Culinary in the Past! The Old Town of Batavia at The Ritz Carlton

Can we go back to the past and make a trip to some place? A concept difficult to accept based on our rational logic is not it? Sure!

Who wants to walk back into the past, traveling to the past? Is anyone going? There must surely past when it thinks a pleasant time. The past can be reached solely for the memories. Conduct self-evaluation in order to obtain the good in the present. Certainly could not go back there, even for just traveling though or also an escape from reality?

Well, if not impossible. How can just remember that way through culinary? Could it be?

A five star hotel in Jakarta, Ritz Carlton Hotel in order to commemorate the anniversary of the city to-484 housed in the restaurant inside the hotel held a "Bring Back Batavia" starting June 16 until June 25, 2011 - is regarded as a culinary experience of dishes typical of the city in the past.

To bring visitors into the past the restaurant, Asia Restaurant with a capacity of 399 seats are decorated with shades of the old city of Batavia (the old name of kota Jakarta) with some antiques on display throughout the restaurant area, rickshaws and onthel bicycle.

A variety of dishes prepared with different variations to hotel guests and visitors who want to return, recalling how in the past culinary contained in this town.

Appetizer with salad category consisting of gado-gado, ketoprak, asinan, and then there are those who had the soup category consisting of oxtail soup and goat leg soup from Tanah Abang. This special dish of course!

The main dishes are provided for guests is milkfish pindang betawi, besan vegetable, melawai bend curry, betawi tamarind vegetables, salmon fish pepes mangga dua, tuna grilled sunda kelapa, betawi chicken stew, curry cuttlefish muara karang, genjer spicy stir-fry, fried jambal red spices, grilled chicken tanah abang, stew meat betawi, milkfish spicy pickle seasoning, grilled shrimp mbah priok, goat tongseng kwitang, babanci vegetables, fried petai jambal peda and much more. It's complete!

And if ever tried Java beer, then in this town they also have Pletok beer dishes made from traditional non-alcoholic materials, made of sweet herbs boiled cassava, potatoes and peanuts are processed in such a way as to give the smell of beer.

Back to the past and this is really back to that time, maybe not? And it's not like a movie starring by Michael J. Fox in the film by Robert Zemeckis, "Back to the Future", it's really an imagination at all!

Come on, enjoy a culinary journey of the past is a great taste sensation! Try it!

(Many sources / Image CC and Ritz Carlton docs.)


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