Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Borobudur Art Activities held during Eid holidays

Midyear holiday season in Indonesia, including during the holiday of Eid al-Fitr 2014 will be the moment of traditional arts held in the courtyard of the Borobudur Temple in a row to entertain visitors.

Borobudur Tourism Park area become the gathering place of the visitors from different places and countries, with increases expected to reach 7 percent, about 315,000 visitors during holidays, especially from July 26 - August 10, 2014.

Borobudur is still one of the leading tourism icon in Indonesia, with art activities around the temple to make visitors get an overview of traditional arts, such as soreng, lumping horse, warakan children, jatilan, and campur sari.

(Source Lilik Prana - Magelang, Travel Kompas /Images Wahid Ar Photography)

Countries that are Beautiful as an Photography Objects - 1

Basil Cathedral, Moskow

Travel tour synonymous with leaving a trail of memories in the form of photographic images in the attraction, you as a tourist in a destination country would want to take as many pictures that are considered attractive.

Of course, attraction is taken through image capture shooting requires its own expertise, regardless you are an amateur photograher, but it never hurts to learn a little about when the pictures were nice. For example, include equipment, film strip, composition, types of objects, such as scenery, sky, sunset and others.

Hot Air Balloon in Bagan, Myanmar

Some interesting tourist destinations for a tourist attraction, even for a novice photograher can try the following countries.

1. Morocco. Interesting atmosphere in the markets and the ancient desert city of red brick until the local residents object, the attractive blue Bedouin headscarf.

2. Iran. In this country you can take a sunset objects in Esfahan, colorful glow in Siosepol Bridge, famous mosques object, Iman Mosque in Esfahan or Nasir al-Mulk Mosque and the Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Esfahan.

3. Myanmar. Inle Lake, or the famous temples of Bagan, temples and pagodas that stretched out the horizon.

4. Chile. Spectacular natural beauty, glaciers and mountains of Patagonia, the Atacama plateau. The atmosphere is all natural with a series of lakes and volcanoes.

5. Russia. Interior is very challenging for a photographer, colorful dome shaped onions from the local church, various unique sculptures and gold pointy toed church in St. Petersburg.

Foreign tourist destination with a variety of photo objects which excite the photographers and tourists, providing plenty of opportunities to take the beautiful and attractive photos, for example, certain moments when the snow began to fall.

Continued on Part 2.

(Source smh.com.au, Travel Kompas /Images Sonya Susilo, V Saver)

Monday, July 21, 2014

5 Most Visitors Countries in 2014 to Singapore

Marina Bay Sands

As expected from the first, that most tourists visit to Singapore were tourists from Indonesia. This is according to data from the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in the first three months of 2014.

Potential visit to reach the number of 749,000, up 6 percent compared to the same period last year.

The appeal of shopping is still a charm for tourists from the neighboring country, as well as the report gives progress reports that Singapore's tourism grew by 5 percent, approximately $ 55.8 million through the acceptance of sightseeing tours, entertainment and games, which recorded an annual growth 19 percent to $ 14.9 million.

The river of Singapore

Here are 5 most travelers countries in first 3 months of 2014 to Singapore.

1. Indonesia - 749,000 people
2. China - 557,000 people
3. Malaysia - 288,000 people
4. Australia - 270,000 people
5. Japan - 215,000 people

Exciting tourism development of Singapore include other revenues, such as airfares, port taxes, local transportation, health, business, hotel, education and transport. Tourism more increasingly attractive in various countries including their regulations apply.

(Source Channel News Asia, Kompas /Images M Kretyawan, L Pandjaitan)

New Regulations from the TSA United States

Lambert St Louis International Airport

The new regulations you need to know if you have plans to the United States in the near future according the official press release from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on July 6, 2014, refers to any additional safety regulations for travelers who come to the United States primarily through the flight path, especially direct flights and apply at all airports in several countries with the US airport destinations.

Travelers will be asked to turn on their electronic equipment, such as mobile phones, tablets, ebook, laptops, and so can function properly as well as all of its functions. If the equipment can not function, travelers were asked to leave the electronic equipment and fly without carrying it.

