Tam Coc, Beautiful place for Meditation!

Travel serene and gentle, Tam Coc, North Vietnam! Yes, there is if you want to meditate. Pray! My friend went there in September 2010 and then when she got a leave of absence from her office, together with work friends.

Tam Coc in North Vietnam? Well, it was already known long ago, but rather as what? Are there still remnants of war in there? I'm not sure! Now this country so diligently to build for its people and try to find a better welfare.

Tam Coc itself means "three caves" and if you want to achieve it requires a small boat with a 3 hour trip along Dong Ngo river, starting in Van Lam village and walk through the beautiful scenery is dominated by lowland residents, shipping hundreds of fun with the majestic mountains surrounding limestone. Look at the left-right trip by boat will be seen floating three natural caves (Hang Ca, Hang Hai and Hang Ba).

A cave reaches more than 100m over with a ceiling height of approximately 2m above the water. Women seen by boat to sell embroidered table cloth, also appears there was a banana, coffee and others. Hoping there are buyers who need them.

My friend was so busy taking photos at the site, but she had a hard time Canon photography equipment damaged and forced to use BlackBerry smartphones to record the atmosphere and beauty of nature while boating. Even so it need not be a problem, just enjoy not all can be overcome. Haha...

The weather is great so that the image is not to be disturbed, special scenery! Residents are friendly and always smiling.

In this area can be found a large pagoda, Bich Dong near Mount Ngu Nhac, 1428, rose to the top to form the composition: Ha, Trung and Thuong Pagoda. Likewise, Phat Diem visible church. Another place for tourist destinations in the area of ​​Ninh Binh Province, among others, and building Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, the Bai Dinh Pagoda, Trang An, Cuc Phuong.

Vietnam is now much different, this country is so excited and continued to catch up from other nations. After a protracted war that swept the country. We would not expect changes there. Likewise, the tour, they are so clean and out to spoil the tourists.

Tam Coc is one of them. What makes this exotic place feel special? The atmosphere of quietness! The desire since old times for the people there to perform the prayers. So serene!

(From many sources, the story of my friend Lucy and wikipedia.org/Photos Lucy Pandjaitan)

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  2. True, a friend traveling there and I really like to write, in fact I had long wanted to write this... Incidentally I made ​​this blog and many travel records from friends who can write... These photographs belong to her, she's very good!
    I just write the way...
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