Tidung Island, Island with Love!

It was still early yet in Jakarta at 09.00 am, precisely at the port of Marina, Ancol, North Jakarta. There is always a trip to the group of island, Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Islands). The air was getting a little hot. No matter, a minute motor boat will depart. Many options when leaving the boat, passengers will be given the choice and dropped off at the desired island there, later.

What about when choosing a trip to the Tidung Island (Pulau Tidung)? Good! The island is now so promoted by local governments Administrative District of Thousand Islands, Jakarta. Cool, go there! Islands with white sand and clear blue sea. Beautiful and this happened in the middle of the year, if not, there is west monsoon would arrive and will shake the houses of fishermen who live around the islands.

Travel approximately one and two hours more, but the views of the sea on either side of the motor vessel did not make bored, keep running. It was so wonderful with the aroma of the sea.

Once landed at a small port, the atmosphere of the island is directly felt. Twin island, Pulau Tidung Besar (Big Tidung Island) and Pulau Tidung Kecil (Small Tidung Island), because it's the size of the two smaller islands. The extent of only 54 hectares, not too wide to circle the entire island. One thing that surprised when it set foot into the sea at the edge of the beach, the blue shallow sea about two feet away with the corals on the seabed looks overwritten sparkling sunshine.

If you liked the atmosphere of the sea, this is the place. In this island are all available. We will be satisfied! Water sports, Banana boating, canoeing, snorkeling and diving. When choosing a snorkeling and diving which does require special equipment, use a rental boat to reach some exotic location with stunning panoramic underwater. It will not be exhausted sense of awe.

Sunset? Oh, it is so romantic! Take your time for sunset, panorama at sunset time so fascinating. Because the island is not too large, incredibly even if could stay, could also see the sunrise too. Great!

In addition to the seafood are presented there, shrimp crab, fish and all other complete menu, there is a bridge that favored visitors, "Bridge of Love"! Why its called like that? They say because of this bridge connects the two islands, such as connecting the men with women, Big Tidung Island as the personification of Adam and Eve is the personification of Small Tidung Island. There, love blossomed. This means that when two lovers cross it then their love will be eternal. Island with Love!

(Images from Pulau Tidung Facebook Pages, Gunawan Fg, Abdul Hafid)


  1. nice place... i think this place is different!

    1. Yes, please be there bro/sis... It's the unforgettable moments!

  2. The bridge of love has completed the remodel.
    just additional information for those wishing to visit the island tidung.


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