Karma Kandara Ayana Resort! Miss World 2010 Alexandria Mills already been there!

When Miss World 2010 Alexandria Mills came to Indonesia in early June 2011 and then in order to attend the evening peak of the Miss Indonesia 2011 in Jakarta, she had told the committee that welcomed her, that she wanted a vacation to Bali as one of the show.

She said that the night before she arrived, she watched television shows about Bali Discovery Channel, she can not wait to see more of the uniqueness of this country, including Bali.

In a press conference in Jakarta, "I know where the beautiful Bali. I was jealous to see photos of my friends who vacation to the beach in Bali. This is something new and fresh for me to know," she said.

Just after Alexandria attended the farewell lunch together with all the finalists of Miss Indonesia 2011 at the Grand Cafe, Grand Hyatt Hotel on Saturday, June 4, 2011, the night she went to Bali with her entourage committee of Miss Indonesia 2011. She was so happy because her hopes come true, she gets there! Having gone through various events she did the city tour to Karma Kandara Ayana Resort, Bali.

Where is Karma Kandara Ayana Resort? Located at Jalan Villa Kandara, Banjar Wijaya Kusuma, Ungasan, Uluwatu, Bali (call on +62 361 848 2200), "Beautiful place!" says Alexandria.

As written on the site eliteresortsofasiapacific.com, Karma Kandara Ayana Resort is located in an exotic location on a clifftop over 85 meters high above Bali's southern coast, often referred to as the Bukit Peninsula. No other word, with stunning 180 degree views stretching to the blue ocean, the Indian Ocean! In fact did not hesitate when CNBC awarded it one of their Asia Pacific Property Awards in 2009. The drive from Ngurah Rai Airport only takes 30 minutes and so close to the famous Jimbaran bay.

No doubt about it, this place is the most exclusive resort for the upper classes who want to do a special holiday in Bali. Class facilities available in various forms, Super Villa with a choice of 3 & 4 bed with private pool. Environment with a flavorful dense tropical trees, giving the sensation of adventure when down the rocky road of nature on the way towards the villa. Neighborhood around the villa is designed in such a way as an elaboration on the design of contemporary classical Balinese compound. Not too loose Mediterranean atmosphere complete image of the neighborhood. Without a doubt, beautiful!

Like other guests at this resort, the beauty of this place always brings great memories! Each meeting there is always a separation. A fact which applies in this life. Similarly, experienced by the Miss World 2010 Alexandria Mills after arriving here, she faced a difficult reality, is it? When she has to say 'goodbye', wooww...

She looked sad, but very dense schedule can not be avoided. She enjoys this place and all of her entourage committee excited.

"I am very happy to come here and I will tell to many people experience over here!"

Bali became a full of charm tourist destination that has been enjoyed by Miss Alexandria Mills, she admitted want to further study the culture and beauty of Bali that have been had learned from her friends.

She still wanted to linger there, but her duty as Miss World says another. She must leave immediately, other tasks have been waiting in the UK as part of her activities.

Bali miss You!

(Many sources/Image CC, eliteresortsofasiapacific.com)


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