Monday, August 29, 2016

8 Most Delicious Food Museums in the World

In addition to the world-famous Ramen Museum in Japan

The famous museum in the world has always depict stories from the past, things that have a lot of traces of history, tales of heroic, even heritage amaze many people.

Maybe people like to visit the museum with consideration given the great stories of the past, something to be remembered and honored and studied the great human stories of times gone by.

This time you will be taken to several museums that are completely different, the food museum, and maybe you already know how special the Ramen Museum in Japan.

Well, quoting an article from MSN, here are 8 museums decent food, maybe someday, you can visit it. Museum which contains only the food was tasty and so was everyone's favorite.

1. Museum of Ice Cream, New York, USA. You will be taken to various types of rooms that make you surprised, like a pool full of sprinkles, the room is full of chocolate and ice cream sandwiches swing.

2. Colman's Mustard Shop and Museum, Norwich, England. Became an icon of the city, because of its popularity, opened since 1973. It's the story about the different types of Jeremiah Colman mustard.

Colman's Mustard Shop and Museum, Norwich

Frietmuseum, Bruges

3. Frietmuseum, Bruges, Belgium. From the name you know soon, frites, fries or fried potatoes. You can learn how to make the crispy fries. And, you deserve to know the truth, that is the origin of French Fries is really from Belgium. Certainly!

4. Chocolate Museum, Cologne, Germany. For the chocolate lovers, come to this place, you will be drunk to enjoy chocolate of various flavors. There is a tropical glasshouse where cocoa beans grow up to end up in a chocolate factory.

5. Spam Museum, Minnesota, USA. Well, you want to make spam? Herein the origin of 'spam', you'll know its manufacturing process, as well as games about spam.

6. Canadian Potato Museum. Processed of potato stems of fresh tubers, and here you will find a vehicle that brings about the process of making chips, from harvesting by farmers to the finished product and ready to eat.

7. Dr. Pepper Museum, Waco, Texas. In this museum you will get to know how the story of the legend of Dr. Pepper. With the visit you can see more than 100,000 objects associated with Dr. Pepper soda and other aspects of the soda industry.

8. The German Bratwurst Museum, Holzhausen, Germany. No need to wonder if you know, they are the Germans are really like the sausage. The longer you're here, you can find out how to make sausages from the meat processing until ready to eat.

One day you may decide where is the first museum to visit, all the museums of food always feels special and certainly promising culinary tasty. It was very tempting, is not it?

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, MSN /Images M Paath Djojonegoro, Fae via Wikimedia Commons, and Frietmuseum)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Cool Donuts in Los Angeles

California Donuts among the top ten famous donut in Los Angeles

Donut Fries - Image credit California Donuts

Delicious donuts can make your tongue wagging and felt a mixture of flour and sugar across the mouth cavity, just feel its sensation of sugar that makes the face of anyone ever sweeter.

It's just an expression, but who refuse donut when present in front of you, either confectionary or cake made from wheat that is able to tease citizen anywhere, especially if you enjoy it with a cup of coffee.

They, California Donuts know their customers desire, always ready from early morning until into the next day, 24 hours. And for special customers who came in the morning, be prepared to get a special donut which is only awarded to customers who came in the morning. Terrific, isn't it?

When you arrive at their booth, there are many options, ranging from Blueberry Toast Crunch, Samoa, Lucky Charms, Chocolate Strawberry White, Matcha Green Tea, and brown the meat. And for customers who love the classic models are also available, such as a glaze donut, chocolate, and cake donuts.

But. An article from The Daily Meal, provide additional information, that California Donuts presents a new variant, fried potatoes donuts with melted nutella and colorful sugar sprinkles become their special dish.

You will be disappointed, because more customers would come in early, try to come to a retro-style bakery outlets in Koreatown, so you would not find it again at lunch. Sold out since early morning for a $ 2 for nutella topping, and for a donut sprinkled with colored sugar sold for US $ 1.50.

Well, whatever of the variant donut offer, you can spend a weekend in a donut outlets, coffee and donuts, as well as a friend with you, it will be very special.

(Source Megiza - CNN Indonesia, The Daily Meal /Image instagram@californiadonuts)

Friday, August 26, 2016

New Seat Design of Cathay Pacific with Headrests

Airlines from Hong Kong understands the needs of their passengers

Neck Pillow - Image credit Cathay Pacific

Chair with neck pillow which is generally placed on the passenger seat into the needs of passengers, especially in these long-distance trip, I thought you had ever experienced.

