Durian, durian ... So delicious and bite!

Holidays always make the body lazy, but lazy at home certainly ominous. Looking for a place that really the typical course is not always easy, especially looking for unique place with special culinary. Where should! I remembered a restaurant that attracts attention, often passed this place, why not there? A place on the Jalan Panjang No 29, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta may be able to meet these expectations, the restaurant provides a special menu, just durian at all!

When entering this restaurant, Resto Duren Harum, a blue-blue-uniformed waiters greeted friendly. He asks to where sit next? Then he pointed to a table in the corner, but why to this restaurant?

Of course, the durian menu. A friend suggested it, try the available variety of durian. There is a durian imports from Thailand and Malaysia, like kanyauw, channe, and kradum and local durian comes from Wonosobo, Pekalongan and the island of Borneo. The waiter immediately asked what we would choose to eat durian, they will choose it, certainly are nice and ripe. We are given the opportunity to try it out first before eating.

Although the price of an approximately Rp 25,000 to Rp 30,000 per kilogram, but do not worry, they assure the quality of taste.

After waiting for a while, the waiter arrived with the durian is placed directly above the dinner table and we can soon eat there, Humm... So delicious, fragrant and bite! Indeed that is what they offer, eat on the spot. Unique.

It is conceivable, first taste when we eat was tasty, met with the sweetness of durian. I was so enjoying it.

This restaurant was founded eight years ago, initially they were just frozen durian in a small shop in the area around the old town of Jakarta, Batavia and then try a new menu and durian ice cream growing up to be a wide selection and restaurant to meet their fans. For fans of durian, this restaurant could be a great place to meet expectations. A wide assortment of menu items such as durian ice cream or just durian ice, dodol durian, durian chips or other types of snack foods made by durians. Of trouble picking just one. All delicious!

Resto is designed similar to the surrounding atmosphere, at an intersection of four, the scene is quite a relief to the eye, glass windows all around, a breeze from the outside, soft and add a sense of curiosity.

Durian enthusiasts in the restaurant is inviting interested persons of diverse ages, young and old. Indeed, in the midst of a variety of options in this city, always sell the uniqueness required as an element of excellence, invites curiosity. They are creative and the results of this special durian.

Durian, durian... Not always as we find it so far, really different!

(Many sources /Image CC)


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