Ratu Boko Temple, Exotic Place of Meditation!

A temple complex is worth a visit, exotic place with views that spoil the eyes look comfortable in the atmosphere around, then known as Ratu Boko Temple Area. Heritage sites reign of Rakai Panangkaran Dynasty, Syailendra dynasty which was built in the 9th century AD

Relic of the mysterious antiquity, situated on a hill, about 3 km from Prambanan Temple and 19 km from the city of Yogyakarta. The extent of approximately 16 ha includes two villages in the province of Yogyakarta Special Region, Dawung and Sambirejo.

This temple complex is home to Buddhist monks and nuns, characterized by the Cave and Wadon Cave and Lanang Cave. This cave is a place for pray separate from the monks and nuns meditation.

As a residential area is quite extensive and complete. But until now scientists are still baffled, no mystery there. These attributes indicate the impression of referring to a residential area. Whether he is a royal park, palace, fort, or temple?

When you are in the plaza of the temple complex will be seen a pond. This pond has a meaning that is believed to have healing properties. In the event the Supreme Tawur at Prambanan are held every year the day before Hari Raya Nyepi, water taken from this pool is used when sprinkled prayer in ceremonial procession Nyepi.

Source of water, called Amerta Mantana, which means holy water given mantra commonly encountered in religious religious rituals at the time.

Want to enjoy this mystery? This place is pretty easy if you want to visit, Ratu Boko area located south of the road across the street to the area of Prambanan temple. Do not worry if interested here, because this area is managed in a single management with Regions Park Prambanan Temple Tour, entrance fee (not expensive anyway, USD 1.5 - per person) into the complex region is the ticket to the environment of Prambanan and Ratu Boko Regions officers can use vehicle-wara wiri of Prambanan Temple.

If the option to use private vehicles, of course, can. The trip will pass through the terminal area to the south of Prambanan, although relatively narrow street will find a little hill climb and then looked human settlements and verdant rice fields... Humm.... There will not be lost, no direction signs of Ratu Boko, fun isn't it?

The area of this temple area has adequate parking, and direct the vehicle into a restaurant there, "Restaurants Andrawina". Once there, prepare to struggle a little, a little weary feet would climb the steep stairs, no nothing, everything will pay off when in this area...
"Timeless mystery Temple era
where the Queen to rest, meditate, seek peace
Or thee want recreation, when you build a swimming baths there?
Being yourself, Avalokiteswara...
Beautiful scenery directly presented and it should be noted, there is a special moment when arriving there before dawn or sunset. From inside the temple complex will be obvious, how beautiful the sun is golden round ball floating just inside the gate of the temple, slowly sinking, the same thing when the ball ... The moment the sun will rise a great view can also be seen when looking toward Mount Merapi in the distance, so complete with a painting of a peaceful green rice field in the slope as is seen in paintings by artists... Green eye could see, wow...

Interested? Come on there to try new experiences ...

(Source Tourism and Travel, Prima Widi Hatmi, kamusilmiah.com /Images Prima Widi Hatmi)


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