Read an article from a lifestyle website, CNN Indonesia, that an airline, Cathay Pacific launched a new seat design with headrests that can be modified into a neck pillow. Just imagine if you were in a long haul flight, of course unconsciously want to enjoy the ride while sleeping, they, the airline is aware of this need, passengers can sleep comfortably on their way.

As written on the website Travel and Leisure, the passenger is given special treatment, because good design and innovative, and launched in conjunction with the launch of the Airbus A350, in May.

Airlines have expressed about their new features to Runway Girl Network, the design of the headrests were designed by Tangerine, a design company based in London, based on the feedback and complaints are being asked by the passengers.

Seats with headrests of the airline has a privilege, not only can be shifted up and down and vice versa, but it can also be set according to the desired angle and head-sized wide enough for an adult as well as children.

Travelers certainly has a lot of experience with a variety of airlines, they know certain features that are owned by airlines in the world, certainly in the long-distance travel, relatively cheap/economic tickets, and comfortable chairs.

(Source R Indra - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure /Image Cathay Pacific)

Thursday, August 25, 2016

5 Most Feared Things While Vacationing

Sightseeing trips can turn into sadness and anxiety

The mountaineer at Mt Everest

The joy of the holiday is a dream that often occurs when we experience the routine of work, you would imagine that special moment in time with close friends, family, send news to social media, make selfie photographs and other excitement.

But. Sometimes all the excitement did not take place smoothly, there is unexpected things, and it comes so fast in front of the eye.

By the time you do not want it to happen. Your journey trip will seem futile.

As I read from an article in the tourist sites, there are always stories that are not fun during the holidays that are often faced by travelers.

1. Feeling homesick. Indeed, when you're far from home, unexpectedly, suddenly you remember your home, family, food, the atmosphere of the house and even the roof of your house. And they said, even sleeping at home is always like a paradise.

You will feel sad, even if only for a moment, longing outstanding. Without knowing it makes the holiday more appreciative of what you have achieved so far.

2. Tired. This coincided with the feeling homesick, especially the first three days and so on. You even can hardly enjoy the holiday atmosphere in the place.

You will feel less comfortable, historic building which looked mediocre, beaches, shows and restaurants. All went unnoticed.

3. Pickpocketing or loss of important goods. You will avoid this from happening, although we also know, accidents can happen unexpectedly.

Of course we must be on guard, and do prevention early, and always be careful.

4. Running out of money. Fabulous holiday lull sometimes, you forget everything. Well, at that time you have to be vigilant, money used unknowingly, excessive.

The desires to buy the good stuff, souvenirs, eat well, and the money suddenly dwindling rapidly.

You should prepare yourself for the final days on the trip, who would have guessed when you were sick, to see a doctor and buy medicine?

Even you want to watch a show, music, opera, theater and other things, high price and so on. Prepare your money for the important things and make little notes.

5. The sad news from home. It's certainly not you expect it, right? It would be very sad. News disasters, illness, including death. Excitement at a tourist spot turned into a sad story, you have to go home suddenly.

The crying on the way home, it will be bad memories.

Articles on travel sites wrote about the anticipation for tourists who are traveling alone or with the family, so do not forget to pray before leaving for vacation. Do not you want your vacation is going well and return home with happy?

(Source F Abdurachman – Kompas Travel /Image N Ginting)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pokéburger on festive bazaar Down n'Out

Events held until September and is sold only for 2 weeks

Pokéburger - Image credit instagram@downnout_

Enjoying the burger has been one part of the urban lifestyle, so we will not be surprised to see the corners of the crowd where someone was eating a burger or hanging out at a burger place.

Maybe I'm one of them, or maybe you're, ah ... Who knows, it could all happen in crowded places, in a day of fun with a friend.

Such an event is a festive bazaar in Sydney, Australia, was named Down n'Out Bazaar announcing their new menu named Pokéburger. They are the initiator of the event, a group called Hashtag Burgers transforming three burger with content and different forms of a bread bun, 3 Pokémon monster, ie Pikachu, Charmander and Bulbasaur.

They know that many burger enthusiasts who want something different, coupled with the trend of Pokémon GO gaming enthusiasts, who often hunt to earn points, but this time they hunt Pikachu and two other friends to eat at a price of AU $ 11.

