Sade Village, The Woven Cloth Village

Located in Pujut district, Central Lombok, the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, about 30 kilometers from the capital city, Mataram. Not too hard to to find the location of this village because it is right on the edge of Praya-Kuta Road, Lombok. On the outside of the village there is a big signboard that read “Sade Village”.

Some tourists seen passing by in the village looking for something, apparently they are interested in the traditions and tribal life in that village, Sasak tribe villages. A lot of surprises for the tourists when entering the homes of indigenous people, why?

They were surprised to learn Sasak tribe floors cleaned with buffalo dung, of course, when using the mindset of modern life it is very surprising. But it is the norm for them, Sade village of Sasak tribe which inhabited there seems to have realized the importance of tourism to their lives.

Their village won national awards as a tourist village that is able to implement tourism awareness movement, given the community activities associated directly or indirectly with the tourism business and is able to create benefits for the welfare of society.

One of the unique village of Sade is a community that has the expertise to weave and create other handmade creations, tourists love the unique pattern of woven cloth made by the natives, in a month receive around 5000-7000 visitors who come to the village producing this weaving.

"We are afraid to worry if the tourists do not want to buy the homemade woven fabric," said Fadilah a native of the village.

When you see the creation of indigenous woven Sasak tribe, they do not have to worry about, besides the local and Indonesian government's tourism promotion, the tourists can also understand if the quality of woven fabric of the village of Sade is unique and looks exciting.

A good woven cloth will certainly be future buyers by itself.

(Source R Firhadi, Kompas, ANT /Images D Sadili)


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