Traveling? Try it Alone by Yourself!

Traveling? Always regarded as a pleasant trip. It's true! Is walking alone more fun or better with your friends? What if alone? Is not no friend who will be invited to speak during the trip?

Not bad not when walking alone while we want to share or while on the way, we suddenly fascinated to a particular scene or object, who wants to be informed?

Is not an exploration trip into an object of interest, city or a country that we do not know at all to bother our own? Sure! But there's the meaning of the adventures, we immediately liked the atmosphere and even the local culture and allow ourself to speak in the heart. Haha... Great!

Come on, try to walk on alone. It's an exotic adventure! Why? Try to think back, we'll have time for ourself. Definitely! Nice, isn't it?

Undergoing a place and then we feel hungry, well, how the decision? No need to discuss with someone, when we saw something on the sidewalk in a city, we immediately decide for ourselves to eat what and how much we have a budget for food. In essence we are enjoying ourselves a consequence of the decision, no one complain later, when the food eaten was less good.

We also will not shy when we saw a local custom, approach them calmly, "Hello, who are you? Where does you live?" And so on greeting that can be given to a resident who wanted to greet us. No shame, isn't it?

Even in a journey may be we will meet with someone backpacker, and to get acquainted with their shared experiences. Of course in the end we will not be alone, right?

We too can mingle with locals, we are no longer automatically alone. Look at the face of the locals, always warm and they like to 'say hello'. Always remember to smile, it's excellent. A personal approach and beautiful!



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