Tour de Singkarak 2011 held again, What a Race View!

Perhaps it is not so well known as "Tour de France" in mainland Europe which gave birth to world-class cyclist, Eddy Merckx legends from Belgian, Bernard "The Badger" Hinault from France, Lance Armstrong from the United States, not to mention the names of such Bartali, Coppi, Gimondi, Pantani, perhaps still remembered by many racers from the United States Greg LeMond, but the "Tour de Singkarak" (TdS 2011) that was held for the third time is no less great.

This bike race has been started since June 6, yesterday until June 12, 2011 with the addition of new special stage Bukittinggi – Lembah Harau in the District Limapuluh Kota along 59 kilometers.

As the "Tour de France" that crosses the beautiful places in Europe, then the dish guaranteed spectacular scenery on the mainland of West Sumatra. Beautiful! The annual bike racing is more interesting because it has increased the number of participants from around the world, 225 racers from Indonesia 10 teams and 15 foreign teams to take seven stages.

Various parties involved seemed enthusiastic with this event, given this event became part of Indonesia's tourism promotion, as recognized by the Ir. Jerowacik, Minister of Tourism Arts and Culture of Indonesia. He is very aware of the arena of the race took place in Ranah Minang (Land of Minang) aspect that has beautiful natural beauty. Then he added in addition to the natural grandeur of art attraction Minangkabau culture is unique in the variety of Indonesian culture and art treasures.

No wonder if some of the participants who attended this event and then back again to "Tour de Singkarak 2011". A friend, Nofrins Nafilus - which has since long busy day preparing for this event, including when Prelaunching "Tour de Singkarak 2011" in Jakarta last May, held at Room Susilo Sudarman, Gedung Sapta Pesona, Jakarta said, "Come on, prepare yourself and started ordering tickets, hotels and transportation while being there from now on!"

Nofrins Nafilus so the spirit, given in conjunction with TdS 2011 race was also held Photo Contest Minangkabau Cuisine 2011, he was so busy to and fro to promote the event this contest, as the result of his meeting with Dr. Sapta Nirwandar, Director General of Marketing and Chairman of TdS 2011, again requested that TdS Photo Contest 2011 remains as the one with the race TdS 2011.

Then Sapta Nirwandar itself convey, "The event this race is made of West Sumatra should be ready to welcome the arrival of foreign tourists in large numbers at the same time. Tour de Singkarak is sport tourism, international-based tourism," in his welcoming speech at the evening event Prelaunching in Jakarta.

Interesting idea to remember this moment of the race itself will be a lot of pass routes with landscapes and beautiful cities in West Sumatra. Conceivably then, when the participants through the Sianok Canyon - Anai Valley, past the steam railway routes, the old locomotive the legendary Mak Itam in Sawah Lunto, as well as how to look at the struggle of these cyclists as they pass Curved-44 (Kelok-44) is often referred to the participants as the "hill of hell", but all their struggle paid off with a great view through a stage that has determined by the organizers! Many special moments are shown to be taken.

Nofrins who has a hobby of photography certainly will not miss the spectacular scenery which just passed the drivers at every stage and he prepares to take beautiful pictures in there!

(Source Tour de Singkarak 2011 Official Site)

• Stage 1 : Padang (Circuit Race 7 Laps)
• Stage 2 : Padang - Sicincin - Pariaman
• Stage 3 : Pariaman - Bukit Tinggi
• Stage 4 : Bukittinggi - Lembah Harau
• Stage 5 : Payakumbuh - Sawahlunto
• Stage 6A : Sawahlunto - Istana Baso Pagaruyung
• Stage 6B : Istana Baso Pagaruyung - Padang Panjang
• Stage 7A : Padang Panjang - Danau Kembar
• Stage 7B : Danau Kembar - Danau Singkarak

(From many sources/Photos Nofrins Nafilus, Infai Rajo Imbang)

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