Brewing Tea from Former Prince Charles Waitress

The brewing method may be different from what most people have done

A ceramic teapot on a metal trivet, a cream jug, and a full teacup on a saucer - Image Credit Vanderdecken

Tea-drinking countries that make it a tradition have ways that anyone may be worthy of a scrutiny, a unique and deep-seated way for the tea enthusiasts in the country. Tea seems to also have its own meaning in the way of brewing, especially for the audience.

Let's say the usual way of drinking tea in a certain environment may be in Japan that has been generally known to have a tradition of drinking tea or that appeals to some tea lovers is within the British royal environment, but you know for certain is the presentation of tea should be perfect.

Perhaps a more personal experience, quoting CNN Indonesia, April 12, from the former butler of Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and Dutchess of Cornwall, Grant Harrold answered the question of how to properly make tea.

He seems to love when asked about his experience, as written in The Independent, the four-step presentation of tea for the royal family, first, pour tea from the teapot, add milk, stir in the direction of the front and rear. Do not stir it in a circular way. Last tasting tea is not sipped.

You know, many people think this way is wrong, why the movement forward and back?

"If we stir in a circular motion we can create a 'storm' in the teacup and see spilled tea aside which is not allowed."

He says, "This noisy sound," Grant said, "Not allowed," so he stirred in a circular motion risked making a spoon in contact with the cup.

With a smile and then continued, Queen Elizabeth loves Assam tea from India or Earl Gray, a drink made with tea leaves in a teapot and poured with a tea pot from China porcelain.

Furthermore you know about the afternoon tea tradition that comes with cakes or sweet foods as a companion. He explains some ethics when enjoying the dish at afternoon tea.

"Eat by way of the royal family is cutting a scone with a knife or cleaved by hand, then apply cream and jam."

The inspiring tea-drinking tradition, of course, and a weekend with the best friends can soon take place with a cup of tea and a sweet little snack. Certainly.

Source: E Dwi Ratnasari - CNN Indonesia, The Independent
Image: Vanderdecken via Wikipedia


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