Sunday, April 19, 2015

Louvre Museum, Most of the Traveler Visits Last Year

The Louvre became the most visited museum in the world

If you are in Paris, there are many a place for a visit, so you will have problems deciding what the first place gets attention. The Louvre Museum is one that deserves the attention of the tourists.

The museum is located in the heart of Paris, no doubt about its collection, and won tourist visits as many as 9.3 million peoples by 2014.

Dominate foreign tourists visit are mostly from the United States, China, Italy, England, and Brazil.

You will be one of the tourists when visiting this museum, tourist arrivals increased by 100,000 compared to the year 2013, and most of the visitors are from young people aged under 30 years.

Why are people attracted to this place? Let us try to see his collection of objects, objects of art and antiques such as the Mona Lisa or Madonna of the Rocks by Leonardo Da Vinci. Other spectacular work that gets the attention of visitors, is the statue of 'Winged Victory of Samothrace' is derived from Ancient Greek, newly restored.

Many stories of the past history stored, with each of its glory. One day, in this place, the Louvre Museum.

(Source Kompas Travel, M Paath Djojonegoro - Paris /Images M Paath Djojonegoro)

Hundreds of pounds of Mount Everest waste will be brought down

Trash lowered by an experienced climber group of Indian army soldiers

The Himalaya

Mount Everest which is part of the Himalayas on the border between Nepal and Tibet, is fascinating for climbers, with a height of about 8,850 meters above sea level, has always been a dream of the mountaineer.

But there are hidden risks carried by the climbers, they even leave the rest of the climb, hundreds of pounds of waste, such as oxygen bottles, tents, cans, packets, and trash from the remnants of other climbing.

From the results of the initial study, obtained the information contained garbage heap reaches about 4 tons of a tent in height.

Upper Namche, Himalaya

Government of India which is also concerned with this mountainous region, has planned a climbing team to carry out the cleaning of garbage to avoid bad thing, as many as 34 climber in mid May. This step has been done before, and is part of the Eco Everest Expedition.

This ascent marks the 50th Anniversary of the first Indian team to reach Mount Everest, and an environmental conservation activities are conducted regularly starting in 2008.

(Source WA Prodjo – Kompas Travel, CNN Traveler, India Today /Images Nefo Ginting)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bad Habits that Harm Healthy on Vacation

Unusual activity can actually threaten health

Trekking in Mount Rinjani, Lombok

On holidays we often unknowingly commit acts outside norm, not the holidays is the time to enjoy freedom, but beyond that, there is a danger awaits.

Habits on holiday can be risky to health and even life-threatening, so it's worth it when we are being vigilant.

The following activities outside the daily habits during the holidays.

1. A diet that changed. Let us start from at breakfast, when the holidays arrive unconsciously often do potluck breakfast. Breakfast is the first important nutrient intake in a full day, a waiver will make the body less fresh, supple, and cause colds or stomach pain.

We also often ignore healthy foods and beverages, while the body so it took a vacation trip fluid intake because of fatigue.

Plan all well and carefully, be patient to be aware of the health of the body, the trip would not be the same when at home where we can eat well with a menu that we wanted. Although the holiday is always identical with the unexpected, and fun.

2. Do not pay attention to hygiene. We often overlook the basics, wearing used clothing, secondhand shirt, socks, all made according to the heart's desire, arbitrarily, but remember waiting disease, bacteria, virus is present everywhere.

Reflect for a moment of time, hygiene remains necessary. If necessary take the time to wash clothes and other essential items.

Down to Lake Segara Anak, Lombok

3. Trying new things 'too' adrenaline. Too considered an underestimate, forgotten in our physical, forget the time and the ability of the body, want to try all of them, take risks that lead to health and life.

Of course at a certain age we want to test the courage, adrenaline generally good and good for the body. Naturally, if you want to try, add to the experience, but the physical preparation, adequate rest need to be considered.

Note carefully that suffer from the disease in the body, whether it has a congenital disease, such as heart disease or asthma, or too creepy, do not be too afraid and ashamed to say "no thanks".

Vacation is received excitement, unexpected measurable experience, happiness and enjoy life. Not to look for risks that are harmful to your health and life.

(Source F Abdurachman – Kompas Travel /Images A Niaki)

Most food addiction, especially when traveling

Based on the research of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York

Even in daily life so you could want in certain foods, especially on a long journey to the tourist attractions in a country that is being visited.

When in everyday life is the inevitable thing very overweight, obesity, diet mistakes can occur when we are traveling.

