Xiamen, a Quiet Town with The Best Cuisine!

My friend Glenn month ago went to Beijing, China to accompany his mother who had to have surgery because of illness. At the time he took his mother waiting to go to Xiamen, he said there are very interesting. What is interesting? He received information from another friend who also had lived there several years.
A town that looks quiet, everything looks so relaxed without the big city bustle as appropriate. The highway looks wide with three to four lanes. There was no traffic jam and people move quietly, they are not in a hurry. What a contrast with the views of other world cities. Great!

Then what to look for there? The town is the gateway of this China since 1980 has made a special economic zone in China. seemed too quiet. The highway is wide, in several sections of up to three to four lanes, only passed a few vehicles. Nothing seemed crowded city bustle, traffic jams, and people hurriedly passing by completing the day.

Glenn tried to look at the city guide about this town, apparently there has been built sea reclamation area for the residents of their new town, he tries to get there, so clean and it said the area into a New Xiamen City.

"I do not think Xiamen like this now," he said.

Some of the corners of the city look green with many trees grow large and regular traffic, he was fascinated. He walked into city parks near the beach, footpaths on both sides of the road, points of interest as he saw the waves hit the beach at sunset swash.

What about the culinary? What is special about the city's culinary? Chinese Food! Hahaha... Everyone knows, of course!

He wanted to try something, what he was looking? Xiamen is the food is delicious, they are located by the sea, so seafood is easy to find. Try the lobster, crabs, abalones and snails that are fresh, so delicious! Tried everything, woooww... He must check the money he was carrying, not enough! Maybe next time...

But the one which he remembered later when he visited a restaurant, he tried garoupas, yellow croakers and crabs. He could not describe it felt so good, let alone he could try the red crab and hot spicy squid. Yummy.....! According to the owner of this restaurant recipes that have been hereditary since the reign of the Qing Dynasty. He agreed!

(As my friend told this story/Photos Creative Commons)


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