Traveling with the Family

When my aunt wrote a note of plans to travel to almost all locations of the beaches on the island of Java, I immediately thought, "Wow, this is the most difficult locations and transportation to these locations less well!"

My aunt then said, "What if the family also joined and plan time to be able to reach all locations!"

Traveling certainly do a lot of things need to be prepared, among other things cooking. Is not cooking is one of interesting activity, especially when done in a family environment? The children are very happy with the cooking, the family also likes the warmth generated from this cooking activities.

Cooking in a travel activity? Sounds great, right? Of course we do not want to bother the way, so we need to prepare thoroughly cooking equipment. What is the need to complete? Ah, no, provide just that is very necessary. Currently we meet at the supermarket or at the mall easily portable stove complete with small-sized gas. That's all interesting!

Similarly, bring pot or pan is also very good prepared, in effect, vehicles equipped with cooking equipment. Well, then get ready for a long holiday trip.

What about spices? I read a recipe book titled, "Fantastic Cooking" written by Chef Rinrin Marinka, she suggested in a journey of traveling with a family preparing spices and food ingredients is a major concern. For example, spices were often we meet in the kitchen, salt, sugar, pepper, and various other spices and then put it in a container make-up is generally often used by women. This container is very practical when nested.

There is one secret that is owned by Chef Rinrin, that she really liked the shredded chilli (abon cabe) and squid jambal firecrackers (cumi jambal mercon) that tastes spicy tamarind, she said shredded chilli and squid jambal can actually be used as a flavoring and appetite enhancer when traveling later. So for traveling fans there is no harm in looking for how to create menus recipes shredded chilli and squid jambal firecracker. Mandatory tried! Yummy!

Say when preparing for a traveling trip, check also the condition of food and spices which are prepared, for example, when inserted into the fridge, always check its condition and if the look is not good, while the journey is still a week away. Immediately replace the while time is still there, would not eat the fresh condition and both also helped condition our bodies on the way later?

Come on, get ready, can’t wait!

(Many source and my aunt note's/Image CC)


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