Recent research from Dr. Nicole Avena on Icahn School of Medicine, published in the PLoS One journal, said that attitudes towards certain foods appeared to have a similar pattern with addiction.

Surprising results of her research, that most food makes people feel uncomfortable stress and physically is also the most experienced food processing, high in fat and sugar. Food like this after entering the straight mouth can increase blood sugar levels, and it was not a fluke.

The following types of most addictive food.

1. Pizza. Rating: 4,01
2. Chocolate. Rating: 3,73
3. Potato chips. Rating: 3,73
4. Biscuits. Rating: 3,71
5. Ice cream. Rating: 3,68

The desire to certain types of foods can happen to anyone, under any circumstances, including when we traveled, all the things that drive themselves to addiction, it should be avoided.

(Source U Widowati - Indonesian CNN, Huffington Post /Image Adelina L Turangan)

Scoopy Café provide the world's most expensive ice cream

Black Diamond ice cream for US$ 817

The Black Diamond

It's time for you when it really wants, world's most expensive ice cream, in a café in Dubai.

The Black Diamond ice cream in Scoopi Café at a price you can get a small bowl, US $ 817. A portion is presented in two scoop of vanilla ice cream in a bowl.

Let's try it, even though it appears similar to other ice cream, but different processing techniques, because it is homemade, was a mixture of several ingredients, such as milk with the addition of liquid nitrogen.

So where is the privilege of this ice cream? Of course you immediately ask, try to look a little closer, slowly see the topping, given the additional chopped truffles from Italy, Iranian saffron and 23 carat gold which can be eaten.

Furthermore, the method of presentation with a spoon bowl luxury of Versace. And, the more special, because you are allowed to keep the its luxury bowl and spoon.

Just believe, not many people who try it, probably less than 10 people to this day. There may be the next tomorrow.

(Source CA Setyanti - Indonesian CNN, Business Insider /Image Scoopi Café)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Luxury Travel, Christmas Throughout the Year in Finland

Christmas atmosphere can continue and not wait for December

Welcome to Lapland, Finland

Luxury Action, a Finnish holiday services company, renting a Christmas wooden villas, complete with the atmosphere, snowing, all the land was changed color to white and covered in snow.

Listen to Christmas carols, lights, decorated fir trees make Christmas scenery feels lively and distinctive.

An interesting and unique ideas that can be offered to the tourists, without having to wait for the end of the year, in December. For those seasons may change, here you can still feel and see the beauty of the snow.

As written news on CNN, "They usually say, 'Christmas only comes once a year.’ But not anymore," wrote Luxury Action.

Visitors can stay filled with comfort and warmth that is integrated into the festive season, as said Janne Honkanen, the owner, guests will be served with the best.

They are waiting for the tourists, even from tropical countries, from Asia, for example. Tempting holiday option for families who want to vacation together with Santa Claus.

(Source CA Setyanti - Indonesian CNN, CNN /Image Luxury Action)

Around the World can be realized through Certain Professions

Professions that can make you travel around the world

AirAsia Cabin Crew

Let's stop your dreams, around the world is very possible if you are serious to make it happen, not always money that makes you do it, but through a particular profession.

Through the Lonely Planet website indicated some great profession and may be done to be able to travel around the world.

1. Stewardess/Steward. Of course you need a specific qualification in order to get this job, visiting many countries, especially if your airline has flights to many countries.

2. Crew of the Cruise Ship. Through this work also all possible, you have the opportunity to travel the world, in one trip cruises, definitely will visit several countries. Profession may ask, for example as cooks, janitors, nursing staff, musicians, fitness instructor, even beauty therapist, and so forth.

3. Tour Guide. Of course you must master a foreign language, experience in guiding the way, have high enthusiasm, and full of patience and a good attitude.

4. Translators. This is an opportunity to participate in politics and business meetings, conventions and international conferences, in courtrooms and hospitals, refugee camps and multinational companies, as well as participated in a trip to various places in the world.

5. Humanitarian Work. International relief agencies are always looking for staff in accordance with the classification, while conducting operations in a country, such as disaster management. Desired profession, for example logician, nutritionists, pharmacists, biomedical scientists, financial controller and HR professionals, medical staff and others.

6. Photographers. The work gives you the opportunity to visit many countries, despite the many challenges ahead. Challenging profession, looking for the best image at any time, with patience and with heart.

All possible, and if you really want it, all can happen, around the world in a great trip and provide a special experience for a healthy life.

(Source T Wahyuni - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet /Image A Sentanu - AirAsia)