Places of Visit with City Sounds

A new way of traveling by feeling the atmosphere in a city in the world

Jogging in Central Park, New York - Image Credit A Soekirno

The aroma of a city always has its own characteristics, traffic noise, people walking through the streets, the sound of motor vehicles, the shouts of street food vendors, and other urban activities in full can form a mosaic of a big city in the world.

The new way of getting to know a big city popular in the world, only through the voices that are often heard in everyday activities in a city, can be a unique and intelligent way out of the difficulties and scarcity of overseas budgets every month.

Say so temporarily for a solution, an idea that has also been shown previously on the Expedia website. Sound as a means of travel, sounds quite strange, when someone difficult to find travel funds, and many people who experience similar things.

Let's go abroad without spending any money, quoting CNN Indonesia, April 5, and a site gives a unique and interesting way if you want to try. Orbitz, an accommodation pricing site, provides something new there with the release of an interactive page that contains the mood of a variety of popular tourist cities in the world.

You can find approximately 36 sounds on the page, from Mumbai in India to Kiruna in Sweden. You can find the voices displayed in three categories, sea, mountain, and city.

"Sometimes, the sound is directly related to memory in a city, in a way that sounds more stimulating than imagination."

Thus the official description of the site on this subject, as quoted from Lonely Planet.

"Just like Tokyo, which is synonymous with the voices of people passing by on the streets and the Amazon, with the sound of birds that move the leaves in the trees."

Interesting idea from Otbitz with imagination on each person who listened to it, the voices can be heard as a friend work or a friend sleep, so bring the minds of listeners as if traveling in the city.

In some ways this can give different ways of getting a travel experience through hearing from the travelers.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet
Image: A Soekirno


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