Airlines Provide Comfortable Chairs for Children

Air New Zealand Airlines meets the needs of children in a flight

Children on a flight - Image Credit Singapore Airlines

Children in flight often require longer adjustments than their parents, all of these things always depend on several things. Let's say that in flight is usually caused by air pressure in the ears, their tired bodies on the way to the airport, but they feel uncomfortable.

Everything can happen, the kids may need a rest in the seat in the airplane cabin, so there is an opportunity from the airlines to understand the needs of the children in a flight.

A New Zealand airline, they provide a seat service called SkyCouch, this is the answer from Air New Zealand on this issue by promoting a cabin seat that can be converted into a simple bed.

Maybe you can see further, if this chair is included in the facility, has no grooves and more soft, so it can be more comfortable to sleep.

As written on CNN Indonesia, today, SkyCouch has been launched since 2010, and this year the airline makes its seat a little bigger, so that one adult and one small child can sleep side by side. In other words, one seat can be used for two small children.

You know that the seat of SkyCouch feels very comfortable, but its existence is not the same as a bench in business class or first class. But the chairs in the two classes are much more comfortable to sleep on.

Passengers who boarded Air New Zealand flight on Boeing 777 and 787-9 aircraft, of course, know about the SkyCouch facility directly, quoting articles from Travel and Leisure, ticket prices to enjoy this facility is also more expensive than regular passenger seats.

Apart from the passengers of children in one way may disrupt other adult passengers, such as the whimpering or crying of a child, but it should be understood that normally in flight, young children often cry because their ears are ringing due to air pressure when the plane takes off and lands.

Adults can overcome this problem by eating candy or yawning, but it is not easy for children under the age of five, toddlers, so they can only cry to express their pain.

A good suggestion from Denya Glover, the flight attendant who was assigned as a nanny in the Etihad 'Flying Nanny' flight service, as quoted from Mamamia, revealed that there are some steps to calm the crying of small children.

"In addition to using earplugs, parents can ease the ear of a ringing child by compressing their ears with a warm water-soaked tissue."

Other suggestions such as feeding a child on takeoff and landing, a distraction way, they will be busy chewing and easing the pain from their ringing ears.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure, Mamamia
Image: Singapore Airlines


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