Hidden Beach in the Middle of the Town

In the Edmonton area, Alberta, there is a "secret beach" that can be visited

The Secret Beach, Edmonton - Image Credit Barry Brunner

The hidden beach in the middle of the town gives the impression of being exotic and bringing curiosity to anyone who hears it sounds like a challenge for the townspeople, and this area is really in a city in Canada, and you're curious to know where it is.

At first the townspeople did not pay much attention, only casually, unexpectedly by anyone, then there was the presence of a beach since the construction of two bridges that connected the surrounding area.

You can see it when one day visiting Canada, a beach that, although it is not facing the ocean, is on the banks of the Edmonton River, quoting CNN Indonesia, March 3, is present just like that, and attracts people to look closely, representative to the 'beach' that is present in the middle of the city as a place of rest.

Indeed, the citizens of the city agree with what they think then, the more days the more people who visit this beach.

Residents of the city seemed to enjoy the new atmosphere there, they are residents of the city who came to stay still playing sand and water on the banks of the river flowing calmly.

This area is more vibrant with different atmosphere, because there is the presence of food stalls and souvenir shops. Even one of the shops seemed to sell shirts bearing the words "Secret Beach, Edmonton" and "Accidental Beach".

The townspeople are fond of the presence of this new 'beach', its presence in such a way, the perfect time to reduce the saturation and routine of the townspeople. They, the citizens of the city of Edmonton trying to maintain the existence of the beach.

Even some residents shoulder to shoulder to move rocks used bridge construction to the edge of the riverbank, so that the coastline is not eroded by river water.

They are trying to maintain the presence of the new beach, and trying to get rocks to defend the shoreline, if left without such efforts, it is estimated that this secret beach will last only for two years, until the bridge is completed.

The Edmonton Raising site provides a route to the secret beach, citing Travel and Leisure, as a guide to the beach, they are asking people who come to park their vehicles on 98th Avenue or 95th Street.

The journey from there can be continued on foot to the east following the sidewalk.

A good guide for visitors, especially for visitors who are interested to swim, they can observe the river flow first, because sometimes the river flow can suddenly swift.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: barry.brunner @instagram


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