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Dubai Airport Passengers Must Enter 'Aquarium'

Starting next year passengers will go through a large aisle-aquarium shaped

Burj al Arab, Dubai - Image Credit D Upala Poucin

Security at Dubai Airport has done something that may be something new, especially for those who have been there several times or stopped at Dubai airport, all of course for security reasons. They plan it as something that may be very unique.

Security considerations are not negotiable, starting next year, quoting CNN Indonesia, Oct. 18, security checks at Dubai International Airport will be conducted through a large aquarium fish aquarium that must be passed by passengers.

Something definite, the way that will be introduced this will make the passengers get something entertaining, they will not be bored when will queue up long.

You are in a long corridor, the fish will swim over your head, the fish in the aquarium like at Sea World will not be trained to notice the strangeness of the passengers. But. Instead inside, like a quote from Lonely Planet, in the aisl…

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