Backpacking Tips to Wakatobi

Curious to take a trip to Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi? No denying the charm of its underwater is one of the best in the world. Wakatobi included into the World Coral Triangle region, a paradise for divers.

The trip to Wakatobi - every day.

• Marine: Makassar - Wakatobi (10 hours) around Rp 175.000, -
• Aircraft:
o Air Express - every day, 09:00 am
• Sulawesi - Wakatobi Transit in Bau-bau, 30 passengers
• Kendari - Wangiwangi Rp 500.000, -
• Jakarta - Wakatobi costs Rp 1.9 million

In the city of Wangi-wangi (capital city of Wakatobi) available public transportation, taxis and motor cycles (motorcycle taxis/ojek).

Total cost
Around Rp 7 million - for vacation for 3 days 2 nights.

In Wangi-wangi, when arriving at the airport you can search for accommodation by taxi or ojek. Taxis in Wangi-wangi usually do not use the argometer, better check with the officer at the airport or other parties to get information about the taxis cost, concerned taxi driver will give you the very expensive price.

Transportation is more easily obtained in the city of Wangi-wangi, it is advisable to stay in the city.

Lodging Options
• Homes rent a house of local residents - Rp 50.000, - per night
• Hotel (Standard) Rp 150,000 - Rp 300,000 per night
• Resort Hotel Rp 500,000 - Rp 1,500,000 per night

Travel Trip
• Inside the city of Wangi-wangi - rent a taxi a day costs about Rp 250,000, -
• Going somewhere in the Wakatobi - rent speedboat or ship
o Towards Hoga, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongo.

Travel Program
• Enjoy the beauty of the sea -
o Snorkeling, diving
o When not carrying equipment - rent the equipment
o Lease guides and boats - to the diving site

Tour Guide
• Contact the Office of WWF Wakatobi.
o To find a Dive Guide
• Guide Package - diving equipment, ships and the inn at a price of
Rp 1,000,000 per person per day. Entourage minimum requirement is 4 people.
• Dive Locations - Hoga, Waha, Tomia and elsewhere.
• Specific Locations - if lucky can be found Napoleon fish that size
is quite large, sea hares, starfish and coral reefs of course.

Other Attractions
• Dolphin (lumba-lumba) attractions
• Sunrise and sunset Panorama - at Hoga
• Land seaweed cultivation can also be seen in certain places - in Kaledupa
and Wangi-wangi
• Nature Sea Village - Bajo Tribe Village who lives in the middle of the
ocean, despite the fewer number of current residents

Nighttime Event
• The view of nature, with a sprinkling of stars - astronomy lovers
• Cafe and Night Music

Roving Wakatobi
• If you really want to surround Wakatobi, at least it took a week to be
quite satisfied
• Traveling from one island to another must be done with a speedboat with a
specific schedule that sometimes unreliable, they need minimum passengers
• Can be rented special speedboat, but expensive tariffs

• Try to feel the local delicacies - Kasuami, the staple food made
from cassava is grated, squeezed the water and steamed, usually eaten with
• Chicken Curry and karasi cake of Wakatobi
• A variety of seafood is easily found, like an octopus

Let's go there! Adventure dreaming to Wakatobi. Not only see it through movies or heard stories of friends. Always check with the tour guide, so that more information was obtained.

So much fun, seeing the beauty of coral reefs and snorkeling!

(Many sources /Image CC, especially Sunset at Wakatobi belongs to Jenny Huang and Kasuami to WWF)


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