Chicken Porridge... Simple culinary, cheap and tasty!

Want to try a type of culinary specialties like the general public in a big city, especially Jakarta? Chicken porridge (bubur ayam). Cool, these foods into meals all walks of life with the basic materials are easily obtained, which is accompanied by a diverse mix of rice, small pieces of meat such as chicken, cakwe, crackers chips and others.

So easy to look it up in this city, almost in every corner of town, on the roadside, shopping areas, residential areas, suburbs, even in hotels it is easily found.

Various people from all parts of the city like it. Let's try it in some place around, through a red light crossing street adjacent to the office area on the road of Mandala Raya, West Jakarta. Easily meet the chicken porridge seller with various prices, ranging from Rp 5,000 with the special menu and other complementary addition, such as chicken eggs and cheese sticks are tasty and crunchy the prices could reach Rp 15.000, - (approximately $ 1.5)

The morning sun had shown the light in there, crossing Tomang Raya down the road turn left into the street of Mandala Raya, there is a small shop on the right side of the road plastered board that read "Chicken Porridge Top77".

Every morning over the place arise the curiosity to try it. Always crowded with customers lining up. Stall at the roadside but for customers who want to eat, available couch in a garage on the home page. Diverse customers and many of the cars stopped along the way into fans.

People were waiting since morning orders. If you want to come do a little better in the morning at around 9-10 o'clock, at the time the customer has been somewhat diminished.

It feels good chicken porridge with a sprinkling of chicken cut into small pieces and above it there is still a mixture cakwe, soy beans, a sprinkling of cracker chips, Humm... We can still order additional satay-ampela liver-intestine, quail egg satay to complete it, so the slurry into the mouth, feel so soft, the variety of spice mixture directly to bite of the tongue, unique taste!

Ate it little by little, not too agitated, eating from the edge of the course, give a little spicy chili seasoning, taste good. This porridge stall is open from 06.00 until approximately 12:00 noon, really tasty!

Enjoy the warmth of chicken porridge also understand the daily life that occurred in the city. We can understand the intricacies of the various layers of society who will begin their rounds in the morning, the food carrier of energy for the audience. Flexible culinary because not only enjoyed in the morning, this food can also be enjoyed during the night and early morning hours for night workers.

Chicken porridge that never loses its fans, yummy... Simple culinary with low price and a full stomach. Many options in major cities and chicken porridge is a quick choice, cheap and tasty!

(Various sources / Image CC)


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