Citing CNBC, Ben Kagan, Creative Director of Hashtag Burger said, "The flavor of each burger has been designed in accordance with the appearance and personality of each Pokémon."

He added that Bulbasaur has a taste similar with the Big Mac burger at McDonald's, green vegetables such as lettuce and pickles with broccoli crown on his head, and then to Pikachu, juxtaposed with fries smeared with cheese, onions and thousand island sauces that called Tiger Fries.

Of course the Kagan explanation make games fans will be interested, we are worthy to appreciate the work of their creations, which have been concocting unique types of burgers with the team for five weeks.

Then, let's hunt. And, eating burgers. That is good!

(Source Megiza - CNN Indonesia, CNBC /Image instagram@downnout_)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Where the Friendliest Cities in the World?

City of Charleston, South Carolina be the friendliest city

Relaxing time, Darling Harbour, Sydney

The friendly town to anyone, to the citizens of the city and to the newcomers. It would be a dream for most travelers from anywhere, it might be time to make travel plans to get there. You would think this is quite interesting, because the tourists in the world going into these towns, is it true?

Certainly not carelessly about an article that is contained in a travel magazine, Condé Nast Traveler recently. They were awarded the Condé Nast Traveler's 29th Annual Readers' Choice Awards to the city of Charleston.

As said by Condé Nast Digital Editor Laura Redman, citing CNN Travel, that tourists mainly from Europe will provide more value on their way to Charleston because they have heard about the delicious food and its unique architecture.

You will be interested to read the article, because the survey was given to 100,000 readers of the magazine, of course through categories like favorite cities, hotels, resorts, islands, airlines, cruise lines, travel destinations, and the friendliest cities in the world.

Imagine this to be a dream for you, the cities in the southern United States, Charleston, Savannah and Nashville, giving hospitality reputation through the locals and their appearance, responsive in offering directions and other help.

You will consider in earnest, hospitality, hotel employees were friendly to tourists, ease of check-in process, special refreshing drinks, and special treatment to children.

Likewise, you can see other towns, make you like being at home, feeling like a part of their integrated local community.

1. Charleston, South Carolina, United States
2. Sydney, Australia
3. Dublin, Ireland
4. Queenstown, New Zealand
5. Park City, Utah, United States

6. Galway, Ireland
7. Savannah, Georgia, United States
8. Krakow, Poland
9. Brugge, Belgium
10. Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Well, after knowing these cities, maybe just a dream can become a reality, these towns do exist and real. Cities that could make yourselves comfortable and appreciated.

(Source WA Prodjo - Kompas Travel, CNN Travel /Image Stevi Lee - Australia)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Bourbon Burger for Special Buyers over 21 Years

Is the buyer of Bar Louie is for adults only?

Eat the burger was tasty on the right day, let's say you go to a shopping center at a busy weekend in the city center, looking for culinary sometimes make you confused to choose, isn't it?

Enjoy a burger is a practical choice and believe me, it was quite pleasant. I myself enjoyed it very much, if tired of walking in a crowd, and the burger is way out with a cold drink.

Well, apparently a lot of ways to mix a tasty burger. As with what I read from an article of a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, that wrote about the burgers can use with a variety of toppings such as cream cheese, and cheddar, beef and crispy onions and barbeque sauce mixed with bourbon.

They say that the burgers were formulated specifically, make it look fancy and special, is how to make it different, the burger smeared with a layer of bourbon, washed down after a dip to cool. You'll be stunned!

It is layer upon layer of bourbon will provide a different sensation, according to excerpts from the sites The Daily Meal, because the alcohol content in bourbon is poured several times, of course, the buyers are - according to the chéf - must be over 21 years old.

Even with you to enjoy a burger of equal value by drinking a shot of bourbon, even though the effects of alcohol in this burger takes longer to react in the body. It is reasonable and understandable.

But. It brings a sense of curiosity, isn't it? They are the burger makers of Bar Louie in the United States, which is offered in four locations (Greenwood, University Park Mall, Hunstville, and Nashville) of Bar Louie for US $ 412.49.

Despite all the figures presented by the owner of the bar, I and maybe You will be curious before try it yourself.

(Source Megiza - CNN Indonesia, The Daily Meal /Image Jefrey W at wikimedia)