Friday, February 24, 2017

Naked Photos When Travelling

An unique way to capture the moments of travel

Australian tourists in the beach, Lombok Island - Image credit L Tobing

Naked photography indeed can be a less common way though for some friends the other travelers, this can also be done if you want something different photographic styles are also currently popular, 'selfie'.

You know that when traveling on the way to places beautiful scenery, unknowingly you will take photos of objects of interest, and even a few more of the tourists will take selfie pictures that are unique and interesting.

Well, who would have guessed when thinking out of the box, because it chose to be photographed naked with a beautiful scenic backdrop.

It is known as a @getnakedaustralia Instagram account owner, who chose to take a variety of photographs rating, citing the site CNN Indonesia, today, because he is displaying around 650 photos Australian tourists who pose nude.

But. You do not think that is strange about the display of various photographs that are uploaded, this is not a porno photo, because tourists posing to the camera, so it just seemed the back of their body.

You wonder who's the owner of the account in the IG, isn't it? He's managed to provoke excitement and are now crowded into a conversation in cyberspace.

Well, he is Brendan Jones, the man from Sydney, Australia, and he was convinced that he did it solely to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, without being limited by the shape of the body.

Tourists in Lombok Island near Bali- Image credit L Tobing

In an interview on Lonely Planet's website on Thursday, February 23, he said that the nude could look so natural, especially under exposure to sunlight.

"At first I manage this account just to have fun with my friends when traveling. I always like naked while under the sun, it feels very natural."

He became so famous and understand what he means, so people started sending their photographs to him.

"Then more and more people are inspired and send the picture to me. This account then became popular."

A direct impact for @getnakedaustralia account has been attended by as many as 89 thousands of Instagram users.

I think, in the near future will present a variety of other photos on the owner of the account.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet
Image: L Tobing

Americans Start Leave the Restaurants

Approximately one third of people are starting to leave to eat out or go to a restaurant

The Menu, illustration - Image credit L Priyanti

The increase in the price of food seems to be one of the considerations for anyone who wants to eat in a restaurant, citizens of large cities began to think, when they usually eat and do price comparisons on their favorite eating places.

This is consistent with the results of a survey, citing the site CNN Indonesia, today, due to considerations of price increases, it is estimated that one third of the American people began to leave eating outside the home.

As conducted by Reuters/Ipsos from March 14 to January 25 showed declining trends in food away from home for three months, so it deserves to be considered by the restaurant management or culinary business when they see a new tendency of Americans.

New strategies need to be prepared to face the reality that is happening and how the best way to revive interest in the market for eating outside the home.

Many factors led to a decrease in this trend, such as menu price increases, sales of various cookware and dining, and a system of buying and online selling system.

And annual data from the US restaurants from NPD showed a tendency to flat or up one percent since 2009, when there was a crisis that fell two percent.

While the survey showed 62 percent of respondents said cost was the main reason they cut down on eating outside the home, based on the results of the study to 4,200 US adults.

The Menu, illustration - Image credit L Priyanti

Facts say they began rarely eaten outside the home when compared to three months ago.

Further review of the institution, that there is a gap between the price of foodstuffs on the market with the restaurant, the highest in history.

Do not be surprised if you find this trend, the rise in prices outside the home or in restaurants by 2.4 percent at the end of January, while when they cook themselves a decline of 1.9 percent.

Consumers are certainly aware of what had happened, and about two-thirds of poll respondents said they consider eating at home is much cheaper.

Now not only the culinary business manager who experienced it, even the wholesale businessmen also feel the similar trend.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Reuters
Image: L Priyanti - NY

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Swedish Tourism Ignore Trump Statement

Trump said that there had been a terror attack in Sweden

Tourist eating ice cream, Stockholm - Image credit M Paath Djojonegoro

The new US president seems more often occupy world headlines with his new policies that might be considered a very 'new' to the world community, including the latest statement on Sunday, February 19th in Florida.

The world community, especially the Swedish people, they feel shocked by Trump statement that said there had been a terror attack in Sweden.

As you see, nothing happens there, as the quote from the site CNN Indonesia, February 23, absolutely no terrible thing happened the night before.

You can guess what happened next, the Swedish people upset, and social media be the most appropriate place to express it with the hashtag #LastNightInSweden presence which soon became a world trending topic.

Of course there is an impact on world tourism in Sweden, as it contributes significantly as supporting the country's economy. Why?

