Molenvliet, old story of an old canal!

Writing a place that was still inside the area of old town of ​​Jakarta, named Molenvliet which means place of residence outside the walls of Batavia is a canal that deliberately built in 1648 serves to wash away the wood and building materials for construction in the city of Batavia. Yes this is one of the overseas tourist destination when visiting the old town of Jakarta, Batavia.

Gradually, this canal also functioned as a water wheel to drive the turbines in the factories, that it is called Molenvliet which means Molen (water wheel) and Vliet, which means river or stream. During its development, Molenvliet like veins, as well as a means of transportation, as well as energy generation.

Old buildings are still remaining as a remnant of the past grandeur are still cared for and maintained and used as the National Archives Building and the Chandra Naya Building located just off the Molenvliet so as not to erode the current modernization. The building is much more to tell stories of the past to the tourists.

How is this area first and then become a prestigious and residential area rich people build places of rest and a private residence with spacious lots and landscaped gardens.

A story of the past and at present all have changed the function, the area of ​​the building still exists, but all around the place to shop, malls and apartments throughout Molenvliet.

Can not imagine when you see this place in the present, the area is still there, but all different. Very solid pass vehicles, traffic jams! We can pass the road and Gajah Mada Hayam Wuruk, stretching the canal which extends up into the old town, Batavia. The name of the place became Codetan Ciliwung.

Old city of Jakarta, Batavia still save a lot of stories of the past, the old building stood here and there, it seems local governments need to work hard to take care of it. Must!

(As told by aunt Prima Widi Hatmi /Images belongs to Prima Widi Hatmi)


  1. Is that a picture of the old canal? unfortunately, there are rubbish everywhere along the canal, nice article!

    1. This article also intends to arouse us, it was the environment needs to be properly maintained.
      Thank you for visiting this site, miss Rizki..


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