Future Aircraft Seat As Standing Position

The design of the chairs used to make passengers as if they were standing

Inside the cabin - Image Credit Garuda Indonesia

Future design of the passenger aircraft will make adjustments that may be less common, you will be surprised by this new design, though there is a reason behind all of this latest design. Maybe you can expect it, one is economic considerations. You can imagine it on a plane, there are often complaints that the seats inside the cabin are cramped for some people, thus building awareness of the aircraft designers, they start thinking of the seat design that is more directed to the needs of most of the passengers.

Now imagine a new model seat that is still in the design, this chair is designed to make you stand on a flight. You'll be surprised of course.

Let's look at the designs of the Italian seat manufacturer, Aviointeriors, the designer, quoting detikTravel, today, the chair is then given a new identity with a good name, SkyRider 2.0. The vertical seat concept has not been realized for nearly two decades, despite the interest of many of the world's major airlines.

The new chairs with unique designs, allowing passengers to stretch their legs while flying without the need for extra expenses, you can look at these new chairs, visible when the chairs are very upright, so the passengers will look like standing on the plane.

Visitors of the exhibition at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018 in Hamburg, Germany, as featured on CNN Travel, Tuesday, April 17, were present at the inauguration, and according to the designer these chairs were made for specific purposes in helping airlines carry more passengers.

In other words, this seat will reduce the space between lines.

The definite thing is the new chair SkyRider 2.0 is considered better than the design that the manufacturer revealed in 2010, and appears to be failing production, as it is not approved by the US Federal Aviation Administration, designed in a saddle horse style. As it was previously known that Aviointeriors compare the sitting position with a horse rider, indicating that the cowboy can sit on the saddle for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

This time in the exhibition hall visitors can see the revised seats with extra cushioning, and the inclusion of poles to connect each row of chairs from the ceiling to the cabin floor. SkyRider 2.0 guarantees an improved passenger seat position that sits upright, enabling the installation of additional seats without affecting comfort.

But. They are, according to a company spokesperson who assures these seats to be used on short-haul flights and have many benefits.

"This seat design allows to increase the number of passengers by up to 20%, which would greatly increase the profitability of the airlines."

Still wanting to add, "In addition, Sky Rider 2.0 weighs 50% lighter than standard economy class seats and fewer component parts allow cutting down maintenance costs."

Regardless until now, Aviointeriors' Skyrider 2.0 seats have not yet been deployed by airlines by looking forward.

Source: A Masaul Khoiri - detikTravel, CNN Travel
Image: Garuda Indonesia


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