Florence? Enjoy the menu of "Ristorante Pizzeria I Ghibellini", so delicious!

When you hear the name of Florence (French name for Firenze), it's not only about the football club in that city. Probably ever heard the name of the Argentine soccer player ever so revered here, Gabriel "Batigol" Batistuta. Try another! My friend told me not to get bored when he returned from Italy, he traveled to Florence. Beautiful city! So he says. The town is a paradise for art lover, beauty is no longer in doubt. This beautiful city is considered a very historic with a variety of works of architecture, painting, sculpture and natural beauty around.

He suggested that if a time to Europe, try to have the free time to visit this city, the landscape is so pretty compelling. Like surrounded by the past history that stretched so far. Amazing!

Many want to tell including the artwork of Botticelli, scratches his hand into the world's leading painting, Birth of Venus, but he said he just wanted to tell a little, because he himself was confused about where to start.

He is easier to tell when visiting a restaurant that has been recommended other friends, a journalist. Where?

The name of a place to eat is the Ristorante Pizzeria I Ghibellini located in Piazza San Pier Maggiore, 8 - Firenze. Italian Restaurant of course and do not just imagine the pizza alone, there are other special menus available. This place is a favorite of locals and tourists are advised to get there. The food is guaranteed delicious with reasonable price.

What food should be tried? First try to enjoy the Tuscan steak (it was in the region Toscana and Firenze as its capital) or bistecca Fiorentina. The meat is cut into chunks and thick, cooked by their peculiar, they using a typical recipe from Nonna Giulia's meat sauce that has been known since several generations ago from the family recipe. Will certainly satiate your tummy! Haha...

In addition to Fiorentina style steak meat there's another thing more special, the fish soup is very tasty, special spice mixture. And of course try the pizza also, maybe curious to try, right?

Absolutely, a different pizza drier skin with a mixture of cheese and a smear of tomato sauce, delicious! Well, it's like written on their story about the flavor of pasta, delicious, pasta is given a mixture of cepes mushrooms and risoto. What else can be said then? Better to try it yourself! Yummy...

When the stomach is satisfied with all the menus provided, what about dessert? Definitely tempted to try their very refined liked, typical hand made by this restaurant, Tiramisù and Zuppa Inglese, restaurant versions to English Trifle. Typical cake of Firenzee, try not to miss, a traditional cake with a sprinkling of almond-scented Tuscan wines, namely cakes, Biscotti di Pratto and Vin Santo, wooww... Sweet! !

Story continues not to be completed about this city, the great masterpieces of art, paintings, spectacular natural scenery, historic buildings and culinary!

How to reach them BY CAR:

Limited Trafic Area ZTL: you can reach them by car after 7:30 pm.
Closest Parking Area: Sant’Ambrogio.

How to reach them ON FOOT:
From Piazza Santa Croce follow Via Verdi to the corner of Via Ghibellina.Turn left and then take the first right for Via Palmieri which will lead you straight to Piazza San Pier Maggiore.

From Piazza Signoria take Via Calzaioli. Turn right on to Via Del Corso, which then becomes Borgo Albizi. Keep going straight and you will end up in Piazza San Pier Maggiore.

From Piazza del Duomo, take Via Calzaioli. Turn left on to Via Del Corso, which then becomes Borgo Albizi. Keep going straight and you will end up in Piazza San Pier Maggiore.

From the Stazione follow Via Panzani, then Via Cerretani to Piazza del Duomo. Take a right on to Via Calzaioli. Turn right again, on to Via Del Corso, which then becomes Borgo Albizi. Keep going straight and you will end up in Piazza San Pier Maggiore.

(Many sources / Images CC and somes are belongs to Resto)


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