Special Airline to the Millennial Generation

Joon Airlines special for millennial generation aged 18-35 years

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Note: The following article is a review of a travel website journalist KompasTravel, Silvita Agmasari with little customization for blogging purposes

Joon airlines from the Air France, a special airline for the millennials. Joon is said to be eyeing the 18-35 year old passenger market, although of course open to other age groups who want to enjoy their trip. Air France previously mentioned Joon is not classified as a low-cost carrier, but a lifestyle airline focused on digital design and technology.

You will ask what kind of service and contents of the aircraft from Joon who first flew this summer of 2017?

The stewardess casually dressed

Joon's cabin crew uniforms are fairly casual and cheerful. Uniforms consist of sweatshirts and collared shirts in bright blue. Combined with a pair of short trousers or short black and white sneakers shoes.

Favorite drink for young people

Organic coffee and artisan beer that is a trend among young people, brought by Joon for the passengers. For business class also presented cocktail from the famous bar in France.

Digital entertainment

In long haul flights, Joon provides an entertainment program with a duration of 1200 hours. Not only that, Joon also provides streaming channels that can be accessed by passengers on their smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Passengers can also borrow a VR (virtuality reality) paid, and the latest movie collection in 3D and VR 180 degrees.

Ample space

Special business class, Joon presents a chair that can be stretched to flat with a length of two meters. Of course be good news for tall people.

Food on the plane

Joon presents a French-style gastronomic experience with chef-made dishes. There are four choices of hot food, two choices of cheese, desserts, and wine of choice from the sommelier (wine expert). This applies to business class.

For economy class and premium economy passengers can pay more for the ala carte menu, outside the regular menu.

Joon's route

Joon currently flies to European destinations including Oslo, Rome, Naples, Istanbul, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Porto, and Lisbon. Current long-haul flights to Kaoiro, Cape Town, and Tehran, October 2018 plans begin to serve Bergen, Norway and Budapest, and Hungary routes.

The French-based airline will also start operations soon to Fortaleza (Brazil) and Mahé (Seychelles) in May and Mumbai (India) in June. Joon decides not to serve the flight route in the United States.

Source: Silvita Agmasari - KompasTravel, Joon
Image: jwoof_dog@instagram


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