Pulau Kelor, an Unique Challenges Island!

Let's go into this group of islands which includes Kepulauan Seribu, North Jakarta. The small island uninhabited and empty. Throughout the eye could see white sand spread around the island. It was empty, there is absolutely no homes and other facilities such as toilets, clean water sources, electricity and others.

What remains are the ruins of fortress walls and half of the fort buildings relatively intact. The location of this castle on the beach, and has seen efforts to save the building parapet and stone breakwater that intentionally installed so that abrasion of sea water is not directly upon the fort.

Do not expect the dock here, but this is where the element of adventure! Fun! It's hard for ship / boat docked on the island. We must pass plank that intentionally installed by a boatman. Wooden banister was very manual, with bamboo rods that are held by 2 people boatman. This way it can to visit her, although should the morning when the waves are not large and the situation is ebb.

The remains of the dock is visible, but practically unusable because of damage.

When the waves are big, the island is not possible to accommodate. The ship could hit the island that contains the breakwater rocks or hit the damaged pier. Can also ship toppled because of the waves does not allow the front of the boat touched the sandy beach on the mainland island.

Historically, this island was once indeed the grave of the Dutch, but now it is not visible traces of the cemetery sign.

Another thing that is unique on the island Kelor is a cat the same color and all twins. We will be shocked to see from a distance like a monkey was seen clearly apparently tangible cat. I do not know where these cats get food and breed on this island, the island filled with a herd of empty cat.

In the fortress there are holes in the clothes hanging, apparently there are some people who speculate with fishing on the island. Search the fish is still done with a very simple, namely by casting nets manually by submerge themselves directly into the sea which is about waist deep. I do not know how frequently visited the island, because during a visit to this island, we only ship that docked on the sand.

Nevertheless, Pulau Kelor is interesting to visit because the atmosphere is very exotic, namely with the establishment of the fort that still remains and white sand extend. Wooowwww ....... For female visitors beware, because here there is absolutely no toilet facilities. There is also no shade when the rain arrived. It's inconvenient but want to find a new challenge, haha... Imagine if heavy rains and storms accompanied by lightning, how is the atmosphere on this island? Unique challenges!

(As told and written by aunt Prima Widi Hatmi / Photos Prima Widi Hatmi)


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