Various statements in social media can give the impression less comfortable for the tourists who are planning trips to Sweden, known as a travel destination of history, nature and shopping.

It is delivered by Kristina Ösund, CEO of Sweden Tourism Board in an interview with The Local, that the development of the tourism industry is always growing, and are concerned with the above circumstances.

The street of Stockholm - Image credit M Paath Djojonegoro

"Many foreign tourists who choose to visit Sweden compared to other Nordic countries such as Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland."

Sweden got the attention of tourists with a visit last year to 13.9 million tourists increased by 3.1 percent from 2015.

Some clarification, as said by Robert Lejon, Secretary of Trade and Promotion of the Swedish Embassy in Indonesia which ensures the Swedish tourism is running as usual.

"So, Sweden remains safe to visit."

You can visit Stockholm, for example, modern city travelers' love but still full of history, as well as the Gothenburg port city, there is a lot of revelry center for lovers of art and culture.

And for those who love the thrill of nature, may consider a tour to visit there. The tourists do not have doubts about it.

Source: A Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, The Local
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro

Impact of the Trump Immigration Rules on the US Tourism

Observers estimate that the tourism industry in the US will be sluggish

Times Square, New York - Image credit L Priyanti

Holiday in America is still the one option that tempts many tourists from different parts of the world, and until recently traveled to the United States always ranks in the top selection of the best tourists in the world.

Travel to America, especially to a particular region, say, New York or other big cities there.

Now the United States has a new president, Donald Trump who then issued a new policy related to immigration, one of which is to deport the population of seven Muslim-majority countries in the world.

As the quote from the site CNN Indonesia, February 22, that there is a certain impact to the policy, according to analysts who predicted that the tourism industry in America will be sluggish. Despite the campaign period, Trump promised to improve the country's economy by opening as many jobs.

The fact that occurred after he was elected is a risk for one of the industries which contributed revenue of the country, namely tourism.

Not only immigrants, as reviewed in the CNN on Wednesday, February 22, that will be affected by the policy of deportation of citizens who hold a residence permit (green card).

In a more specific sense affected are foreign tourists who now think again before they decide to visit the United States.

Spokesman of travel websites Cheapflights, Emily Fisher, reporting that search travel packages to the United States decreased by 30 percent after the new immigration regulations announced on January 27 last.

"To decrease the numbers, it indicates that a lot of tourists who are reluctant to come to the United States due to concerns related to the regulation."

Central Park, New York - Image credit L Priyanti

The same thing from Leigh Barnes, Director of Intrepid Travel, a travel agent company.

"Before the regulation was announced, we got as much as 120 percent of bookings are from Australia and 96 percent of bookings coming from the United Kingdom. On the day of the immigration rules were announced, each bookings fell by 21 percent and 30 percent."

Adverse impact on tourism in the United States, citing Skift, was in line with the weakening of currencies in some countries of the world, particularly Britain, which have accounted for the number of foreign tourist arrivals.

Shock has occurred, not just the American tourism to be shaken, but also the availability of jobs in the US.

Source: A Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, CNN, Cheapflights, Skift
Image: L Priyanti - NY

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Free Traveling as Icon and Videographer of the Travel Agents

Working in the Busabout company in Canada for travelers with writing skills as well as photos and video

Sunset over Oia, Santorini, Italy - Image credit L Pandjaitan

Free traveling to many interesting places in the world, as tourists financed by a company can be a good alternative for tourists, although the spot is selected according to the input from the company's of course.

But. As an option to have the opportunity to travel to a great tourist places, this is certainly an incredible selection of fun.

Sadly when the company, citing the site CNN Indonesia, today, currently only provides two (2) places for tourists with expertise as an icon and videographer travel agencies from Busabout.

One thing is certain for tourists who are lucky, they are required to have a hobby of adventure, where they will be required to capture the moment as beautiful as possible for Europe to travel, of course with transportation and accommodation costs are borne by the company.

The company, Busabout, quoting from the website Travel and Leisure on Wednesday, February 22, said that for them the two tourists, "job offer" can be regarded as "an unforgettable experience of a lifetime."

They will venture into urban areas, will also be invited to explore the countryside, islands, forests and mountain areas, from Greece to Ibiza.

It's fun for the tourists, as they apply, Busabout will ask prospective travelers to show their work in the form of video upload on Youtube.

Say you got a chance to see the video of their journey, when they, travelers should tell their favorite travel spots.

