Monday, May 30, 2016

La Cité du Vin, wine city park opened on June 1

A new tourist attraction in France with the theme of wine

Cité du Vin, Bordeaux

Walking around sightseeing in Paris, has become one of the dreams of the tourists in the world, at least most of the talk on travel forums, always linking it with the city. Traveled to France, and in particular to the city of Paris.

Well, how do we go to France and had another purpose?

Located on the Garonne River, Bordeaux, the park is divided into ten themes, like the rooms of a museum, according to excerpts from articles on lifestyle website, CNN Indonesia.

Can be guaranteed when the park will be getting attention from tourists who are in France, and according to French tourism operators, this park will be visited 450 thousands guests annually. Of course this is significant with an incredible visit of the tourists, spoiled by the presence of an auditorium with a capacity of 250 seats which can be used for concerts, film screenings or conferences.

Futuristic park built for almost seven years, was designed by the Paris XTU architect and the British Museum design experts, Casson Mann Limited, the structure of the museum park symbolizes moving vortex wine in a glass. Note carefully, that in the design embodied the spirit that is in wine, ‘grape juice inside and a sense of sensual,’ as written in the description of the brochure issued by La Cité du Vin, as quoted by CNBC.

Let's say you've been there, enjoy the atmosphere with the 19 area themed mostly interactive areas, and can immediately share the experience of specific, unique garden with the mission of providing the varied experience of enjoying wine, the three areas into a wine tasting that included deep space sensory and educational space for young children.

Great trip to Bordeaux, when tourists get a tour, 'The Wine Routes', came to the vineyards around Bordeaux is of course while enjoying the wines.

You as if carried to an era and the evolution of wine in the world, got the whole picture of the wine, and it becomes a special experience personally.

(Source Megiza – CNN Indonesia, CNBC /Image P. Desmazières-Paris XTU Architect - wikipedia)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Obama made the Hiroshima Bomb Site Popularity Increased

Visits after atomic bombs were dropped that led to the cessation of WW II

The trip to Asia for the US president, Barack Obama, in order to discuss the history of the United States to Vietnam and Japan, has become the talk of netizens. All are busy talking, of course, you know how the world of social media talk crowded.

The furor began when a writer and famous culinary adventurer Anthony Bourdain invite Obama ate at simple food stall, located in Hanoi, Vietnam. Discussion lively and humorous invite comments from netizens.

Well, once this visit to Japan, gained public attention, Obama visited the site of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima during World War II (WW II), apart for most travelers the world knows this place, and became one of the most popular tourist attraction in Japan.

But. This visit had profound meaning. Quoting CNN Travel, there are 1.5 million tourists who visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, in April this year.

The museum continues to receive the attention, the number of foreign tourists visit this museum to rise 44.6 percent to 338.891, of course many factors that make this site more and more famous.

As reported by TripAdvisor, the increase in the number of visits because there is a big event, like the World Scout Jamboree, a scout event for the world, held in Yamaguchi last year.

Indeed, increased tourist visits to Japan, but the effects are widely with Obama's visit gives a positive value, the appreciation of the citizens of the world, so it comes curiosity for most travelers when they visit Japan.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is listed at number two for a favorite tourist attraction in Japan, and there may be no harm if we took time to get there. One day in a perfect moment, of course.

(Source Kompas Travel, CNN Travel, TripAdvisor /Image Taisyo - wikipedia)

Friday, May 27, 2016

Knowing more about Bun Cha noodles

Cold noodles from Vietnam enjoyed by Obama with Anthony Bourdain

Obama and Bourdain, Hanoi - Image owner Anthony Bourdain

A photo uploaded by a renowned culinary television host, author, and a chef, Anthony Bourdain, may make you a little surprised. Wow ... Obama was enjoying the meal with someone during a visit to Vietnam recently.

When you look at the photo, Obama seemed relaxed chat with Bourdain while drinking beer and eating a dish of Bun Cha noodles.

Obama, the President of the United States, it was in order to travel to Asian countries, discuss the history of the US. The countries visited, Vietnam and Japan.

A privilege for Bourdain, of course, it gets the planned schedule in the course of Obama, and Bourdain is also known as a true food adventurer who traveled the world, taste the cuisine of many countries.

