Travel to Lombok and Sumbawa

What's on Lombok or Sumbawa? so perhaps in the mind of thoughts while those who seek a different and unique tourist destination. What if the liver has become bored with, say Bali for example!

Ah, you'll never be bored in Bali, just kidding, but if only want to look different sites from Bali. Lombok and Sumbawa are now also become a haven for those who hunt the ocean waves to satisfy the desire to surf. Let's review to the Senggigi, Kuta, Gili Trawangan such a tease, or perhaps even further into the Sumbawa with their virgin beaches.

When we are in Jakarta or other cities that are quite far from this region, it is advisable to use the aircraft rather than ground transportation such as buses. It is a long journey and quite exhausting!

Lombok has a modern airport, Lombok International Airport, from Jakarta require a travel time of 1.5 hours and costs 70 USD. When arriving at this airport can be arranged before the desired travel route, whether in Lombok itself or directly to other exotic locales across the island of Lombok, Sumbawa with vehicle rental (25 USD per day) across the Atlas Strait by ferry or take a bus at a cost of about1.5-6.5 USD.

Do not worry about the accommodation facilities in the destination area. There are many hotel options ranging from small (5 USD per night) and a four or five-star hotels (from 10-30 USD per night). Quite enjoyable when you've got there, the atmosphere around the site is very supportive of all travel plans are thrilling!

Enjoy the atmosphere while renting a bike tour around the surrounding area, local residents witnessed the flurry of interest in the traditional village of Sade with a variety of woven fabric crafts, activities around the traditional market, the exotic white sand beaches or plan to surf all day (or diving) to Senggigi, Kuta and Gili Trawangan or enjoy the beautiful beaches of Sekongkang, Maluk beach or Jelengah in Sumbawa.

Lombok and Sumbawa are enchanting!

(Source LombokTourism Board, travelKompas /Images LombokTourism)


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