Travel Holidays that You Like!

A friend told me that he had just gone into a town, two hours drive from my city where I live, Jakarta. True country utilizing a proper holiday on Thursday, then the government announced that Friday's set as well as a holiday, means connected with the week-end Saturday and Sunday, it's a long weekend! What is the purpose of this government?

They said to give the opportunity for families to be more closely, given the routine can reduce the opportunities for inter-personal communication. The goal is good, but private parties shouted, "Heyy... It definitely hurt us!" Haha... There's always controversy in the community!

But despite the controversy, why not just use it to make a sudden holiday travel? Is not that in accordance with the purpose of implementation of these holidays?

So what if it toward the nearest town? There might be able to find a new atmosphere on vacation. Seeing the local culture, even the typical culinary course! Who does not like? Or maybe find a different atmosphere on the beach? Island? Always a lot of options available!

All right, how about to Bandung, West Java? The city with an icon, Gedung Sate. Bandung is a favorite city for the people of the capital Jakarta, the capital residents rushing there, looking for something specific. What a view, natural scenic, the fresh air, great variety of culinary, hospitality of the beautiful girls and of course, be prepared for the traffic jam, ahaaa..... Definitely and always exciting when done with friends or maybe family.

Traveling has a good influence, not just to entertain yourself. Establish a plan and then, with your partner, friends, and use as a routine activity. Travel, can recognize the friend, spouse or other person to receive the difference as well as understanding the other person's unique personality. There is a passion about something, because it provides inspiration and a way of self-socializing.

Then prepare yourself and go, there we get a place how lifestyle, habits. Once in a place such as we have different options and trends, look at this or that instance. There was a process of learning to compromise, we can know whether a friend or partner or is not fun to travel together.

When in their everyday life fun, not necessarily in a vacation trip, our friend or partner may be a surprise and buummm... Do not think they'r so! Understand a companion, is not this fun trip, like the story above friend, traveling is always fun!

Ah, do not miss the time-time pass without making a trip! Come on!



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