Brewing Java, Hot and Not Make You Drunk!

Do you like to drink beer? If we like a certain food or beverage will feel very uncomfortable if not enjoy it for a long time. Every day would feel incomplete without food or drink that we like.

Similarly, if we like beer, especially for those who regularly drink it, any time there should always drink the dish near us. Any food may be served, but beer must exist as a complement. The same thing happens for coffee fans. So there's nothing wrong with that, right?

Well, there is a place in Central Java, a small town, Kendal. We can find it with google maps site, of course! Haha... What's interesting with this city? Of course beer!

They have a typical beer, taste is similar but very low levels of alcohol not to say there is absolutely no content at all. They call it "Java beer"

As said earlier before, minimum alcohol content of aliases can be said zero! If so where special? Yes, all the ingredients to make this beer comes from traditional ingredients.

Let us see one of the local people, a woman who often make this Java beer, Siti Supatmi, she said, "Making Java beer is very easy!"

The ingredients include ginger, shavings stem cup, gula jangan, clove, cardamom, lemon grass leaf, pandan leaves, lemon and sugar. All the material is then boiled with water, except lemon juice and sugar.

Wait until boiling, then insert it into the bottle to be filtered. After that give it a few drops of lemon juice and sugar. "After that whipped until there is froth," she said.

When is the best time to drink this beer? When we drink beer, of course we want a "cold beer", but drink Java beer can also be done in hot conditions, great! And do not be surprised after drinking Java beer, it will immediately increase stamina, so the body more excited to perform various activities.

(Source /Image CC)


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