Ubud, cultural city with the uniqueness of religion!

A small town about an hour's drive from Denpasar, Bali inhabited around 20 thousands people and daytime activity increased with the crowd arrivals, and then imagine what kind of atmosphere that is created there! The town is not too dense but visible passion for life. The atmosphere there is concentrated in a spot downtown around Puri Ubud, feel the passion of life. Perhaps only Kuta, Bali can compare with that.

Warm air and tends to heat, especially in downtown, a little stuffy with little traffic on weekdays, showing the movement and activities of its inhabitants.

Do not mind the traffic noise, give it time if necessary, a full day to enjoy the atmosphere in this city, Ubud - a name that is obtained by a Balinese language - ubad (medicine). Take a large step foot through the streets, city life, places unique and special and do not forget to see the back of people's activities in the Ubud Palace. We do not refuse, so special!

Bali's southern region is influenced smell of the sea, beach atmosphere, combined with typical Balinese countryside, the scenery that brings admiration, look at the rice field terraces and cliffs on the edge of time. Give time to mingle with residents, if lucky we can see how busy the local residents, preparing for a religious ceremony, offering prayers and bustle of preparation they equip themselves with each others to follow the religious ceremonies at temples in around Ubud. So excited!

The town of Ubud is not large but unique city, a community that is built around it to form a unity of culture and art, they seem to form the single entity that mutually bind one another to a peak of cultural ceremonies, harmonious religious life.

Some friends who had just returned from a vacation in Bali told me how they took to Ubud, "We expect surprises, surprise indeed different. Residents always seemed busy with an activity at the temple to make offerings, they appreciate religious life. To their God!"

Fascinating to see the activities of religious settlers because they form a magical atmosphere full of cultural and art life.

Castles and natural surrounding residents support the motion and activity, they are friendly to newcomers, as well as in the enjoyment of accommodations, exceptional cuisine and places to meet daily needs.

Friends add, "Try a spot of culinary cheap but the food taste so good, in Gianyar warung Bu Mangku with chicken as the main menu only! And don't forget matah chili sauce, chili is not milled but chopped into small pieces and then mixed with salt and onions, it was a mixture of spicy, slightly salty sour taste on the tongue!"

Speaking of culinary there would also not be missed all kinds of specialties are available, also try rolling a babi guling (pig stall) next to the Puri Ubud complex, if liked the spicy flavor Bebek Bengil (dirty duck) which no doubt! Delicious!

Agree! They are not wrong, because the stalls of culinary there has never run out of visitors, as he kept coming. Ubud gives memories differ from other cities around it, really hard to leave!

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