Culinary Delights at the Coachella Festival

Present approximately 100 delicious and unique foods at the 2018 Coachella music festival

Coachella Festival at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California - Image Credit Alan Paone

Delicious food at music festivals seems to be one of the main attractions when you are at an international music event, which offers a variety of music genres such as rock, indie, hip hop, electronic dance music that are always complementary that visitors should not miss. You can see good and seemingly unique foods, both from the outside and the taste.

Regardless of the food and culinary offered are quite familiar to the visitors, but the focus of the visitors is mainly to provide time to be present at this music event next week. You can enjoy music, international musicians, and delicious and unique foods. Certainly!

The music arena begins to tidy up, quoting detikFood, today, taking place on April 13-22, 2018 at Empire Polo Club, Indio, California will spoil the ears and eyes of the visitors, Beyonce as one of the main stars, then another singer, Cardi B, Daniel Caesar, Kygo, St. Vincent, and The Weeknd.

This is an arena that will be filled by young people from various places, music, delicious and unique food, you know that more than 100 food vendors come to present their flagship menu, ranging from firewood pizza, burgers, tacos to pad thai.

Let's look carefully one by one, divided into Featured Restaurants, Pop Up Restaurants, Indio Central Market, Ice Cream and Food Vendors. For example you can try Indio Central Market which offers a row of about 15 hits restaurants in Los Angeles to New York City.

Fascinating food menus, Cassell's Hamburgers, Fat Dragon, Milkbar, Sweetfin Poke and Wingman Kitchen, even vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free and kosher menus are available for them.

Unicorn Pizza as illustration - Image Credit IG @danielletullo/Industry Kitchen at Instagram

Now you can explore the menus available on Featured Restaurants, available Backyard Bowls that serve fruit smoothies and pickled bowls, then The Base may also be a favorite because it has a variety of fruit tea with beautiful colors.

Well, when the music begins to clank, the bass guitar will thunder all over the arena, then that's the right time, listening to music, watching the musicians perform on the stage, and start culinary hunting too!

Listen to tempting offers from food vendors, Magpies ice cream sellers with creamy soft ice cream, as well as Sage with a curious vegan ice cream.

Let the musicians keep shouting loudly onstage, shake your body, and you can have a chance to try the famous Sweet Cup with ice cream taco dish, even there is Rocco's Sweet Shoppe that offers popsicle and vegan cookies.

That was a tremendous moment, as Beyonce began to shake the stage, and the crowd dissolved in the constantly pounding music.

Source: Andi A Dwi Rahmawati - detikFood, Travel and Leisure
Image: Alan Paone via Wikipedia


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