The Deer In Japan Starts Biting

Tourists are often ridiculous and ignorant at Nara Park

Deer at Nara Park - Image Credit Nara Park

The benign deer are animals that are regarded as gentle and graceful creatures, at least that's the prevailing assumption that many people often see when they see this unique animal. But. In practice they could be fierce, and even bite people, as happened lately in a tourist attraction in Japan.

Precisely at Nara Park, an area of ​​502 hectares with beautiful scenery, such as a temple that has stood since the 1300s, near the foot of Mount Wakakusa it became the habitat of herds of deer which is believed to be a deposit of god.

You can see for yourself how the deer feel this region as a comfortable home, quoting CNN Indonesia, today, no wonder then the tourists who are in Japan will take time to this area.

The usual scenery there, when thousands of deer roam freely fed by tourists, it is estimated every year as many as 13 million tourists visit, but you will wonder if there are occasional cases of deer bites the tourists.

Of course, this case will inconvenience park managers, as reported by AFP, and in order to avoid the recurrence of the case, they made an official appeal regarding how to feed the deer on the garden grounds.

You'll know if then there is an appeal from the park manager so that tourists are prohibited from feeding by surprise or huddle around the deer. In this situation the deer will feel uneasy then rampage and bite as a sign of self-defense.

Park managers then make a circular form of appeal printed in Chinese, English, and Japanese, so tourists from various countries can understand it.

In addition, the appeal was also posted at a stall deer biscuit sales kiosk.

"A request from the deer for you to feed."

The more exciting also from this appeal, because there is an appeal to the children, which became the attention of visitors to minors should be accompanied by parents while feeding the deer.

"Show the empty hands after the food is eaten by deer, so they understand that they are no longer waiting for food."

It is appropriate that visitors who come to understand the intentions of the leader of Nara Park, Yuichiro Kitabata, that the deer in Nara Park is a wild animal, so the actual bite case can not be avoided even though it can be anticipated.

"Just like other animals, deer will also be annoyed if they are seduced by other creatures."

In addition to the preservation of herds of deer in Nara Park, the manager also admits that the deer can also feel stressed.

Source: AFP, CNN Indonesia
Image: narapark2014 @instagram


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