That Orchids Already Gone...

Flowers are beautiful. Moon Orchid (Phalaenopsis amabilis) said one of the proud interest in this country. Is a research plant, Dutch botanists, Dr. C.L. Blume found him when he first came to the southern island of Borneo forest, Tanah Laut District.

Orchid species in this world exist only in three places, two places in Indonesia, the Bogor and Pelaihari, the capital city of Tanah Laut Regency, and in the Philippines. How to live his life were not uncommon, epiphytes - attached to the trunk or branches of trees in the forests and grow fast up to 600 meters above sea level.

What can I say, the name of development. The forests began encroached upon, for the sake of agricultural productivity and the magic word called development. Oh is that it? Types of flowers which crowned as the world's best interest in sex is no longer to be found again in their habitat...

The elongated green leaves. The roots of white fleshy rounded elongated feels. The flowers with little fragrance and long bloom time as if summoned to enjoy, and grow to a diameter of 10 cm more. Allured to see the beauty of the orchids of the month? Depending on the flower stems that float beautiful, meandering like a butterfly following the breeze...

As the Chairman said the Indonesian Orchid Association (PAI - Persatuan Anggrek Indonesia) in South Kalimantan, Aida Muslimah, on Saturday 4 September 2010 in Banjarmasin about the extinction of this beautiful. Pelaihari Phalaenopsis best of its kind with the special advantages, has a flowering period of between three to six months, while only one-month regular orchid.

Do not say when speaking of florets in the stalk that reached 25-50 fruit, compared with only 10-15 regular orchid petals, and many branches in the stalk, while the other orchid is only one branch ... So beautiful!

Beautiful country that always beloved, but often hurt itself. Beautiful but difficult to maintain interest, even to flowering was he so arrogantly, if so he then disappeared and will completely disappear from their natural habitat?

September 5, 2010
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