Despite a sense of wonder to see Obama were invited to know the specific culinary in Vietnam, as a culinary hunt on observations from Bourdain, a small shop in the city of Hanoi, of course you want to know what is called the Bun Cha noodles.

Bun Cha is a kind of food of noodles, precisely vermicelli made from rice flour served with a variety of grills, can be beef, chicken or pork that maybe found in Vietnam, so an explanation of a culinary expert from Jakarta, Lea Joan.

Bun Cha noodles

Furthermore, you can find any kind of Bun Cha consists of ingredients mix vegetables, spices, and sauces typical of Vietnam, namely Nouc Mam. The fish sauce-based sauce that is a combination of sweet, salty, and slightly acidic.

In the first place the noodles boiled were mixed with vegetables and foliage usually mint leaves and coriander, mixed together with the sauce or it could be dipped into the sauce before eating, according to your taste. Generally, the food is always accompanied by the typical Vietnamese fried spring rolls, it'll add a delicious texture of the grain boiled food fry, grilled meats, and fried crisp.

More specifically, citing travel sites, Kompas Travel, said Joan, gravy Bun Cha does not have a high-temperature or hot. Bun Cha is cold noodles, the temperature of the liquid in accordance with the room temperature, in contrast to other Vietnamese noodles, Pho, which was eaten with hot sauce.

You will be amazed by the Buddhist philosophy that is contained there, the healthy food that offers balance, both in terms of taste, texture, and a combination of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. Of course, this culinary tastes good, definitely!

(Source S Agmasari, New York Post, A Bourdain /Images Anthony Bourdain Page)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

France always Captivates the Traveler

Still one of the favorite tourist destinations in the world

Eiffel Tower

Travel to France, the beautiful country, as is thought by many tourists from around the world, and Paris could become a tourist icon that became the object of photography, then another, always uploaded to social media sites.

But. We always carried in the talks that led to the attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower, so it obscures the fact that the French do not always about that, for example, what if we were traveling to the area of ​​the south of France, many other cities are gorgeous and stunning.

There may be a short delay, the terrorist attacks in seven locations in November 2015 simply shake, making sense of worry for the time being, there is a decrease in the number of tourist visits, as recorded in tourist sites, Kompas Travel, Thursday, May 26, 2016, recorded a decline of 11 percent , in November 2015, while in December 2015 dropped to 20 percent.

Previously recorded number of tourists visiting the country in the world of haute couture fashion, reaching 60 million people each year, mainly from Germany, China, and Japan.

Let's say we want to travel to France, forget for a moment about the center of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, Musee du Louvre or the Arc de Triomphe and other famous object that has always been the object of photography in the world of tourism, let's travel to the southern region.

One of the attractions of shopping in Paris

Le Pont Neuf

There may be a desire to get there, the southern region may be a temptation that is unpredictable, many travel options that can be tailored to the desires of tourists, such as the beauty of the Region Languedoc Roussillon Midi Pyrenees.

In fact we can navigate cities like Montpellier, Nime, Carcassonne and Narbonne. Maybe we'll more often see the old buildings of the medieval Roman times which stands majestic and beautiful can be a choice of different tourist destinations. In particular, we were taken to the magnificent fort is often called the medieval city.

France also favored by tourists shoppers, they immediately know about the shopping mall Galeries Laffayette into places most visited by tourists for shopping. Although, be prepared to overspend, and there's always good stuff waiting in storefront shops in front of you, with a wide selection of well-known brands with the latest models.

Picks traveled indeed be the reason for many travelers, especially after the trip progresses, many temptations await, and the experience of having always make a wish comes back every year.

(Source Kompas, Kompas Travel /Images M Paath Djojonegoro)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Everest Mountaineer Died of Pulmonary Edema

Maria Strydom died in her attempt to the summit of Mount Everest

Ascent of Mount Everest which is great from a 34-year-old woman, Maria Strydom from Australia, although the ascent can be regarded as a great climbing activity, and a dream for many climbers from around the world.

Mountaineering do require physical preparation, mental health and sufficient, good food and healthy preparation, adequate time, so little things related to health can be a big impact for a climber.

Quotes from the Women's Health, Maria Strydom is a vegan and finance lecturer at Monash Business School in Melbourne, who has an obsession about her health activities, vegan diet.

