Thursday, June 30, 2016

Popular Tourist Places in the World

The ratings are tourist destination based that is considered the best place for a holiday

Kecak Dance at Uluwatu, Bali

Mid-year holidays have arrived and all the planning has been arranged, the course has prepared everything. Traveled to places where the preferred option can be one of the basic consideration for most travelers in the world, of course including you, is not it?

Travelers in the world have shown various tourist places which they consider as the best place, certainly a lot of the criteria on the basis of considerations. As the quote from the CNN site, wrote about the rating of US News & World Report 2016-2017, about the tourist places of the world tourists selection.

They are doing the rating is based on the most popular locations in several countries, for example Bali became the most popular place in Asia. Then Grand Canyon National Park established as the most popular places in the United States, Virgin Island is a popular spot in the Caribbean and Vancouver are the most popular places in Canada. The most popular places in Europe are Rome, while South Africa is in the first rank the most popular places in Africa and the Middle East.

As for the overall results, they give a rating on the 25 most popular tourist locations in the world based on a study of 250 destinations in the world by using a methodology that combines analysis and expert opinion.

1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia
2. Paris, France
3. Bora Bora, French Polynesia
4. Florence, Italy
5. Tokyo, Japan

6. Cusco, Peru
7. London, England
8. Rome, Italy
9. New York, USA
10. Maui, Hawaii

Times Square, New York

11. Cape Town, South Africa
12. Barcelona, Spain
13. Sydney, Australia
14. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
15. Yellowstone National Park, USA

16. Amsterdam, Netherlands
17. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
18. Cairo, Egypt
19. Washington, DC, USA
20. Grand Canyon National Park, USA

21. British Virgin Islands
22. Bali, Indonesia
23. San Francisco, California, USA
24. Patagonia, Argentina
25. Budapest, Hungary

Interesting overview about the most popular tourist attractions in the world, so that we can see many options for the tourists in the world to travel.

Let's say you want to play on the beach, diving activities, or doing advonturing activities and so forth. Enjoyed pile of coral, sea grass, until the fish that swim with the beauty will amaze anyone. Diverse options and make it easier for tourists in the world, the world stretched and ready to visit.

(Source CA Setyanti – CNN Indonesia, CNN /Images M Paath Djojonegoro, L Priyanti)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tragic Fate of a Son of Restaurant Owners

Mocking one of the guests who were eating at their restaurant

Tea Time

Good service from a restaurant can make customers save a good impression, they will go back to a restaurant. Lots of little things that bring good impression for guests, appetizers, such as nuts or small candies when guests began to sit up.

A small thing that can make a good impression and be a reminder of the good. The other thing is the friendliness of the waiters.

Regardless, the food menu as the main force of a restaurant, but involuntarily a restaurant can give a lot of good impression for customers. But what if the opposite happened? Human factors can change the perception of the customer who ultimately makes the restaurant's name be blackened.

For example, what often happens is the neglect and lack of respect for customers, often the news broke about the customers who were disappointed with the restaurant, a typing error in the name of customers performed by a waitress.

Are you able to accept, when waiters treat you with irreverent? Food bills often taken as rude or even racist, for reasons that can not be explained. And, you'll be surprised when you see the acting of the servant was often feign surprise when caught doing that wrong.

The Restaurant - Credit Photo All Stars Bar & Grill Restaurant

An article from a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, wrote an interesting overview of an owner of a restaurant, Tony Ambrosio, All Stars Bar & Grill Restaurant in Warwick, Rhode Island, has fired the restaurant bartender being caught giving the title of its customers that are written on the food bill with the word 'fatty'.

Well, you'd better respect the owner, because the bartender was his own son. Great!

As written on the Fox News, the disappointed customers were then upload the photos of the food bills to the social media to express his disappointment.

Indeed Tony Ambrosio submit his apologies to these customers, and provide meal vouchers amounting to US $ 50. Even then forbid his 18 years child to visit and eat into the restaurant.

Despite the incident, whoever does not want to undergo treatment in a less friendly at place to eat. Wherever it happens.

(Source Megiza - Indonesia CNN, Fox News /Images P Djayasupena, All Stars Bar & Grill Restaurant)

Monday, June 27, 2016

Brexit disruption for British tourists

British exit from the European Union was not too good for British tourists

Tourists in Buckingham Palace

Brexit impact seems to have been transmitted anywhere, most of the British people cheered and others appear with the outcome of the referendum, as an example of the real impact on world tourism, specifically for British travelers.

