Gurame Fish Fried at Kampung Aer Restaurant, So Hot So Crispy!

Dine with typical Sundanese cuisine and natural atmosphere surrounded by countryside, it is always interesting to be realized. Therefore, many restaurants that use those concepts to the main attraction.

Now, you do not need all the way to go to the Land of Pasundan (Priangan, West Java) to look for typical Sundanese restaurants. Just go to Dj's Kampung Aer Restaurant located in the area of ​​Family Park, Alam Sutera, Tangerang it also in West Java but more near to the Jakarta. The restaurant was founded in 2004, this has been establish as a much-loved restaurant by the culinary enthusiast.

The restaurant concept back to nature is standing in an area about 3,000 meters. When visited this restaurant, a beautiful natural feel immediately welcome.

The presence of fish ponds with clear water and a eight large palm leaf-roofed gazebo and six smaller ones, more and bring the atmosphere of picturesque villages.

Although the return to the concept of nature, for you who still want to do business, this restaurant provides a ready online hotspot.

Besides enjoying the natural beauty of the village, you also can taste a menu mainstay in the main restaurant, the fish rearing. Gurame fishing here has the advantage of a more crispy taste, ranging from gurame pucung soup, fried gurame kipas.

Before cooking, fresh fish, gurame fish fried are still taken in alive condition. With the addition of special ingredients, gurame fried in a lot of oil and heat. No wonder when the fish fried here is more dry and crispy. Moreover, while eating a fish, an evocative taste of hot sauce to accompany the menu.

To you who are interested want to taste the typical cuisine of Dj's Kampoeng Aer, a variety of menu options sold at affordable prices. Karedok Rp 15.000, grilled squid Rp 31.000, fried calamari flour Rp 31.000, soft bone chicken Rp 45.000, oncom leunca Rp 10.000, tofu kipas isi Rp 18.000.
Quite affordable, isn't it?



  1. Oh to visit these places that your beautiful eye presents with such vividness, colour and excitement!

  2. I just wrote something in outline only, of course assessment of what it is... Even after trying the food was delicious and taste great flavor!
    I immediately visited your blog...
    Thank you Miss McCullough... :)

  3. I've been to the Dj's Kampung Aer Restaurant, coincidentally close to the location of my house. truly enjoyable culinary experiences there. Sundanese dishes and friendly service


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