Travel Tips to Russia.. It's Easy to do!

Perhaps you have often to Europe continental and has considerable knowledge on the blue continent trip. Now how about trying an alternative tour? Where? Why not go to Russia! Imagine'll be able to see the Church of St. Basil with it’s unique colorful domes, visiting Red Square in Moscow and certainly do not miss the opportunity to visit the Kremlin. Must!

Well, why not going to Russia? Here's a Russian tourist guide book written by an Indonesian diplomat who served in the Embassy in Moscow "Russian Roving Saver's Guide" should be read before making travel to the country.

1. If you do not have enough time to take care of visa and other requirements to the continent of Europe, Russia is an easy alternative tourist destination in the process and the management is no need to deposit money as is in other European countries.

2. Requirement to be able to travel to Russia is very easy, we just need the invitation as a condition of obtaining a visa.

3. To obtain an invitation too easy, the easiest way is through the Internet. Look for a hotel or inn in Russia, soon to book a place in there and pay via the internet. Wait for a reply via e-mail.

4. Shopping for cheap goods can be found at flea market (used goods), such as Market Goods Art Ismailova, like a typical hat commonly worn as leader of the Communist Party of Russia, Matryoshka dolls and others.

5. Attractions are numerous, ranging from buildings or tour the historic district, enjoy the architecture of the building. The place is always visited by tourists, among others, the Red Square in the Kremlin, St. Basil's Church, Leninsky Gory, beautiful gardens that stores the past history of this country.

6. Subway station, the 40 meters underground Metro station is very beautiful and special for being able to tell many stories of the history of the Soviet Union's communist government in the past, a living museum. Many of the ornaments and statues of the heyday of communism, even the communist hammer and sickle symbol can be found easily.

7. Another beautiful town worth visiting is the St. Petersburg city with beautiful landscape. In this city obliged to visit the museum (former) empire called the Hermitage Museum.

8. For a backpacker, lodging cost about $ 20 (574.52 rubles) per night. For the cost of meals would cost about $ 6 (172.35 rubles) is enough for three meals a day.

9. Ideal time to visit during the summer around June, July and August. Summer peak in August with temperatures usually reach 30 degrees celsius. While in June and July temperature is 10-15 degrees celsius.

The picture seen in various mass media and television for this, that in polar bear country is always in winter, would not it? So why not go to Russia, will not be disappointed, for sure!

(Adapted from the book "Roving Russia Saver Guide" by M. Aji Surya, Kompas/Image CC)


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