Another option is to book an alternative flight again if it happens. Travelers can still use the electronic equipment in the aircraft provided in accordance with airline regulations.

American Airlines

Advice you need to consider:

- Make sure that you bring electronic equipment have a full battery before you arrive at the airport.

- If you use a transfer flight or aircraft must be moved, for example, for long-haul flights, make sure the battery of your electronic equipment is not depleted in previous trips.

- Do not bring electronic damaged equipment in a handbag when it comes to the airport.

- Make sure you arrive at the airport with the 'not too tight' deadline limit boarding. Given the many steps and procedures while at the airport, ranging from check-in process through a security checkpoint at the main area and the time at the boarding gate.

- If you buy electronic equipment in the airport, make sure the battery of electronic equipment that you buy already has sufficient power before you arrive at the boarding gate.

It is quite troublesome in a long journey to United States, but all would have a logical reason to be accepted and will be your tour enjoyable.

(Source TSA, Travel Kompas /Images Texy Hammp, American Airlines)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Quiet Morning at the 5th Avenue, New York

The town is always busy, people milling around, with different sounds frenetic, full-color, that's New York in the United States. Beautiful building gives aroma, skyscraper buildings, antique museums, shopping, dining and entertainment centers are superior to most other cities in the United States.

Many of which you can find as experienced by a friend one quiet morning on 5th Avenue, New York.

The town is situated in Manhattan with lots of cool places are obliged to visit along the street until satisfied.

Fifth Avenue with shopping area and restaurants are the main attraction of this region, which is a nice place for a walk, hangout or for dinner when it is summer or warm temperate months.

(Source N Jalil - New York /Images Nisa Jalil)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hostel in New York not far from Central Park

The Lobby

You walk around in the city of New York? Of course immediately think about the famous Central Park, but to be able to enjoy this busy city with a suggestion from a friend, is looking for a decent and comfortable accommodation.

Try a relatively cheap hostel for a fan trip to various cities in the world, let's say one of them is New York. Citing an article in the Huffingtonpost Travel can be a reference of choice to stay there.

Hostelling International New York, for example, can be reached by walking from Central Park or use the subway, then you can go to the Upper West Side, New York. Don't worry about the budget that needs to be provided, a stay at an affordable price starting from USD 50.

Standard 8 person - Dorm Room

There are two choices of rooms, the private rooms and dormitory type rooms, free internet access, room watching, game room, cafe, several lounges and terraces and a private garden.

The Patio

Enjoy the atmosphere with other service users, young people age, as well as performing routine comedy show performances, the standup comedy, and even provided a choice of tourist trips and visits to the bar.


Hostelling International - New York

891 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10025-4403
P. +1 (212) 932.2300
F. +1 (212) 932.2574

(Source Huffington Post, travelKompas /Images HI New York)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Padma Resort will be present in Ubud

Padma Resort Bali at Legian

After selected as the best hotel according to TripAdvisor in the category "Hotels for Families 2014 by Travellers' Choice", and a recommendation is suitable for families who will be traveling together during Lebaran holidays.

Padma Resort Bali at Legian is located on the top position in Indonesia, thus making make Padma branded hotels in other cities got the attention of travelers. For example, Padma Hotel Bandung and immediately following the opening of two hotels planned will open in 2015, ie in Karawang, West Java and one in Ubud, Bali.

Padma Hotel Bandung

Padma Ubud occupies an area of ​​11 acres with its full name Padma Resort Bali at Puhu because located in the Puhu Village with Balinese nuance cultural building shaped with 200 rooms suite type.

Padma Resort at Puhu appear to form different from most hotel buildings that had previously been in the Ubud region, which generally villa shaped. Just feel its green rice fields characterize the natural environment and atmosphere that remains attached to the rural environment. That becomes the attraction for tourists with specific attention.

(Source Padma Resort & Hotel, travelKompas /Images Padma Resort & Hotel)