Mystical Stories about Mount Ciremai... But, Happy place to Climb!

Mount Ciremai or Gunung Ciremai an altitude 3078 meters above sea level has many types of plants. It was wonderful to see the exotic view of pine trees, and there is also you can find the nice flower of the various chrysanthemums, and and coffee trees. Not to mention when we look at various animals on the loose. Lots of plants and species of birds and some animals that are regarded as having mystical power. Get on top of the mountain continues to base many chicken flying with a clean shiny coat. Mount Ciremai identical with Sunan Gunung Jati, one of the Walisongo, spreaders of Islam in West Java.

The name is derived from the word mountain cereme (Phyllanthus acidus, a type of plant small shrubs with rada sour fruit), but it is often called Ciremai, a symptom hiperkorek due to the many place names in the region Pasundan that use the prefix 'ci-' for the naming of places (

The story that evolved in the past year 1521-1530, Sunan Gunung Jati is believed to be imprisoned in the top Ciremai. The Portuguese are in this country press the scholars, warriors and common people. Resistance arises, Sunan Gunung Jati rise to the top Ciremai be imprisoned, alone and pray to the Lord. In tapanya's why he asked for small people to fight and help people in distress.

Is there no mystery? Communities around Mount Ciremai believe mystery Nyi Linggi with two tiger beetle. According to Maman, one of the caretaker Ciremai, after Sunan Gunung Jati not be imprisoned in Batulingga, then Nyi Linggi come to the area of ​​Sunan Gunung Jati replace.

Nyi Linggi to Batulingga not alone, he was accompanied by two panthers. Asceticism and become powerful. But unfortunately Nyi Linggi failed to obtain the desired knowledge. Nyi Linggi died in Batulingga while his two friends namely leopard lost somewhere. Reportedly the local communities find body Nyi Linggi. Trusted by the people there are strange things often happened around Batulingga, Nyi figure Linggi and two leopards often manifest themselves.

When this is all changing, because favored by mountain climbers and always fascinating when boarded the train or other public transport along the northern coast of Cirebon. To reach the peak Ciremai there are 3 lines that can be taken that path and the path Majalengka Palutungan path Linggarjati. Linggarjati Line is the most precipitous and heaviest, but this route is the most frequently traveled climber.

Climbing up and find the straight path, we will meet the pine forest. Then will come to the fork, called Cibunar. In this place we can set up a tent because the available springs. The journey continues by selecting the path to the left onto the mountaintop Ciremai. It took several hours to see a large stone in the Batulingga. Continue the journey to the summit (crater) about 2 hours through the woods and rocks rocks. Look from the top to the right road, we could into the crater of sulfur.

Want to peak around the can, because from here to see the sights in the distance a very charming town towards Majalengka, Bandung, Java Sea and others.

Mount Ceremai have distinctive when compared with other mountains on the island of Java. The mountain is located far apart from other high mountain and the sides are the Java Sea. Travel to Mount Ciremai can be started from the terminal Cirebon, Kuningan and ride a bus to get off at Cilimus. From Cilimus we continued with public tranportation vehicle or motorcycle taxi to the village Linggarjati.

This place is always interesting because it offers various kinds of landscape plants and wildlife are beautiful and hard to find in crowded places even once. What a wonderful experience to climb!

(From various sources / Photos Lucy Pandjaitan)


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