Kora-kora Race Festival in Ternate

Ternate in North Maluku apparently did not want to miss giving tours passion in their area of tourism, exotic islands area with the sea and beautiful beaches atmosphere.

Kora-kora Festival will take place 27-28 November 2011, as an effort to pass on maritime spirit in the area, before the festival has always attracted tourists to see for theirself what kind of festival going on.

Kora-kora is a traditional boat of North Maluku people once used as the transport ship for the imperial troops of Sultanate of Ternate who will fight to an area, but in today's kora-kora is used as a distinctive and unique means of transportation in the region of North Maluku.

This festival is filled with lively as other events, such as the kora-kora boat parade involving the public residents there, then the local cultural attractions, and its peak is a traditional culinary feast in the former seat of government of the Sultanate.

Ternate traditional culinary gohu will be served, among others, a kind of fish food from raw materials blended with various spices typical of Ternate. In addition also served with gurakan water, a kind of drink made ​​from coconut milk, palm sugar, ginger and walnuts.

Tourists from other countries have come before in this region, and they have heard about the events that took place, given the area previously known as the Moluccas superbly historical tourist area, with numerous ancient relics, such as a dozen forts of Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish heritage of the Sultanate of Ternate and a number of coastal attractions, such as the beach of Sulamadaha.

Ternate is already preparing for all, including a scheduled air transport to the city of Ternate with the best hotel facilities there.

(Source ANT /Images S Ferdinan, Sogi)


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