the story of the legend of the past, the colorful sea-like as seen on …

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