Despite the pros and cons of the referendum result, Britons will certainly feel the impact, both positive and negative.

Let's look on the world of tourism, especially for UK residents who will travel to the other country outside the UK, they get further concrete evidence, there is an increase in travel costs, some of the causes among other things the currency exchange rate pound weakened.

As excerpts of articles from a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, the Association of British Travel Agents warned Britons not to be surprised when the travel agent to fix the price now is higher by 10 percent.

Trafalgar Square, London

Furthermore, according to the site, data from the European Union, there were 117 million people traveling by air between the UK and EU countries during 2015, British tourists liked sightseeing trip to Spain. Meanwhile as a comparison, on the other hand, the UK Statistics Agency, noting the number of tourists from North America rose 11 percent and from EU countries rose four percent.

Such is the case, considering the EU countries using the euro currency, travel agent getting charge a higher price, but also alarmed the British airline company, as British Airways which had to accept the bitter with the decline in the stock to 20 percent.

The world is still waiting for other things to happen, at least has to be experienced to two years, although it is still too early to make predictions. Brexit impact still need some time to be able to guess the direction of the wind blowing, especially for the British tourism in the previous period that got the increase in the number of tourists up to five percent in the last 12 months up to April, and specifically the implications for British tourists who immediately feel. Surely.

(Source E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Los Angeles Times, UK Statistics Agency /Images W Sjahran)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

One million Pizzas every day in São Paulo brings Pollution

Pizza is one of the favorite culinary cooked in the traditional way

Pizza of Murano, Italia

Enjoy pizza has become one of the predilection of urban communities, particularly in the Americas, so no wonder we will see different types of pizza toppings appeal inviting fans.

Fans of pizza easily found in the United States, and it more or less the same in Brazil, especially in Sao Paulo, and we had no trouble finding shops where pizza is offered.

But. A less encouraging news for the fans, because the pizza is considered polluting. Why?

True, indeed it happens. The pizzas - typical culinary originally came from Italy - were taste delicious is always cooked in the traditional way using firewood, it is believed always brings the aroma and taste more delicious than the conventional way (with modern cooking equipment).

The use of the traditional way of using a wood-burning oven. But it is very unfortunate loss, while producing more delicious taste, the way is now deemed to have a negative influence on the environment. Citing CNN Indonesia's website, said that the burning produced smoke pollutes the air.

Further through the article in the Daily Mail, a scientific study has found that pollution in major cities like Sao Paulo, Brazil, remains as high despite reducing car emissions.

We can find out a further study from the University of Surrey, Dr Prashant Kumar, said that high pollution comes from wood-burning stoves that are used for the pizza, which has now become a tradition at the time of this popular food cooking.

The Pizza

So it goes, popular foods favored by many people in major cities of the world, particularly the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, a city which is so dense and produces around one million pizzas every day to be eaten immediately or take home.

Of course we need to think of another way, a solution, without compromising the environment, so that will be done by the citizens of the city of Sao Paulo and other cities in the world to find ways to reduce emissions to the environment. Pizza is always okay, but the environment is worth saving.

(Source A Khoiri - CNN Indonesia, the Daily Mail, Uproxx /Images R Rumambi, P Djayasupena)

Friday, June 24, 2016

Reasons Why You Should Stay at Hotels around the Airport

Efficiency for tourists who are traveling from one attraction to the other destinations

Passengers arriving at Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar Bali

Travelling by plane has become a fundamental requirement for tourists who often move to the tourist destination location to another location, the need to move requires that travelers consider the efficiency of the way.

Say you're leaving on the first plane tomorrow the next day, of course consideration is the time to be considered carefully. Always there are special considerations, such as congestion disorder can hinder your plans and itineraries for traveling by plane.

A busy city always has a relation with the traffic conditions, can not be predicted, so the consideration to stay at the hotel located in the vicinity of the airport is one logical option.

Citing an article in a travel site, Kompas Travel, that there are several reasons why tourists should stay at the hotel around the airport.

1. Time. Of course, tourists need a careful use of time, which is one reason to stay at the airport is to save time. Flight departure schedule is often the mornings, for example 05.00 or even 04.00 o’clock in the morning at dawn, so that tourists can prepare themselves better before headed to an other tourist locations.

