Restaurant Sued USD 50,000 Because Customer Affected by Lasagne Sauce

When customers are having lunch at Osteria Ottimo Ristorante

Sauce of tomato puree, diced tomatoes, and bell peppers with the seeds included - Image Credit Andrew Bossi

The lasagna sauce that tastes so hot is a disaster, when it spills over one of the customers of a restaurant, and you can imagine the shock and the pain. Of course. Bad incident for Theresa Thomas who suffered burns over spilled lasagna sauce.

The Italian restaurant in Orland Park, Illinois is widely known by its customers, and they serve customers as usual with their daily special menu to be the favorite object of their customers.

So it is with Theresa Thomas who ordered his favorite menu, quoted detikFood, today, lasagna weekly menu sold at Lasagne Night event for about USD 13 per serving. Believe me, that according to their customers, this is the legendary menu of Osteria Ottimo Ristorante.

You know if this Italian restaurant is so popular, take one of the reviews from the customer.

"Just one complaint ... you can only taste this fine lasagna on Thursday."

That was then what could have happened to Theresa Thomas, who on one occasion was exposed to hot marinara sauce while dining with her husband at this Illinois restaurant.

She seemed so enthusiastic to start eating her favorite food with a fork, a red marinara sauce suddenly spurted from the lasagna and hit her left hand. Seen from his face that winces in pain, because this sauce causes severe burns.

Thomas was disappointed with the incident, then filed an official $ 50,000 suit to court on April 3, 2018, citing The Independent, April 9, the attorney, David SPetrich explains Thomas's left hand is placed on his thigh while eating, his right hand holds a fork and starts scooping a layered paste cheese meat and marinara sauce.

"Suddenly a hot marinara sauce from the lasagna hit Thomas's left hand, making his skin burn and causing severe burns."

As noted in the site, Thomas says Osteria Ottimo Ristorante is careless or inattentive when serving hot and 'hazardous' food, the restaurant is considered to fail to inform customers of the possibility of getting marinara sauce from the lasagna menu.

This incident left a trauma for the customer.

"Even she can not work optimally," the lawyer said. Of course Thomas had to pay the expensive medical expenses due to the negligence of the restaurant.

Regardless of the legal case in progress, surely their customers can see the positive side extensively in order to enjoy the Italian restaurant service.

Source: Andi A Dwi Rahmawati - detikFood, The Independent
Image: Andrew Bossi via Wikipedia

*Note: Marinara sauce is an Italian tomato sauce


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