Make Cupcakes, Not War!

I laughed to myself when a television show last night which tells about this cake, Main Street Cupcakes. TV host told me something that maybe you too will laugh, because the recipe makes bombs replaced with a recipe to make the Cupcakes. Cool...

This issue was not originally going to be the spotlight, but the conversation lively as the cake recipe is a tool known as cyber warfare "operation cupcake." As quoted from the site, it was reported that in a cyber-warfare operation, British intelligence officials hacked into Inspire, al Qaeda's magazine, where wannabe terrorists swap strategies and plans. When readers tried to download the 67-page magazine, instead of getting "Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom," by "The AQ Chef," they received jumbled computer code. Once deciphered, the code led to a recipe for Main Street's mojito cupcakes.

This cake is sure to be famous, because such coverage in the media world. Of course we are interested in what kind of this cake and who's the maker?

A small bakery in Rocky River, Ohio, which has a special recipe to make cake that tastes special. There Mojito mix in it, want to try? The owner is Sarah Forrer and Kimberly Martin, and I immediately see their website!

Woooww... Main Street Cupcakes, is great as written on the front page of their site, delicious cakes!

“Fall in love with our 230+ flavors of cupcakes. Take a walk down the aisle with our Wedding Day White, let yourself be carried away with our Carrot Cake, and get swept off your feet by our Strawberries & Pink Champagne. Each cupcake is perfectly topped with a generous portion of homemade butter cream frosting. It'll surely be
love at first sight. Plus these delightful creations are just as delicious as they are adorable.

Our perfectly portioned cupcakes taste even better when shared with family and friends in our cupcake shops located in Historic downtown Hudson, and Rocky River, Ohio.”

No doubt this Cupcakes must be delicious, they proudly introduce their cake, there are various types and flavors. Just looking at it we wanted to eat it, yummy..., especially when enjoying it with family on weekends.

Sarah Forrer itself apart with that gained fame, saying that their efforts, Main Street Cupcakes is absolutely no connection with Operation Cupcake. Sure! We just want to eat cake! Haha...

Do not worry Sarah, we love the cake, of course! I will immediately look in my town, if it exists. It feels so good! Let the political issues resolved in their own domain, this is truly a work of fun for all! Make Cupcakes, Not War!

"We definitely found this to be just a surreal experience. I assure you there's nothing sinister behind our cupcake shop," she said.

(From many sources Main Street Cupcakes, CC)


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