2. Food. This is indeed good reason, because tourists can use the time to visit places of culinary at cheaper rates in areas around the airport.

3. Relaxation. Stay in hotels that are around the airport as the airport can save energy and be more relaxed. Travelers can save the length of the journey to the airport, get up early and avoid congestion in the city of departure.

4. Timely. Travelers are guaranteed to eliminate the risk to miss the plane.

5. Flexibility. Generally, each hotel is located in the airport facilities such compliments shuttle bus to the airport on a specific schedules as a unified service for hotel guests.

The logical reasons above for tourists who have traveled quite a tight schedule, especially when they have been arranged long ago. Of course you do not want any interference in all your travel plans.

(Source WA Prodjo - Kompas Travel, Nurmayanti - Swiss-Belhotel Jakarta /Image Ni Kdk R Riyanti)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Passenger Want to Kiss a Young Girl on Plane

In the Portland-Anchorage flight route from the Alaska Airlines

Kissing a girl who loved may have become commonplace, for couples who are in love, being intimate partner can be said has been regarded as a spice in a relationship between a young person, even though for adult couples.

Thus the notion of a young man who wants to travel in an airplane, but then he forgot a few things.

The young man was rushing into the cabin of the aircraft, he immediately show the ticket to the flight attendant and then headed to his seat, the appropriate number. He was a little uneasy look from side to side in the aircraft cabin, not long then smiled, his heart might have been a little quiet.

In a moment, dozens of other passengers followed, one by one find their seats each, of course with a little help from the cabin crew.

Well, in the course of the plane, Thursday, June 23, 2016, in flight route Portland, Oregon towards Anchorage, Alaska, all the passengers were in their seats, they had put up their seat belt.

The stewardess had given the announcement that the plane would soon take-off, as well as other announcements required by passengers. The young man, aged about 23 years, somehow he smiled. Well, let's see, what he would do.

Next to his seat there was a young girl, according to ABC, about 16 years old, seems to be so tired, so the girl was asleep, and did not care about her surroundings, even more passengers on the seat next.

As noted in an article at News Australia, apparently the young man felt attracted to the young girl who was asleep, he was unable to control himself, he forgot about the surroundings, you will not be surprised at all, he moves his body, and then wanted to kiss the girl's lips.

That day was less lucky for him!

He was seen by someone other than a seat, and tell the flight attendants. So the flight attendant immediately walked into the pilot room, and report it. Pilot acted quickly and decided to turn around and the plane landed at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Indeed, the young man were far from lucky day, police at the airport soon after and secure him, he looked embarrassed, but cooperative. And, maybe a room in King County Jail is being prepared for him.

The hubbub for a moment in the plane, the other passengers applauded, but the girl who was troubled appears to be still a little in ‘shock’, but she was immediately at ease.

The airplane then get back towards the initial destination, Anchorage. Then, goodbye!

(Source F Safa - detikTravel, News Australia, ABC /Image Alaska Airlines - wikipedia)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Five-Star Airlines in the World

Based on the results of the observation by Skytrax

Garuda Indonesia, one of five-star airline

Traveling by plane from a five-star airline may already common in many trips of tourists in the world, you've probably tried it. Although not looked specifically, just after arriving at the destination airport you realize, oh ... Apparently was just now is a five-star airline.

Of course for most travelers, do not think too much about whether the airline was a major airline and the best in the world, because for tourists is primarily a tourist destination and the uniqueness of the tourist area, but flights sometimes are not always available on the day of departure.

Despite this, we will realize that it is always present airlines that prioritizes the best service for passengers, so naturally when they got an award for it.

A rating agencies for the aviation, Skytrax, quoting Travel and Leisure, recently doing the rating for the airline's best, in other words, was awarded a five-star airline. These are 8 airlines, Asiana Airlines, ANA, Cathay Pacific, EVA Air, Garuda Indonesia, Hainan Airlines, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines.

As written on a travel site, Kompas Travel, that the Skytrax rating conducted on various other airlines, for example, the 37 four-star airlines including Emirates, Thai Airways, British Airways, Qantas, and China Airlines. While North Korea's Air Koryo, is the only airline in the world to a one-star.

In the end, tourists in the world they may be considering a trip, that enjoyed the trip with five star airline would provide the promise of class five-star hotel. Surely.

(Source Kompas Travel, Travel and Leisure /Image B Pratikto)