Airbus Intends to Make Cruise Ships in Air

The new design of the A330 type can be the start of a plan

Airbus A330 luxury cabin - Image Credit Airbus Group

Air vacations like cruise ships can be an alternative for travelers looking for something new and different, you can imagine a vacation with a cruise ship, like a lifestyle sityus review, a variety of activities usually done on the ground, like shopping until the dance at nightclubs.

A plan that can ultimately be realized with some great adjustments, an extraordinary concept, an airplane cruise on air from aircraft manufacturer Airbus.

You can look more closely at the latest design of this aircraft manufacturer, quoting CNN Indonesia, April 11, an Airbus A330-type aircraft that originally looked like a modern aircraft that is present, but with a different concept launched in the Aircraft Interiors Expo held in Hamburg, Germany earlier this month.

They certainly consider a lot by cooperating with Zodiac Aerospace to realize the cruise ship's cruise cabin.

For example in the cabin of the first class, Airbus makes seals per seat. Then on each partition is available bed and bathroom, similar in hotel room.

Can be imagined if every family or group traveling as many as six people, can also choose the screen with six beds complete with bathroom, dining room, and living room.

And when the number of people who come more, the bulkhead is also modified.

As stated by Airbus, quoting Chet, that the A330 type of aircraft that will begin production in 2020.

It is conceivable for passengers who can work out how the interior is inside the aircraft cabin, as some airlines have made it available to their passengers, the luxury cabin on board can be enjoyed at airlines such as Etihad, Qantas and Singapore Airlines.

As expressed by Qantas CEO Alan Joyce some time ago.

"Comfortable cabins are indispensable for long-haul non-stop flights, saving time because they do not transit very often."

This flight took place last month on an inaugural flight from Australia to London for 17 hours which also operates approximately the same aircraft, but belongs to Boeing with type 787-9.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Chet
Image: Airbus Group


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