Sunda Kelapa Harbour, a Walk to Remember!

I think this is the end of the week, so I prepared everything for a walk to reduce fatigue during the week. But where are you going? Do not know the right place and I hope I passed that place at least rarely. Where?

Sunda Kelapa Harbour, Jakarta! Ah, this was an appropriate choice because I rarely and only through it alone. This place is a seaport located in the village Penjaringan, Penjaringan subdistrict, North Jakarta.

Prior to it I tried to look for information there is anything there. Old port and only ships with a screen that was there. This area is considered historic because of the villages there be a forerunner of the city of Jakarta on June 22, 1527. At that time the port of Sunda Kelapa is the capital of Sunda Kingdom in Pakuan Pajajaran or Pajajaran (now the city of Bogor) are captured by the forces of Demak and Cirebon.

This place has a long history even further in the days before, namely in the time of the Kingdom of Sunda predecessor, Kingdom Tarumanagara. Tarumanagara kingdom had been attacked and conquered by the kingdom of Srivijaya of Sumatra. Therefore, not surprising that ethnicity in the port of Sunda Kelapa Sunda using Malay language common in Sumatra, which became the national language.

Sunda Kelapa harbor has been known for centuries before and are even ignored. From the old story of the 12th century has become an important part of port transportation.

It is true so get there ancient atmosphere directly visible, the ships that rely only ship with simple equipment using a screen and pillars like watching a movie like "Pirates of The Caribbean", haha​​...

Also wonder why the government ignored it, but keep a long history of this port. This port is only used local people with their simple boats between islands for the nearest course. Where formerly owned maritime spirit of this nation?

Tourists purposes only?

At this time Sunda Kelapa Port with a land area of ​​760 hectares and 16,470 hectares of vast waters of the pool, consists of two main ports and harbors Kalibaru. The main port area of ​​3250 meters long and wide pool of approximately 1,200 meters which can accommodate 70 boat motor display is planned to be a tourist area because of the historical value. Currently Sunda Kelapa Harbour is one of the ports managed by PT Pelindo II that are not certified to the International Ship and Port Security because of the nature of his services only for ship service between islands.

The history of the past and is provided as one of the tourist destinations for the capital Jakarta.

There was I headed, look at the past. Many stories served!

(Photos aunt Prima Widi Hatmi,


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