Where is the Aircraft After Retirement?

It can not be denied if the aircraft has a usable life associated with safety standards

An old aircraft propeller - Image Credit A Soekirno

The retirement age of an airplane seems almost identical to a human being in doing a daily flying job after a long time operation, maybe somebody somewhere will ask you that, then what can you say to that person? Did the plane then just sit quietly in the airplane hangar or maybe go to a quiet and lonely place alone without anybody to accompany? Oh, really sad!

But. In the affairs of the flight there are security factors that are difficult to reject, old aircraft are not allowed to fly. You know when they will retire from this mortal world, then there is already the next step that will be done.

Take a look around you, say at the airport or in a city, an old, abandoned and rusted old airplane in the desert on the plane's grave, quoting an article on detikTravel, today, there is also a large portion of the old plane to be reused, because there is great economic value in the interior.

You can see other reviews on CNN Travel, Monday, April 16, writing about a company based in the British Cotswolds Airport, Air Salvage International, calling the average age of the demolished aircraft reaching the age of 18.

It is possible, but there is also the dismantling of an aircraft that is not even 10 years old.

As was done by them, the dismantling of about 730 commercial aircraft of all kinds for decades, is solely a consideration on the potential of replacement aircraft parts that can be reused as assets.

You know if this activity is a big industry, because most of its economic value is in the machine part, but all kinds of spare parts and spare parts and other parts of the cabin, though it is not too salable.

Let's say if an aircraft is properly maintained, then the aircraft can operate for decades; in fact, some airlines may prefer older types of aircraft for operational reasons.

But. Please note that there are some facilities around the world that become aircraft shelter facilities. There is Mojave Desert in the United States, in Europe, similar facilities exist in the Cotswolds (Tarbes) and Francazal (France) and Teruel (Spain) which have a dry climate and wide availability of land.

You can see directly when this storage is only temporarily before the plane changes hands and is removed from the flylists, it is certain that this plane will be ready for dismantling. You know if after the demolition action, without any valuable items left, the fuselage can be cut into pieces.

After the body of the aircraft without power, there are many other functions, among others, can be used as training facilities for cabin crew, firefighters or for the benefit of educational institutions.

Take for example the more fortunate Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747, this jumbo jet is transferable to the Virgin Galactic sister company and can serve as a launch pad for the spacecraft.

You may even know if there are private entrepreneurs who have also bought an old plane there that turned it into a hotel, restaurant, or tourist attractions. Like some of them, the Boeing 767 from the now-bankrupt Russian Transaero, became a beautiful installation in a park west of Ireland.

And many other stories examples can be mentioned, but the old aircraft revived is very rare. Sad, isn't it?

Source: A Masaul Khoiri - detikTravel, CNN Travel
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