Gili Trawangan, "World Village ".... Far Over there...

The run-walk there in the late afternoon early evening... Weuuww... The present is the feel of "party" is more than Gili Meno and Gili Air, because of the party all night every night turns to her show in some places the crowd...

Gili Trawangan is the largest of the three small islands or gili located at the northwest of Lombok Island with altitude above sea level are quite significant. With a length of 3 km and 2 km wide, this one has the most diverse facilities - ranging from scuba diving, snorkeling (on the northeast coast), kayaking, surfing or even learn to ride around the island; taking the time to enjoy the uniqueness of the store "Tir Na Nog" which claims that Trawangan is the smallest island in the world, and uniqueness to try a unique beer in the Ireland café... Yummy!

"Village of the world" is a nickname for the tourist attraction of three gili or small islands 'beautiful' after three of this gili is increasingly more and more visitors everywhere - a small island that is still clean from the pollution and separated from the island of Lombok. Do not compare to Kuta, Bali is so 'crowded', a friend who has gone from there to say, "Feeling abroad, everywhere caucasian people..." he said.

When it comes down and arrived at Pelabuhan Bangsal area, make it a habit here, motor vehicles are not allowed... We recommended to used Cidomo - typical transport island of Lombok, wagon trains like a horse - or ride a bike... Hahaaa... So if you want to go to another island to travel to another gili, people usually use speedboats... Yes, it's romantic... ;)

Want to find a cheap place to stay? Oohh... It is... Try Banana Home Stay with the rates 'relatively' cheap compared cottage in Bali, about 100 thousand a day... interesting position right by the beach with room lights dim, suitable for honeymoon couples... Or rather into a bit of road there are Unique Hotel... Anyway it's guarantee...

The atmosphere on the beach in the morning while traveling coast to enjoy a beautiful sunrise, the aura of quiet with the sound of waves hitting the beach and..... What a view, 'woooww'... Some caucasian women with relaxed opening section upper body (topless)... They sunbathe on the beach... :)

Then the night before... The atmosphere of the night with foreign tourists who enliven a café there with their habit of making a turn the time, so that each day would be different café which will hold a beach party... Party! What a great island with cool party all the night loooonngg...!

Among the three gili have coral reefs in blue and carrying the impression of seeing its own magical blue sea... As a journalist who had written to Gili Meno, Khaerul Anwar ... He said there are lakes "natural" salty water, there are also areas where the birds stopover migrating, various types and colors of ornamental fish... When the fish slipped proudly among the coral reefs - though not as beautiful as the coral reefs of Wakatobi - still makes chilling stand to see it, and... if like diving can be rented around 35 U.S. dollars to enjoy up close... a time to also see the tortoise among the underwater world in their own habitat, wow...


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