Civet Coffee! Even Oprah Winfrey had to try it, Expensive but Delicious!

Even the famous presenter Oprah Winfrey wants to get a chance to try it! In a one famous television show "Oprah Winfrey Show" she reviews the enjoyment of this coffee, "It was unique and tasty," she said, although later she was amazed when discovered how to make this coffee.

Civet Coffee? Or Luwak Coffee, what kind of coffee is this? Yes, the coffee is not uncommon in the making process, it uses coffee beans taken from the remaining dirt mongoose/Palm Civet. Coffee beans are believed to have different tastes when eaten and passed through the digestive tract mongoose. Digestion of these animals had apparently naturally fermented with proteolytic enzymes produced by bacteria of the stomach, the effects of acid concentration and content of caffeine in coffee decreases.

The history of the past had a great story about the origins of this unique coffee, Dutch-owned coffee plantation workers in the early 19th century, in the morning time often sees the coffee beans scattered around the plantation. At first they were surprised, coffee beans come from? Eventually they learned that spills coffee beans were coming from civet droppings (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) who likes to eat the coffee fruit. From the observations of this plantation workers see only digest meat civet fruit, coffee husk and seeds are still intact and are not able to digest.

Then they picked coffee beans from civet droppings are then washed, roasted, ground, then brewed with hot water, then created Luwak coffee.

After they are drunk fascinated with the taste, so tasty and not too sour on the tongue, soft, sometimes arise chocolate and caramel taste sensation, unlike they had ever drank coffee, the aroma was sharp. Even with a certain mixture is able to provide a variety of other flavor, such as scented soil. Great!

Luwak coffee taste is really different and special, especially for fans and connoisseurs of coffee.

Just unfortunately, because it's such a unique manufacturing process, it became a scarce product and not in every place we travel would be encountered.. The price is very expensive. As was reported in a CNN television when reviewing this coffee, the price reached 100 U.S. dollars a cup.

Want to try it? Expensive but delicious!

(Many sources Kompas, /Image CC)



    Hi Oprah, look that

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