Well, after that Busabout will choose two travelers who are considered the most exciting videos, preferably netizens, and made with artistic style.

Of course this is another form of ways of doing tourist trips, because there is a requirement that appeals to those who are not overly burdensome, travelers must be 18 years and above and have a passport or visa that is valid for travel for 180 days to Europe.

Seeing the opportunities offered, things like this deserves to be obtained and try to win a chance traveled freely, and the deadline to register before 5 March.

Source: A Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: L Pandjaitan

Fake Travel Sites Annoying Tourists

Many offers from various fake travel sites similar to the original site

Blue hour of Santorini, Greece - Image credit E Widi

Fake website is scattered in cyberspace, and victims often unwittingly carried away by the seduction makers of the fake website, after their money on the move and never looked back. Genesis annoying for Internet users, citing a lifestyle site CNN Indonesia, February 20, for example, steal money as fake bank websites, steal personal information, to influence the political views as is often done by the ‘hoax’ news site.

Circulation of hoax and scam websites intensified due to the tools to create such a website provided complete and easy to use, Internet users often do not realize when you're in a false travel sites.

An internet user may be tempted by the cheap prices offered by a travel website, quoting the site of The Independent on Monday, February 20th, a site with the address alleged fraud against tourists.

When you access the site, similar to the original site, because it uses images taken from the official tourist site, such as one site of Villa Plus.

Travelers will make the payment, and will receive evidence of false booking which of course does not apply when repatriated.

Anyone who accesses will be tempted, even the site complete with the slogan 'Have Serve Luxury Travel For Decades', although only known that the site has been operating for some months.

Not hard to find the sites, when the fraudster create ‘easy to find’ keywords, such as “villa in Santorini” and the like, and in the end the site owner of Villa Plus, Nick Cooper was concerned with the fraudster exploits like this.

The Light of Santorini - Image credit E Widi

He certainly be busy, because they have to contact the authorities, the police state, and to ask the law enforcement authorities can better oversee a number of travel 'fraud' site is still able to operate.

"They use the sites and images as real, then cheat tourists who would come all the way to find a place to stay during the tour. It was horrible."

Until now made it known fraudulent sites, other than Cyclades Rentals, there are two other fraudulent travel sites whose existence was revealed, namely Canarian Luxury Villas and Verbier Chalet Rentals.

Their ways to operate more or less similar, so travelers need to be careful in getting travel information in the future.

Source: A Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, KompasTekno, The Independent
Image: Emmanuella Widi

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

More Smoke Free Hotel in America

More and more hotels that do not provide room service for smokers

Hotel terrace lobby, illustration - Image credit G Badaruzzaman

Danger of cigarettes seems often overlooked for smokers, of course it is understandable if they reject the ban on smoking, because if someone is already addicted, it will be difficult to overcome.

But. You need to know when a cigarette is dangerous in some cases, say the danger for anyone, smoking as one of the triggers non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, and chronic lung disease.

In fact, for many people, smoking is considered the same as other products, such as drinks or food, for their cigarette consumption would not interfere with the activities carried out daily.

That is, cigarettes are still rated as outstanding products that are not harmful to health so that although people smoking in public places was considered too great a problem. Although in everyday life starts to look difficult for smokers to get a non-smoking room.

Now everyone seems to be realized by the hotels in the United States, the reason was to allow tourists to keep their health during a vacation, as the quote from the site CNN Indonesia, February 21, the hotel management is also no longer need to spend much cost and time to clean the room of the smell cigarette smoke on sheets, curtains or even walls.

Other quotes to review this case, Travelers Today on Monday, February 20, CEO of Choice Hotels, Steve Joyce, optimistic that this step will further promote the hospitality business with rooms that are considered healthy for the guests.

When he was interviewed by USA Today, Joyce says, that most of the guests are not interested in the rooms for smokers.

"The more rare guests who want rooms for smokers. Even guests who smoke did not want a room like that."

Understandably, many hotels have similar opinions, they want a certain segment of travelers who come and stay at their hotels.

As management Wyndham Hotel Group also said that a growing number of guests requesting non-smoking rooms.

Likewise Javier Rosenberg, chairman of the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, he said that the new rules will have the support of the hotel guests, since it has not received any negative comments after reducing the number of rooms for smokers.

Source: A Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, KompasHealth, Travelers Today, USA Today
Image: G Badaruzzaman