Java Noodles in Bandung, so tempting taste, so flirty, humm .....

Long weekend in Jakarta, there is a red date in the calender, no wonder when people plan for walking out of town. Where? Most of his choice and Bandung is one of the places preferred. Although there was a weekend we will encounter congestion that is so crazy and will face endless frustration, but did not reduce the sense to always visit it. Bandung is always special with cool air in the afternoon and early evening arrival.

Special because there are always invited culinary taste and plenty of options. Want to try something a little different? Try the Javanese noodles! People call it bakmi.. Where is it?

A java-scented shop in this street, Dipati Ukur, that's where the shop is located. Fragrant cooking directly tempting, namely Bakmi Jowo Bandung DU67 - never empty of visitors - with their motto "Original Gunung Kidul, cooked with charcoal, traditional flavors," from the name alone we immediately think of the origin of the owner apparently.

Come into this shop and we immediately feel the atmosphere, the faint music presented with style songs mixed java or juice, singer "Walang Kekek", Waljinah... Building stall using woven bamboo walls with bamboo poles. Surprised? Not to mention when you see the maid, wearing their distinctive blangkon java and batik shirts.

Do not imagine going to see atmosphere Priangan - with menu lalaban, vegetables, tamarind, fried chicken, tofu, tempe and sambal shrimp paste, but Java has to offer aroma sensation. Weuuww...

When you love noodles, this is where we can try culinary adventure on this one. What specialty? These noodles cooked by boiling in water, then fried with seasoning mixture of garlic and hazelnut base that has been pounded with mortar. Wait a few moments, these noodles come to order with a little hot sauce, Humm.. Nyess.. Nyess... Presented with tea pot Nasgithel (abbreviated from the heat, leghi and kentel) means hot, sweet and thick... Even better if the drink was given a sugar cube for the sweetener. The combination feels really great, can make us addicted.

There is also wedhang ginger, orange juice heat/cold, ice tea sweet/fresh, sweet tea/hot fresh, and others. Special tea pot was made special is the sense of rough on the tongue with the flavor of fresh acid. Type of jasmine tea - tea-flavored whip a delicious fragrance, guaranteed authentic tea taste like the usual enjoyed by residents of Gunungkidul, Central Java. Taste of Java in nature Priangan, the Land of Sunda. Great!

Pak Murtioso, middle-aged men shop owner is a little promotion, that the herb noodles they are processed by the collision is intended to remove the smell, more noticeable. Very fragrant!

In addition to the above recipe, also added a mixture of noodles, such as tomatoes, scallions, and fried onions, so do not worry. It was more delicious. There is a fried egg and fried chicken stew, he said. To adjust the diverse tastes of visitors. When the cook was using charcoal as fuel, where the heat from the charcoal, according Murtioso, considered the most ideal for producing scent pecan and garlic seasoning.

Bandung in the late afternoon early evening, the atmosphere of a wake tickle the senses of the body. Cool air began to bite, natural voice greeting. There's nothing like a delicious sensation today, tea pot and flirty...


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