Café, Donuts, Avocado and The Week End!

This is week end, I really enjoyed it! My mind floated to various places, where am I going now? So many options, would remain idle at home or out for drinks or find the typically culinary? Yes, why don't try it, rather than bored at home right?

My feet stepped into a big mall in West Jakarta, after making an appointment with a friend to meet there just spend time chatting.

Wooww... So crowded. As usual. It was wonderful to see the visitors traffic. All the faces looks pretty, handsome, cheerful mixed.
I stopped at a café that offers coffee. "J.Co Coffee and Donuts" which looks very busy all the time... Never stops and typically big town!

Apparently there are interesting menu in addition to coffee that has been there I breathe. Avocado. Want to know why the dishes on offer this special? According to nutrition experts said the avocado is good in providing the energy and passion to the body to move. Avocados contain monounsaturated fats, unsaturated fats that can actually help prevent clogged arteries. The recommendations said that you do not eat the fruit of avocado mixed with sweet milk fat or flavor enhancer that also tastes sweet. Avocado fat content itself is very good, is that so.

There is a different story about this fruit, because it is often misunderstood. The fruit is blamed as the fruit that can make fat, and even high cholesterol carrier. They are not. The fruit is actually rich in nutrients that nourish... :)

Well.. This café has a special menu associated with this fruit. What is it?

Avocado Dicaprio. Doughnuts J.Co are as usual meal was soft and not as the donut hole in the middle of his round just like that, but once there it will eat a sweet in the form of cream. Haha... Fun. Green with a smear of cream, green cream on the edges are given a sprinkling of grated chocolate. It feels so good. Sweet, but after eating feels there is something missing, namely avocado flavor even less, why do not you?

What about the coffee? Coffee flavor avocado? Well it also sounds a bit strange, but is not it worth a try too, right?

Coffe Avocado. Espresso mixture, avocado, milk, dark chocolate, white chocolate, plus a taste of whipped cream. Wooww, avocado juice tastes like drinking alone, although there is a sense of flavored coffee of course. Sound good?

I'm still engrossed in conversation with other friends, so time is running fast and forgot to order and try new menu at this café... Avocado is a fruit that special, so good, although the tongue was still dancing as if the remaining sense of that avocados. Wonderful!

(Photo J.Co Docs)


  1. Hi ;)
    4 seasons are good and bad. I hate rainy seasons. But earth and world need a rain so this must be ;)
    Your blog is nice too.
    Greet. from Poland

  2. Hello Bianchii,

    Of course I also understand that this earth need for rain, it was reassuring during turbulent heart... :)

    Thank you for coming to my blog,


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