The desire to prove to her fellow climbers, even with her husband, they make the climb to the top seven mountain of the most challenging in the world.

Pulmonary edema negatively impact the body of a climber like her, climbing day, Saturday, May 21, 2016, which is the higher mountain areas, giving her extreme impact, the liquid rises to her brain. Terrible.

It is still a matter of controversy for some circles, vegan diet that does likely contributed to her death on the mountain. Niket Sinpal MD, clinical assistant professor at Touro College of Medicine, New York, said, "Everyone has the same opportunity. But the capacity of the oxygen that is able to 'take' is one of the things that greatly affect a vegan."

Through research it is known that the person running the vegan diet is usually deficient in vitamin B12, a nutrient that 'allow' red blood cells carry oxygen to vital organs such as heart and brain. Furthermore Sinpal said that the death of Maria Strydom triggered due to lack of oxygen that goes into the brain.

Travel and adventure at the same time in an ascent, as the activity of the body is very heavy, intensive prove the need to consult a doctor. A bad day for her, remembering that Maria Strydom not an amateur climber.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Women's Health /Images N Ginting)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Soul Kitchen in New Jersey, Eat and You Do Not Have to Pay

The restaurant belongs to Bon Jovi paid through donations

Eating does not have to pay, is a different concept than most places to eat in this world, except perhaps in another world that is not unexpected, as all appear to be different, and bring impression for visitors.

Bon Jovi was known as a great rock musician, and has another side to him, and you will enjoy that side, eating and eating with different flavors and guests have the obligation to pay the food 'debts' in other ways in the future.

That's how a rock musician running his culinary business, Soul Kitchen in New Jersey into his second restaurant, precisely in the area of Toms River, according to excerpts of the Huffington Post, and you don’t have to worry about how to pay, the important thing is to enjoy the food you ordered in advance, enjoy the atmosphere, and socialize with friends or people nearby.

Then what if wanted to atone for everything? Ah, don’t worry, Bon Jovi understand your way of thinking, guests can pay for their meal by way of donation, for example by paying other people's food or volunteering in the kitchen of the restaurant.

An interesting idea, isn’t it?

Everyone can enjoy a meal at the restaurant, he was concerned the hungry and the homeless, everyone can get into it and enjoy the food, without having to care about the level of their income.

As he said on CBS News, "You have to understand that those who need sometimes do not have a chance to go to a restaurant."

Many ways to be able to do good to others, Bon Jovi and his wife, Dorothea revealed that they want to make people feel empowered yet with a sense of pride. And, we know that the culinary is one way of touching concern for others.

(Source CA Setyanti - Indonesia CNN, Huffington Post, CBS News /Images JBJ Soul Kitchen Pages)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Longest pizza over one mile of Italian coastline

200 chefs making pizza margherita who broke the world record

The making of pizza in Murano near Venice, Italy

Pizza born country was undoubtedly is Italy, they are the chéfs there, proved to be an expert in making pizza, although in later historical developments of pizza adventure up to many countries, especially the United States.

Imagine if many chéfs gather in Naples, about 200 chéfs, then together tempted to break the world record, they negotiate first, discuss the form of pizza, and then decided to make a pizza margherita.

And, incredibly pizza stretching to more than a mile along the Italian coastline, according to excerpts of news from ABC's website. Despite unfavorable weather on the previous Sunday, May 15, 2016, so the event shifted to Wednesday.

A hard work that got the attention of the Board of Food and Agriculture of Italy, Coldiretti, pizza with a length of 1,853.88 meters and a width of 40.6 centimeters, managed to beat the previous record, which is along the 1,595.45 meters in June last year at the Milan World Expo.

Of course you're curious, why they, the chéfs are so enthusiastic about making pizza, if you happen to be there, on Wednesday, May 18, 2016, you will be surprised to see a lot of raw materials for making pizza, for example, 2,000 kg of flour, 1,600 kg of tomatoes, 2,000 kg mozzarella cheese, 200 liters of oil and 30 kg of basil.

Napoli (or Naples), country southern Italy, became so lively, and become attractive promotions to tourists who were in Italy, as well as part of the pride of Italy in processing the Neapolitan pizza which was recognized by UNESCO as part of world heritage. Maybe one day you should try it yourself, there.

(Source A Khoiri - CNN Indonesia, ABC /Image R Rumambi)