Waduk Wadaslintang, Another Choice to Travel - Let's go there...

This is one of Indonesia's wealth of hidden on the border with Kebumen Wonosobo - Waduk Wadaslintang (Wadaslintang Reservoir). Located 40 km south of the town of Wonosobo with a trip to get there following a full corner view of the cliffs on both sides of the road.

This reservoir has a primary function as hydroelectric power. While the other functions namely the cages (where the cultivation of fish) run by local people and serves as a tourist area.

Waduk Wadaslintang also surrounded by several towering hills. Naturally when this place has a cool air swept up in the cool hills of air that blow down. Besides the cool, the hills also complement the panoramic beauty of the artificial lake.

With the entrance fee in Rp 2000,- per person, visitors can enjoy tours in this place full. Can walk down the street leading to the hydroelectric dam - PLTA Wadaslintang, ride a boat (Rp 5000,- per person for one time lap), take pictures with the background scenery of green hills and also a free fishing there.

Unfortunately the area that has managed to be the location of this tour does not have facilities such as toilet, mosque or a decent diner. Even the tourist destination site has no parking area. Yet upon entering the TPR has been charged a fee of parking in accordance with the type of vehicle, when using a 2 wheel vehicle cost in Rp 1000,- for 4-wheel cost Rp 4000,- and to control 6 cost Rp 6000,-. So, visitors who bring vehicles can park anywhere they like.

Geographically, the reservoir is located in the village Sumber Rejo, Kecamatan Wadaslintang, Wonosobo district of Central Java. But tourist resort Wadaslintang reservoirs managed by the environmental agency Kebumen district of Central Java. It is the duty Kebumen district to improve the tourism infrastructure if they want to attract more visitors.

(Written by Arrum, Kompasiana, June 13, 2010/Photos Arrum)

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