The island of Nusa Barong, Land of the Conservation Area..

A travel note of a friend write down his experiences when it comes to the location of this island, Nusa Barong Island. He will propose to local government and planning for this area as a marine conservation after comparing and consider it among the island with the islands near Trenggalek, East Java.

There can not, a very beautiful natural scenery, full day adventurous at a location which is very very dense forest and so virgin, like a girl who has not been touched. During the trip in the woods of this island, he and his friends encounter potential special fauna. Small monkey, Java Eagle (Garuda - this is reminiscent of the emblem of Indonesia) and several other bird species. They also found various types of tree snakes and sea snakes. The island is filled with snakes.

In addition, the island is very often used as a place of green turtles laying eggs, almost every night turtle ride to this island to lay eggs. If you want to see the coral reefs in the sea that surrounds the location of this island, dive around a depth of 20-35 meters, because the sea around the island to meet directly with the open sea. An other good luck is hard blows of the waves - underwater currents so swift, so that fishermen are afraid to conduct fishing activities, so that coral reefs were not affected by interference. Then lay beautiful coral reefs under water.

Underwater currents also make diving activity avoided by fishermen who live on the coast of Java island, they were shocked to see us do it there, under water, "Well, gentlemen so brave to dive in here, we are afraid to do it...!"

A time to stay if you want to this island, adventure in a place that is overlooked by media coverage, and if really interested come as early as possible, before 8 am today, after these hours, the waves will be further enlarged. So creepy!

Attracted to this island? Come to the East Java coast Puger, Jember, residents there will soon point the way, the island of Nusa Barong challenging!

(From the notes of the friend/Photos Gande Lumut, Wisata Pulau Nusa Barong Jember)


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