Pulau Rambut, Paradise for Lovers of Birds and Animals! Tweet... tweeeettt....

One day in Jakarta air is hot, what if the time to walk into a place where birds rest at night. Where to? Hair Island (Pulau Rambut)!

Where is it? From Kapuk, North Jakarta, use the motor boat trip takes 1 hour. The island is situated on Kepulauan Seribu, North Jakarta. The island is not a tourist destination area, so be prepared as a backpacker. The island is so nature reserve covering an area of ​​45 ha is managed by Hall of the Marine National Park of Kepulauan Seribu. Since 1999 the island was established as a wildlife area.

When got there, after a motor boat tethered at a small dock, be prepared to see various types of wildlife. Animals that live this island and its existence is protected birds, which reportedly contained 22 species of water birds (predatory fish) and 39 terrestrial bird species (eating whole grains and fruits).

In the morning the birds from the Pulau Rambut is migrating to island of Java or the surrounding islands for foraging and flocking flock to fly in formation back to the island to rest in the night time.

Beautiful scenery along the island, please use a hat so as not exposed to bird droppings, hahaha... Gone through the forest, prepare to meet with the lizards and snakes that were sleeping, curled in a tree. The animals were basically going to run away when encountered by humans. Do not disturb them, let alone, never beat them with sticks of wood.

Forest Management provides the observation of birds and of course presented a great view, come to the tower with a height of 25 m (higher than the existing trees around the tower). For climbing the stairs to the top of the tower takes courage to not be afraid of heights, because it is not fenced. There is only one handrail (of iron) on the left-right-width 1 m ladder The higher the climbing, the scenery more beautiful. Remember the landscape, very beautiful, do not be afraid of heights... :)

Various species of sea birds that live on the island include Cangak Merah (Ardea purpurea), Cangak Biru (Ardea cinerea), Kuntul Besar (Egretta alba), Kuntul Kecil (Egretta garzetta), Kuntul Karang (Egretta sacra), Bluwok (Mycteria cinerea), Roko-roko (Plegadis falcinellus), Pecuk Ular (Anhinga melanogaster), Kuntul Sedang (Egretta intermedia) and Kuntul Kerbau (Bubulcus ibis). The type of snake that there is a Snake Rings, Snake Phyton and some other snakes. Information about the serpents can be seen on the boards in the forest.

When you love animals, the island is the place! Do not hesitate to come here, so many spectacular sights, various kinds of animals running around the island. Prepare well as photography equipment, because it is so luxurious dishes that are available to take pictures, wooowww........ As a paradise for photographers!

Come in the morning before 7:00 am into this island, when the birds begin to "departure" looking for food to the island of Java. Great scenery, of course!

Prepare yourself for the adventure, the island is so genuine and what it is like being in the woods. Do not expect any good toilet here, humm... Indeed, there officers and guards the island, officials from the National Park, which underwent daily duties in a quiet, only accompanied by the sound of birds chirping that diverse. Tweet... tweeeetttt.....

(As told by aunt Prima Widi Hatmi/Photos Prima Widi Hatmi)


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