The Seductive call of Cidomo vehicles and the beach of Lombok

Afternoon when the legs becomes weary sitting on the shore of Lombok island, while staring at the distance in front of the ocean of Lombok Strait, distant mountains faintly visible on the island of Bali on the opposite island. The Lombok Island is really a tourist nature paradise that provides the beauty of mountains, tropical forests and exotic beach of Senggigi as far as the eye can see. Enjoying the afternoon sun that will soon go down really wonderful experience.

Daytime scenery on the island is seen rushing Cidomo vehicles, local transportation from one place to another around the island, although many options available ranging from bemo, ojek (taxi motorcycles), rent a bike or car, but the typical vehicles on the island is Cidomo.

Cidomo or sometimes called Cimodok stands from cikar, carts and cars means of horsepower transportation typical on the island of Lombok or around adjacent islands, similar to a Delman or Andong on the island of Java, but Cidomo use the used car tires as a wheel. The vehicle is usually used by local residents to transport vegetables from market to market.

The same transport vehicles is also known (45 minutes with small boat from Bangsal Harbour across the island) on Gili Trawangan, another tempting tourists destination to hang the body on the beach, swimming, snorkeling and diving. Tourists who visit the island of Lombok and Gili Trawangan certainly would not hesitate to choose Cidomo as a means of transportation because they are cheap, about Rp 7,000 - Rp 15,000 (0.82 - 1.74 USD) depending on the distance to be achieved.

The afternoon will soon arrive beach filled with people of all ages from various places, while waiting for sunset, beam bounced off the sea. This tourist area has been increasingly recognized, but the beach is still clean with the clearly transparent underwater sights.

The appeal of the virgin islands are so intriguing to tourists around the island together using Cidomo. And so the lively nightlife with scattered along this coast until the early hours. Starting from the cafés, seafood restaurants, karaoke bars will be easy to find.
Get ready for adventure!

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(Various sources /Image Frank Benjamin and Manu Kretyawan)


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