Toddler's Fall of Oxygen Tubes when Plane Landing

Suddenly an oxygen cylinder crashed on a child's passenger

The oxygen tubes that falling on the toddler head - Image Credit Jennifer Zanone

Accidents in the aircraft cabin can occur in various situations and possibilities, even though all safety rules have been met. Bad and uncomfortable fate is most often also about passengers who have entrusted themselves to an airline, had hoped for a pleasant air trip, instead they had to face a reverse event.

Bad experience for Jennifer Zanone, as she made her long journey from Hong Kong to Dallas on American Airlines, quoting detikTravel, today, she sat with a 1-year-old baby in her lap, and the accident happened in such a way.

As the other passengers inside the plane cabin are preparing themselves for the landing, as quoted from Fox and Star Telegram, Tuesday, April 10, do not know what happened, all so quickly, all of a sudden, the oxygen cylinder crashed and hit the head of Zanone's son.

She raised her hand and shouted for help from the other cabin crew, "Aaaaarrrgggghhhh... Help, Please!"

After waiting a while, the cabin crew checked the situation up close, the airline immediately instructed Zanone to wait in front of the gate and report the incident.

"We stand there waiting for our airline and carriage, until the Captain himself gets off the plane and apologizes to us."

She then went on to explain.

"After leaving the gate area, we went to the next customer service area to try to report the incident and our complaints were thrown for an hour and a half. While the apology was appreciated, the documentation of the incident would be preferred."

Zanone said that she was offered medical help for her son, but the situation was not good, then she refused.

"We were offered medical help immediately after the incident and we rejected it, because I did not know what the paramedics could do with a jetlag and exhausted child, so I chose to monitor it myself until my child was checked with our personal physician."

A spokesman of American Airlines confirmed that they had contacted Zanone.

"The main concern of American Airlines is for the Zanone family and their children. Our customer service team has spoken with Mrs. Zanone to offer additional support and get details of what happened at Dallas Fort Worth last Saturday."

The airline is collecting information and the cause of the accident.

"The customer trusts us to take care of them and we take the responsibility seriously Our stewardess offers medical help when it arrives at the gate, but the request is rejected by Mrs. Zanone."

After things became more calm, it was reported that Zanone and her son returned to Denver using a connecting flight.

Source: Bona - detikTravel, Fox, Star Telegram
Image: Jennifer Zanone via Facebook


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