One day in the Bunaken Park!

"Hey, where are you? I'm now in Bunaken. Whoa... the site is so great! Crazy!" a short message on my cellular phone from a friend in Manado. True, he was there to do an office job, a few days ago he went to Manado.

I just smiled, he was so enjoying his job there and apparently he made time to go to the famous Taman Nasional Bunaken (Bunaken National Park).

What is Bunaken National Park? I try to find out. Oh yes, Bunaken National Park is a marine park located in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. This park is located in the Coral Triangle, a habitat for 390 species of coral reefs as well as various species of fish, molluscs, reptiles and marine mammals. Bunaken National Park is representative of Indonesia's marine ecosystems, including sea grass, coral reefs and coastal ecosystems.

This national park was established in 1991 and covers an area of ​​890.65 km ². 97% of this national park is the habitat of the sea, while the remaining 3% is mainland, covering five islands: Bunaken, Manado Tua, Mantehage, Naen and Siladen.

So. My friend was certainly enjoying the atmosphere there, I know it for sure! I myself would like some time to get there, indeed according to friends who've been there the place was so exotic, so fascinating marine park with various flora and fauna and coral reefs which brings its own vibration.

Despite all the information i got and it must have been full since the park is already so well known all over the place in the world, I want to know besides me there is a Manado culinary atmosphere. Said there is the typical culinary taste second to none. Humm...

There is a special food that I remember from Manado, Manado Porridge. They call Tinotuan. Food made of rice cooked with mixed vegetables such as corn, kale, basil, and potatoes. It was savory and delicious. Taste delicious cooking water generated from sweet corn. Next porridge cooked with boiling water corn earlier. Corn that has been boiled together with other vegetables had been inserted into the porridge. Porridge is due to the influence of a yellow corn.

To be more comfortable again added shredded roa fish, fish sauce roa, roa fried salted fish, and fried onions. Fish roa is typical fish here. Why are so many fish menu there? That's because Manado is located on the seafront, then the fish is part united in their cuisine. The fish is always fresh!

My friend would go crazy in there mesmerized by the exotic nature and incomparable culinary treats. Manado is different from other cities in Indonesia.

I want to go there and try it one day. Later!

(Photo belongs to Andre Irwansyah and kaskus archive)

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  1. this beautiful place but from my home...
    maybe someday!



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